Facebook Live with CEO Chris Almida and Jeremy Pfeiffer

ARK Crystal CEO Chris Almida – Alright, well, hello everyone in Facebook-land and elsewhere. Thank you for joining us. We talked about, gosh, I guess it was about a month ago about doing this on a regular weekly basis but we got a little bit busy so it hasn’t happened weekly. We had the Resonance Retreat in the redwoods, which was absolutely amazing and I’m joined here today, this is Chris Almida by the way, I’m joined here today with Jeremy Pfeiffer who is one of our scientists at Torus Tech on the Resonance team and was also at the Resonance Retreat with us. So, I thought it would be cool to have Jeremy come in and talk with us and we’ll talk about some of the things that we’re doing in the laboratory on the experiment validation side. So, welcome Jeremy.

Torus Tech Researcher Jeremy Pfeiffer – Thanks for having me, Chris

C- Yeah, Absolutely.

J- Good to be here if the ARK offices it’s a little change-up from the tourist tech lab so it’s nice to kind of switch it up a little bit.

C- Right not quite so sterile huh?

J- Yeah, it’s a little looser, you guys have a couch we’re definitely cool

C- Yeah, we try to be, we try to be a little more mellow here yeah a little more chill a little more “ARKY” I guess I don’t if that’s a word but yeah.

J- I’m gonna go take a nap after this.

C- Probably be hard to do. There’s so many crystals around here good luck.

J- Yeah exactly.

C- Kind of buzzes quite a bit, but a nice relaxing place which is fun. So for those of you who were able to join us at the Resonance Retreat. Wow I hope you had what an amazing amazing incredible event that was a big big big tip of the hat to the Resonance Science Foundation that was just Teresa Collins Brian Anderson the whole crew the team over there the art of the ARK team and the Torus Tech team as well obviously they were behind the scenes helping things but that was just an incredible an amazing event we’ve really had a great time it was such a an incredible opportunity to really get to showcase and talk about ARK and really like say all the things about ARK that we’ve been wanting to say that you can’t do in kind of little snippets and advertisements and really you guys you know we have so much exciting stuff happening in the laboratories and we’re we’re kind of, you know, siloed almost from the real world it seems at times because we’re so bent on what we’re trying to do trying to accomplish you just don’t get that chance to get out and talk to people about it so for me that was just incredible to connect with people that were having real experiences and to share all the progress that we’ve been making.

J- Yeah, absolutely. I thought it was really interesting to bring together such an interesting and elite bunch to be able to you know bring the coherence to the next level and I saw presentations from so many different people that that really touched me deeply and it was one of those events that you experienced that kind of like take you to the next level so you’re ready to you know jump back into the swing of things would like a new in light of the way of being so to speak and so yeah shout out to Teresa I mean that chick really rock and roll does I mean what a gift she has and everybody else to put all their time and energy into it including you know all the ARK team and the tourist debt crew that made everything happened so it was an honor to be there

Tetra Helix Water Kiosk

C- Absolutely. Absolutely, I felt exactly the same way and you’re behind the scenes you brought the TetraHelix with Ali, right?

J- yep I did exactly so one of our initiatives that Chris Almida tasked us with was to prepare a tetra helix water kiosk so where consumer groups can actually experience some of the work that we’ve been doing in the lab of Torus Tech and so it went off pretty smoothly actually I mean we had a lot of preparation and went into it and that’s exactly how we wanted it to go so we kind of micromanaged it a little bit but that’s how we that’s how we do it because we wanted to come off really well so I think we did a great job we had lines in front of the Tetra helix machine most of the time when we were disassembling it I had like six or seven people trying to come up and say okay I have one more I was just like alright okay eventually we gotta tear this thing down.

C- “We need some ARK activated water for the road home”

J- Right in fact there was one lady she’s like she came to get a glass and she’s like oh don’t worry I already got my three gallons.

C- That’s awesome.

J- I was actually really impressed so that’s probably one of the most exciting things for me is seeing how some of these technologies that were researching and developing at the tourist tech labs are actually you know manifesting into the consumer market.

C- Right how they actually affect people like in their daily lives and an application yeah I totally agree that’s a big place to me where it’s really really excited of like where the rubber meets the road right we get that with ARK a lot because you get to begin to have a crystal of someone you can talk about it you can you can show all the evidence and all the different ways and stuff in that that stuff’s awesome completely necessary right we’re kind of the rational mind but it’s that experiential aspect that is so amazing when you see someone actually experience it or feel it and whatever way that they do and have that that change affect them right in front of your eyes Nassim kind of talked about it seeing when when he talks about the unified field there and people get to understand you know how they’re part of a connected universe the light that goes on we get that as well with with this technology that we’re giving people they they see that oh the possibility and they see how it’s going to transform them and how it applies to them and that’s just an amazing thing to be a part of.

