July 23, 2019

Holistic uses of ARK crystals

Working in the holistic health and healing fields can be a highly rewarding calling. Every day you are able to help people

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May 22, 2019

Do Plants Grow Better With ARK® Crystal Activated Water?

. Can you really get any benefit from an ARK® crystal? Is it more than just something pretty to look at? Yes,

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May 10, 2019

How can I structure water with my ARK crystal?

Structuring water with crystals Your ARK crystal can be used to structure, charge, or bring coherence to the structure of water and

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January 22, 2019

Follow Us For the Answers

Do you have questions about Advanced Resonance Kinetics, the ARK® crystal, the technology or the company itself? Now is your chance to

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December 23, 2018

12 Days of Gratitude, Day 12 – The Future

Oftentimes, during the holiday season we can lose track of what’s really important; gratitude. Join us as we embark on a journey,

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