Federico L.

I use it to charge reverse osmosis treated tap water, keep fruit and veggy lively and wear it 4-5 hours a day when I’m home.

Maria F.

I definitely feel I am at a higher and more connected vibration when I am wearing the ARK Crystal. To me, this is the fastest way to amp up to source energy.

Rob K.

Excellent product that gives you a good feeling. Difficult to describe the feeling, but acupuncture treatment is the most closed. I feel relaxed in the solar plexus.

Hugo T.

The water “charged” at breakfast has regulated my blood pressure and improves my health optimally. I “charge” the water in the docking cavity, is this right?

Paul S.

Staff was very friendly and accommodating. Made it very easy to work with getting the details in order. Very helpful.

Michael P.

I made it through induction chemo therapy without the usual complications. The ARK crystal and Jerry Wills energy healing played a role.

Sarah M.

I look and feel about ten years younger now. Me and my family are so much more full of life. The crystals make water as refreshing as nectar.

Parimala P.

Love the ark crystal. Im an energy worker and I use it in my work all the time. I really sew great results while doing the energy work when using the crystal. loving it!!

Taryn M.

I love it and I love how I feel when I wear it. At night, it is on my bedside table and it does make a difference in the way I dream……


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