J- Yeah absolutely so it was a real-world event yes for sure.

C- And for those of you who are not at the retreat and don’t because we haven’t talked a lot about it but the Tetrahelix is a technology that we’re getting ready to put out hopefully in the beginning of 2020 we’re working to get it ready for manufacturing now and it utilizes the ARK crystals putting them into a helix pattern similar very actually modeled directly off of DNA so there are six crystals within a quartz tube and the water passes through and you’re actually able to get ARK activated water on demand and we’ve done a bunch of testing in the laboratory and we’re pretty shocked at the initial results right.

J- Yeah absolutely. So a lot of the testing that we’ve done is been through the plant biology research. What we do is we set up the control group versus the test unit or experimental group which is the Tetrahelix unit and so we charge or we modulate and charge the waters and we run them through a series of testing and what we’ve been seeing is a 150% to 400% increase in growth rate, germination rate, and seed production.

And, so, it’s interesting to see how the structured water actually affects the plant biology because there is a certain type of coherent matrix that exists interstitially within the plant biology where the interstitial waters can communicate with that biology and you have a certain level of conductivity that establishes itself after its gone through the Tetrahelix process structuring process and so we’ve seen an increased efficacy and in markers such as the plant biology.  Also in our water research so we’re doing that. Conductivity measurements, pH measurements, and also something that I’m intimately involved with is electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

C – yeah

J- Which is a more subtle way to look at the matrix within water. And so we’ve also seen a decrease in impedance in water that’s been affected by the Tetrahelix in ARK products which basically means that there’s an increased conductivity in the water matrix and there’s more of a geometric coordination within the structure of the water so there’s more potential zeta potential for information to be stored within the water.

C- Right I think that’s a good way to really talk about it we talk about things like hydration and these things on the physical side but when you when you when you tie it back to the quantum and to the physics aspect of it and really think of water as a carrier that has memory so that reduced impedance really shows its capacity, a greater capacity, for memory or information to be stored in the water.

J- Yeah, exactly. And it’s interesting when you start to look at the water science, you know the mechanisms that underlie the whole coherence phenomena in the structure and phenomena, and it really comes down to this what they call the proton tunneling effect which is really effectively similar to quantum entanglement. And so you have this like coherence of all the protons that kind of make up the matrix and the coherent domains within the water that they are able to communicate the information throughout the water and so I really really am excited about that portion of the science because it matches up so well with Nassim’s model. and that was one of the the things that I wanted to do coming in to working with Chris’s organization and Nassim’s organization is really to understand Nassim’s models. So the water science has done that for me.

C- That’s great and isn’t there something coming up you guys are going to be presenting some kind of big water, what’s going on?

Test Tube Plants with crystal

J- Yeah so the conference on the physics, chemistry, and biology of water is happening in the end of October from the 27th I’m sorry the 24th through the 27th in Germany. And it’s our annual conference chaired by Gerald H. Pollock. He’s from the University of Washington he works with the fourth phase of water and also Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier will be there he’s there yearly and quite a slew of other researchers leaders in industry academics and even people who are just kind of on the fringe that are independent researchers.

And it really is a community that comes together and blends pretty much all of the knowledge that they’ve amassed and their interests and they put it all on the table and they talk about it. It’s kind of like, you know, how the edge of the forest is where most of the production of food and fruit is. It’s the same thing in these type of situations. Any time you create these interfaces you have this dynamic exchange of information and that really is interesting because that matches a how water is as well. You know, water is an interfacial phenomenon.  So you know, rarely do you see in nature pure H2O. It’s always interfacing with something. That’s where the exchange of information is.

C- Right that’s that’s a great way to say I remember last year when the team came back from the water conference and all the energy that came out of that. And even all the different ideas that you’ve been able to communicate with your peers and see what other people were doing in relation to water and different methodologies and different ways for us to understand. Because, of course, we’re doing discovery I mean it’s not like you’re just doing experiment validation. It’s not, we’re not just running a set of known tasks. We’re actually creating the different methodologies.  Like how do we how do we understand what is really happening to the water here? Because water is so common and yet so completely not commonly understood we just don’t know a lot about water, right?

J- Yeah, yeah.

