Ask ARK: A Pendant Alternative While Working Out?

By Cari Bacon
Man running on a path in the woods

“I like to do a lot of running, surfing, and other exercises, and I find the ARK in the pendant to just be a bit much while working out. Is there anything else I can be doing while still benefitting from the ARK technology?”

There are times when wearing one of the ARK crystal pendants can seem a little much and you may want to have a supplemental item instead of the pendant. We do have a few options for you to consider to make your workouts a little more enjoyable.

Check the Length of Your Chain

Each pendant now comes with an easily adjustable chain. Sometimes, the easiest fix for the pendant to stop bouncing, especially while running, is to shorten the chain. Just pinch the disk that has the ARK logo on it and slide it along the chain.
Fire triangle with crystal and chain

Try a Lighter Pendant

We’ve been asking what you wanted from ARK and many of you have said that you wanted a more streamlined, minimalistic styled pendant to hold your ARK crystal. Our Triangle Pendants have been described as being more lightweight than our traditional pendants while still holding the ARK crystal in place.

Activated Clothing

Wear the essence of the ARK crystal without the ARK crystal? Our line of activated clothing is crafted using activated ARK crystal dust in the ink printed on the fabric. We are very proud that we are able to offer the ARK technology in a new way.

The ARK activated crystal t-shirts feature finely crushed quartz powder which has been modulated using the same resonator technology as used for the ARK crystal. This powder is then carefully mixed into the ink which is used as part of the silkscreening process to adhere to the image to the t-shirts.

ARK crystal activated t-shirt

Prior to producing and releasing this product, careful testing was done in the Torus Tech research laboratory to validate that a measurable effect similar to that of the ARK crystal was present. This testing verified that the tetrahedron molecular geometry of the SiO₂ allows for a similar effect to be achieved through a reduced amplitude of the precision geometry quartz optimized ARK crystal.

Yoga with ARK crystals

In addition to the plant and water testing validation, the scientific research team conducted human tests with the same activated t-shirts we offer in the store and the preliminary results are quite encouraging – with 100% of the participants experiencing an increase in grip strength after wearing an ARK activated T-shirt for a number of hours.

While the activated shirts will never equal the effect of an actual ARK crystal, this represents an exciting way to bring the technology to a wider audience!

These T-shirts are super soft organic cotton, perfect for yoga, running, or spin class.

Drink Activated Water

The technology of the ARK crystal has shown the most promise when working directly with water. If you prefer to exercise while not wearing the ARK crystal use that time to activate your water. Place the ARK crystal under your glass or jug of water (arrows pointing toward your water) while you spend at least 20 minutes working out. This will give the ARK crystal time to activate (or structure) the water before you drink it following your workout. Ahhhh refreshing!


Whichever you choose to do, shortening the length of the chain, using a different pendant, wearing activated apparel, or drinking activated water, there are benefits in each option.

We’d love to hear from you about working out with the ARK crystal. What do you do to make your work out sessions even better with the ARK? Let us know in the comments or on social. #arkcrystalhealth


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