12 Days of Gratitude, Day 11 – The Present

Oftentimes, during the holiday season we can lose track of what’s really important; gratitude. Join us as we embark on a journey, our 12 days of gratitude.

What does it mean to be truly present? It means being grounded in the moment and not letting life pass you by, it means stopping to smell the roses and appreciate every second. It also means being grateful for everything that surrounds you. The beauty of nature, the love of friends and family, our connection to the universe. It is with this thought that we are grateful for the present. We are thankful for the here and now. Though some days may be tougher than others, we are thankful for the present moment. We are thankful for the ability to be present in this moment. For the last three days of our 12 Days of Gratitude, we’re honoring our past, present and future with a $256 off any order over $1,000. Enter the code Gratitude256 at checkout.


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