C- I mean the different phases that it has the four phases of water which most people don’t even realize exists. We were talking about the interstitial water which corresponds to that as well with Dr. Young recently as well right just another way to look at water from a from a biological level and its effect on my body and how pivotal and how key it is to our health and to the flow of nutrients and oxygen and all these things. To our blood to everything. So it’s amazing when you are all able to come together and have that exchange of information and see the effects because other organizations have been affected by our work as well, right?

J- Yeah, absolutely yeah that’s been one of the gifts of working with the experimental validation team is really, you know, Chris kind of gave us carte blanche to go out there and look for the methods and the protocols that actually are showing efficacy in these type of fields, you know, regarding material sciences and you know physics chemistry and biology. It’s really when you look into those type of processes is when you really start to see that the information start to manifest itself and the resolution starts to become a lot clearer and so we’re really pushing the boundaries. We’re doing, we’re doing a lot, I mean, we’re juggling a lot but at the same time we’re basically bringing to the surface what has the most efficacy. Putting our focus on that, and then we’re kind of like brewing all these other processes and methods to see see what wants to come forward and reveal itself is the most efficient process or method or protocol.

C- Mm-hmm and I know just one more thing on that side of the team I love you just talk for a minute, obviously we’re in the midst of these right now so we really don’t have the results necessarily to talk about. But I know we started some human trials we’re doing some things so how’s that, how’s that going?

J- Yeah, the human clinical trials we started I think in June and it will end in September and we have a series of human studies that are going on within that in regards to strength, flexibility, and you know, athletic type testing so we can basically see the effect of the ARK crystal on the actual consumer who is wearing the crystal before wearing it you know that we see a…

C- Physical effect on your body like when you’re exercising, recovery from that?

J- Yes, exactly the recovery yeah. So we’re also in that arena dealing stuff with bioimpedance, so we’re measuring the impedance level and the interstitial waters of the body to measure to see before and after wearing the crystal

C- okay

J- so those results will be as though…

C- is that similar to the EIS that you do just on water itself but on a biological level or it is what is that what is bioimpedance really mean?

J- Well bioimpedance is essentially where they place electrodes on the body and they run a current through it and they have a certain amount of resistance that happens between those electrodes and that conductivity happens within the interstitial waters of the body…

Off Camera – Question. Is that like the body fat tests that they had in the 90s where they would put it one on your hand and the other one on your foot? And they would send an electrical current through?

J- Yeah, it’s it is similar to that actually it is yeah. William Brown can probably speak with a little bit more diligence on that and clarity. But yeah, essentially yeah. So, how that relates to electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is instead of the electrodes being on the body, you know, galvanically, it’s actually in the water medium so you have the electrodes in the medium you’re measuring the impedance between the electrodes and ionic exchange that’s happening within the water.

C- You’re still essentially seeing a either increase or decrease in capacity for coherence and the ability to take in information from memory kind of perspective?

J- Yes.

C- Not like memory in our heads by memory from information to be stored that’s highly beneficial to biology

pouring waterJ- Absolutely. Absolutely. We’re seeing pretty much the same type of effect across the board and all of our experimental validation efforts and it’s really interesting because as we kind of stack these methods in towards each other we start to see they kind of mirror each other a lot of ways right in terms of the measurements and

C- Yeah.

J – Things like that

C – That’s something I’ve noticed a lot in the different charts you guys have produce as we go across all the different testing methodologies the charts that you see are very very similar. Okay?

J – Same percentages

C – so it’s pretty interesting. That’s exciting I’m very very excited for the human trials and there are a lot of people have been asking about that. They want to see, like, how does this affect my body. You know, that rational part of our mind that we want to turn on that allows us to feel okay about making a decision of “is this technology something that’s appropriate for me?” and that’s right and it’s going to benefit me. That really helps to that and I think it’s a really effective way to communicate that information particularly when it’s visual, so that’s really cool.

J- Yeah. Just one thing to that whole visual thing is and then

C- We have some construction or something going on so we might have to talk loud.

J- Yeah. So one of the things that the executive team tasked us with was a series of time-lapse that we can actually release to our consumer groups to where they can actually see visually what’s happening within our experimental processes.

C- Right

J – and so I believe Chris released one of those time-lapses not too long ago

C- Yes. We did it was it was huge it went pretty much viral for us on our side. People really correspond to that because, it’s um, it’s that, it’s a whole seeing as believing and like seeing it for yourself I mean you can talk about it you can get graphs and those kinds of things. But when you see the actual plants themselves react to the presence of having the ARK crystal there and you see it from the germination, like you know as the seed starts to unfold and you know the stock comes out and it’s making that dance and it’s really amazing to watch. And, it’s just, it’s beautiful. It’s kind of breathtaking. There’s an emotional, a different kind of connection that’s made it’s not just cerebral, right? Because you’re seeing life emerge, you know, you see it emerge in such a way that it’s just so clear and so obvious

J- yeah

C- That is it’s just doing better, you know

J- Yeah. It’s really a beautiful thing when you can marry the visual arts with the scientific validation and kind of bring that to the consumers in the audience because I think people really connect visually and…

C- Absolutely.

