The Science of ARK Crystals eBook Released

The Science of the ARK Crystals eBook

“The Science of ARK Crystals” eBook is a compilation of the history of the ARK crystal, its production, suggested uses, and an overview of the current experimental results available to the public. It also includes links to resources to offer a deeper dive into the content. This eBook is a living document and will be

ARK Crystal Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

Resonance Trip - Mexico- Uxmal Pyramid

ARK crystal Backgrounds for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other Virtual Meetings With many of us working from home, including the ARK Team, the world is turning to video chat to connect with friends, family, and coworkers around the world.  One of the more fun features of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other video chat platforms is

Join the Global Coherence Pulse – April 18, 2020

Feeding the filed global coherence pulse

By Andréa Melone You are invited to tune into the Global Coherence Pulse at 12:00 pm PDT Saturday, April 18. The Global Coherence Pulse is a global gathering with the intention of activating coherence, then pulsing it throughout the universal field. Each monthly session is 30 minutes and includes coherence focus, heart-centered meditation, and closing affirmation. What does the term coherence mean? This


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