12 Days of Gratitude, Day 10 – The Past

Oftentimes, during the holiday season we can lose track of what’s really important; gratitude. Join us as we embark on a journey, our 12 days of gratitude.

Where would we be without the past? Honestly, we wouldn’t have a future. If it weren’t for the scientists, skeptics and teachers who came before us, we wouldn’t have the foundation of knowledge we’re expanding upon today. Last year, we were lucky enough to travel to Egypt to learn about the secrets of the pyramids as well as the structure of the vacuum and the structure of space-time using long forgotten methods and technologies. Without the past we would have no framework for the future. It is with upmost respect we look to past technologies for future advancements. For the last three days of our 12 Days of Gratitude, we’re honoring our past, present and future with a $256 off any order over $1,000. Enter the code Gratitude256 at checkout.


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