J- You know I’m a proponent of that. I always like to experience things visually. I’ve always been like that, so.

C- Yeah. That’s a great skill you brought to the team we really appreciate that it’s awesome.

J- We have more coming so look out for that.

C- Teaser! Speaking of teasers I think it’s a, I’ll just say “Austin”.  Guys get ready. If you thought the Resonance Retreat was something that you really enjoyed, not on that scale of course, we’re not talking about big things, but we are starting to put together kind of our pattern for the ARK team to be coming to different geographical locations and bringing activations and these kind of ARK experiences to different cities and different places across the country and eventually across the globe.

We’re really kind of shifting into a completely different level on the ARK side entirely. We’re actually growing as a team, it’s not just myself and a few very dedicated individuals now it’s myself and three or four dedicated advocated individuals. So the team gets bigger kind of, I think where it’s six now which is amazing, believe it or not, that it’s only six people that does all this. I think we do a pretty good job of presenting ourselves to the world and to getting things out. So we’re going to be taking you on the road.

Maura Hoffman joined us on the sales side as long with Andréa, and they’re going to be bringing these ARK experiences to people all over the place and really allowing people to experience the technology for themselves and to see if it’s something that’s right and appropriate for them. And then, of course, we’re really, really, moving into this phase where we’re starting to work with lots of different practitioners, different collaborators, really across a really wide spectrum from, you know from, acoustical from vibrational modalities from traditional energy medicine, you know, Reiki, these kind of feeling from bodywork to chiropractors to dentist to… All all these different healing modalities, all these different types of practitioners are starting to look and see how they can utilize this technology to increase the effectiveness of their own tools and their skills that they’re using to treat, to treat people and treat patients. And that’s really the idea of this technology we really wanted this to be something that’s… That because it’s such a highly coherent field and it has such a positive effect on the body, we’ve always known inherently that this is going to be able to increase and to amplify, you know, other practices. We have an e-book and just release it yesterday? Yeah, yesterday the eBook for a whole practitioner eBook focused on Meridian Therapy and it really talks about the fundamentals of Meridian Therapy and how the ARK crystal relates to that, and how they can be utilized together. So, lots of exciting things to come on the ARK side and awesome is just the beginning. I think I heard some rumor of maybe New York coming up in the fall? We’ll see what happens there so stay tuned for announcements.

And yeah, I think that’s… oh oh my gosh! I almost forgot. Thank you Cari.  Um, the, we ran a contest during, it’s so funny, so we’ve been, one of the things we can do with the crystals, you know this because you help with some of the experiments, right? So, we, we have the tetrahedrons which have a very specific geometry behind them and a specific effectiveness, right? But when you have crushed quartz, because of the course itself, the actual molecular structure of quartz is the same geometry it’s like tetrahedron base geometry we can actually modulate the crushed quartz powder, right?

ARK crystal activated t-shirtJ- Absolutely.

C- And so we’ve done tests on what the plant side, right?

J- Absolutely. We have and we’ve seen similar results as we have before. We’ve seen, like, increased stock length, seed germination, we are basically our water measurement regime on it we’ve seen similar results, so… William Brown, right now, is actually preparing to run a study in-house with some of our employees with more, may I say?

C-yeah go for it you can

J – Okay cool so this is kind of fun. So basically they’ve taken this quartz, crushed quartz, and they basically put it into the screenprinting ink and then they’re actually screen printing on the shirts yep and then so William Brown is doing a series of studies with the individuals. So, it’s a type of human clinical studying all.

C- Right.

J- It’s a launching platform for that, essentially.

C – yeah it’s so a lot of these times what we have to do is we develop the protocols for the experiments in-house and so we run the experiments and we find out what’s the right way. You know. We have a question that we’re trying to answer, we figure out a good protocol to ask that question, await different ways that we can answer it, and then, of course, we just review the data and see what the answer is, irrespective of what we want it to be, the data tells us really, you know, what we’re finding and what we’re seeing. And so, that’s what we’re in the process of doing right now is laying down the methodology for doing kind of human trials around validating having the charged quartz crystal in the ink itself and on the t-shirt and wearing it on your, on your body.

