Entangled Forever: The Lovers’ Pair

Entangled Forever Unique Wedding Gift

Each couple has their own love story to tell, and though some may be similar, they are not exactly the same. When it comes to getting a gift for the special couple, shouldn’t it be as special as they are?

Is it OK to Give a Unique Wedding Gift?

In our opinion, the best gifts are ones that bring a spark to the couple receiving it. Whether that is what is on their carefully crafted registry, or something else that you know they will both love, it is up to you. A unique gift doesn’t mean that it should necessarily be big, or handcrafted, or DIY. But it is best to give them something that they will, indeed, delight in and that will bring them a spark of joy.

Remember, if you decide to buy a gift that is not on the registry you should get them something that aligns with their tastes and interests. For couples that enjoy traditional understandings brought to light by current science, we have a very unique wedding gift suggestion: The Lovers’ Pair of ARK crystals.

ARK crystals have shown the ability to shift subtle energies with the potential of boosting the body’s natural ability to increase overall feelings of well-being. Couples that meditate, work with energy, and do certain types of bodywork including acupuncture and acupressure, find that the ARK crystal can be a useful tool in harnessing their attention, focus, and energy.

The Lovers’ Pair

The ARK crystal Lovers’ Pair embodies the intertwining of two separate entities with one entangled energy. The two ARK crystals used to make up the Lovers’ Pair have been together throughout the crafting process. They were part of the same slab of quartz crystal, carved in sequence one right after the other, and finally modulated next to each other to the same frequency at the same time. Even when apart they will modulate at this same frequency indefinitely.

These two ARK crystals truly embody that they are “Entangled Forever.”

Entangled Forever ceremony uses

Using The Lovers’ Pair In The Wedding

In addition to being given to the couple by friends and family attending the ceremony, we have even had couples gift the Lovers’ Pair to each other. Some choose to wear the Lovers’ Pair ARK crystals in place of traditional wedding rings. They now wear them as a “symbol of unity” between the two of them.

Other couples have taken the meaning behind Unity Candles, Sand Pours, or Wine Blendings during the wedding and used the Lovers’ Pair as another symbol of how their love is tied together even though they are two separate people.  Couples can also use these ARK crystals as a gift to children that are now being brought into the new blended family.

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The Lovers’ Pair – Unique Wedding Gift

However you decide to give the ARK crystal Lovers’ Pair, as a gift to the couple, a gift to yourselves as newlyweds, in place of wedding rings, or to your newly blended family, it makes a very unique wedding gift. The entanglement of the ARK crystals will remind the special couple not only of that very special day but also that they are intertwined, always.



Entangled forever unique wedding gift trends the lovers pair


Read more about entanglement and quantum spacetime geometry in The Unified Spacememory Network: from Cosmogenesis to Consciousness published in the Journal of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics by Nassim Haramein, William Brown and Amira Val Baker and the diamond experiment in Biophysicist William Brown’s RSF article ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ Observed in Two Macro-Scale Diamonds

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