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ARK Activation

noun: a co-created, immersive experience exploring and directly interacting with the energy dynamics of the quantum field. Benefits can include but are not limited to increased hydration and vitality, new understandings unifying science, feelings of connection, inspiration, and centeredness. Every ARK Activation is unique.

The ARK crystal

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Based on inventor and physicist Nassim Haramein’s Unified Field Theory, the ARK crystal is a scientifically validated quartz technology that boosts the body’s natural ability to attune with the zero-point field of the quantum vacuum, the energetic web of coherence connecting us all. One significant result of the technology’s attunement is its effect on the structure of the water molecule.

Activated water enables optimized hydration, efficient transportation of nutrients, and enhances the overall vitality of biological systems.

Beyond its ability to activate the water, the ARK crystal can also be utilized to bring additional integrity to the body’s meridian network and energy centers. The applications of the ARK crystal’s coherent field, like the nature of the universe, yield infinite possibilities.




Elements of an ARK Activation

Activations can range anywhere from a brief on-site lunch & learn, to a corporate wellness offering/event, to 45-90 minute public/private event/add-on, depending on the unique interests and requirements of you and your group/audience.


ARK crystals are designed, manufactured, and scientifically validated to provide direct benefits to their users. Activation sessions incorporate an initial education around the crystal itself and the theory behind the Advanced Resonance Kinetics technology, its effects, applications, as well as current research and development, presented by an ARK team member. This phase grounds the entire experience by providing a solid foundation to build on.

ARK crystal activation experiences


Each attendee will have the opportunity to experience the ARK crystal personally. They will interact with and apply techniques using the ARK crystal’s coherent field. Following an individual experience, we can work in groups to combine multiple crystals to build larger geometric structures -amplified points of coherence. This phase of the Activation can be extended depending on the venue, group size and areas of interest.

Previous Activations have included offerings and/or guest features, such as sound baths, Reiki, yoga, and light movement exercises, guided meditation, acupressure, breathwork, EFT tapping, live music, and more.


The entire Activation experience is, by nature and theory, a connected one. We find it important, whether a public or private event, to provide space for attendees to make connections, share and expand upon their personal experience.

The ARK crystal has a wide range of benefits for health and vitality. Tapping into the infinite nature of the zero-point field has never been as accessible as it is now. Attendees will have the opportunity to invest in themselves and own this technology. ARK crystals are available for purchase at Activations; however, a purchase is not required for admission.


Modular Technology, Universal Experience

The magnetic system within the ARK crystal’s saddle is designed to give the technology its modular feature – its ability to secure to any accessory available now or in the future: pendants, water bottles, practitioner tools, and combinations/bundles of crystals.

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Likewise, ARK Activations are modular. While there is a baseline structure, sessions are curated to suit the individual, audience, venue, and areas of interest. Co-creating the event is a collaborative effort and dialogue to meet you and your group’s specific needs.

An ARK Activation should not be considered a glorified infomercial. It is beyond a presentation – it is a full, mind-body immersive experience. Not only an introduction to groundbreaking technology but an opportunity to experience the coherence and resonance of the unified field in which we all coexist.

Whether or not you invest in an ARK crystal, you’ll leave with an enhanced feeling of well-being and a new perspective and awareness of the connected universe.

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