So, we were trying to come up with a design for this t-shirt. Nassim and I were kind of going over all these different geographic patterns and stuff and it was right before the retreat. And, honestly we just couldn’t you couldn’t land on something we couldn’t come on a design that we were really excited about. We’ve done something similar to this before but it was years and years ago and somebody had a design that came to us and it wasn’t this is quite the same process. But, now having this release as an ARK product, you know, it was really important to us that we did we land on something that was appropriate.

And so, we decided to run a contest, of course, because that’s a great way reach out to all the people that are already using this and have such incredible talent and someone came up with an amazing design that we were both very excited about and the whole team was excited about. And so we selected them as the winner and we’re actually their printing shirts today, I believe. I think we’re gonna have some of the first samples roll out of the screen printer this afternoon. We’ll have pictures of those up as soon as we have them. And then, they’re going straight to the, to the lab. There’s, I think, there’s five, four people two men two women. They’re gonna be doing a whole battery of different tests similar to that we do on the plant test. Although, they won’t grow in the same way plants do. No promises. You know, it’s going to be like strength test, athletic recovery, that kind of stuff and, and, then we’re gonna have them available for sale in the store. So, we’ll be watching those shortly. Probably in the next, I would say, seven to ten days at the outset. So that’s something that we’re super excited about as well.

J- Yeah.

C- It shows that correlation between product development, research, you know, the whole process that we go through because everything that we put out we validate scientifically before we make a statement. Every bit of text, every bit every report that we put out it’s all validated.

J- Yeah. Absolutely and one of our other goals is third-party validation. So, once we kind of verify everything in-house and see the efficacy in something then we package up that methodology and then we reach out to our community of researchers and they third party validate. So, that’s a, that’s doing our diligence in the scientific process. It’s really important.

One thing I just want to mention, I want to shout out to all the employees of Torus Tech, you know, we’re growing.

C- TT!

J – We have such a great staff, I mean, it’s really approved geniuses and there’s a lot of people that you don’t get to see that are working really hard behind the scenes. And so, it’s an honor. I want to shout out to them, shout out to Nassim, you know, he’s working hard, traveling all over the place and when he’s not he’s at the lab, you know, busting ass and taking names. (laugh) So it’s been really awesome to be there just want to give a shout out to the crew.

C- Absolutely, I appreciate it. I obviously wear two hats. ARK-side, excuse me, and the Torus Tech side. Here, in this context, I’m from the ARK team and getting to receive all the benefits of the Torus Tech efforts. But at Torus Tech, and the Resonance Science Foundation, they are pivotal key strategic partners in everything that we do. There is, there is no ARK without RSF and Torus Tech, and there’s no Torus Tech without ARK and RSF. There’s no RSF without Torus Tech and ARK.  I mean, we’re just intrinsically together. Both holding different spaces for different very specific purposes and it’s an incredible partnership that we have and the teams that we have they’re able to work together in the way that we do. It’s very, very unique and we’re very very fortunate and very blessed. Really. Honestly for everything that, uh, what we’re able to bring to the world and the kind of change that we’re trying to create in the world. So, yeah, I’m excited to be a part of it.

J- And shout out to you, Chris. You really spearhead a lot of these efforts and you really work hard and do such a good job at it so, um, thank you.

C- Well thank you. Appreciate it. Yeah. It’s great to have you on the team. It’s great to have all the teams that we have. It’s really a team effort. It takes everybody, you know, everybody on the ship. is important, so you know, I really appreciate the whole team, both teams, all the teams, and yeah.

I think that’s, that’s probably it for today. It’s great to, to be with you all again. I hope you enjoyed this format that we’re experimenting with, and that you found this valuable. We really look forward to your feedback and your interaction in and your engagement.  It really helps us know if what we’re doing is something that you’re interested in so please leave comments and please and ask questions. You know we’ll start to look at the questions and we’ll try to do this at least once a month well I think we can. I don’t want to set expectations as I did before that were maybe unrealistic. But we will have this happen at least once a month. And a lot of other guests and like Jeremy.

Hopefully we’ll have William Brown in here, maybe get Amira in here. Um, I’d love to see you and some other people from the electronics team, you know, some of the engineers on Torus Tech side.

J- That’d be amazing.

C- We can’t talk a lot about hardware and stuff but I mean just, um, Torus Tech is definitely a culture that you know it is a conscious business that is utilized. Everybody at Torus Tech has an ARK crystal and they all value them greatly and they’re around the technology that we use to modulate the ARK crystals. So they’re all, they’re all part intrinsically of everything that we do. So yeah.

Please give us feedback, please comment.  Please thank Cari for the great job she’s doing and bringing this media to you and we’ll see you soon.


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