Structuring Water For Well-Being and Health Benefits

Structuring Water For Well-Being and Health Benefits

ARK Crystal and Water

Space is not empty, it is full of fluctuating energy - referred to technically as quantum vacuum energy. ARK Crystals are high purity, lab-grown quartz, engineered to couple with certain modes of these energetic fluctuations. This harmonic coupling enables the ARK crystal to generate a field of sustained coherence, shown to have a positive effect on water and thus, biological systems.

The ARK Crystal was designed specifically to interact with water. Because of this, research shows that the ARK Crystal has a highly coherent interaction with water, positively structuring water at the molecular level, increasing its intrinsic bioenergy and making it more bioavailable.

This means that water exposed to the ARK Crystal is more bioavailable to a living system.

Why Should I Drink ARK Structured Water?

Highly structured [potentiated] water is easily absorbed by the cell, promoting a more efficient exchange of information and energy between the quantum vacuum and the cellular matrix.
The ARK Crystal causes an energetic shift in the bonds of the water molecule, making it more metabolically available - optimizing hydration, enhancing feelings of well-being and vitality.

Structuring Water with Your ARK Crystal

Your ARK Crystal can be used to structure, potentiate, or bring coherence to the molecular structure of water and other liquids, such as juices, wine, oils, and creams.

ARK Crystal potentiating essential oils

To potentiate, or structure, your liquid (usually water) simply put your liquid into a container (preferably glass) and suspend the container, centered over the Crystal with the orientation markings (triangles) pointing up. Use blocks or some other common items that will safely elevate your container over the Crystal on a flat, stable surface.

You can use any container you like, but there should not be metal between the ARK and your container.

There are many different ways to do this on your own. And you can even use the ARK Crystal Wooden Display Box that comes with the ARK Crystal and Pendant. Place the ARK inside the box then close the top and place your glass on top.

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How Long Does It Take to Activate Liquids?

The liquid will start increasing in intermolecular structure within 20~30 minutes of exposure to the ARK Crystal, with full saturation within 48 hours, depending on the liquid and size of the container.

We suggest wearing the ARK Crystal during the day and using the ARK to potentiate water while you are sleeping. That would give you an estimated 6-9 hours to activate your water or other liquids.

How Close Does my ARK Crystal Need to Be to The Water?

Place the water within 6 cm of the ARK Crystal. Testing has shown that one ARK Crystal has an effective radius of about 6 cm. The effective radius refers to the range of the strongest effect of the ARK Crystal, for instance in potentiating water.

If there is a space between the ARK and your liquid, you can always use something to prop the ARK Crystal closer to the water. Cork coasters work well, as do small glasses, folded towels, and other items you may already have in your home.

ARK Crystal pouring water

Should I Place My ARK in the Water?

IMPORTANT – You should not place your ARK Crystal directly into the material you wish to activate.  Immersion is not required for activating or “charging” water and should be avoided. Impurities, such as iron, in the water can cause oxidation on the magnets and result in staining the quartz. 

The effective radius of the coherent field allows users to place their ARK Crystal in proximity to the liquid to be activated. Do not worry if you caught in the rain wearing your ARK Crystal, treat it as you would when cleaning - air dry, and touch up with a cloth.

ARK Crystal is NOT responsible for damage as a result of immersion.

How Long Does Water Stay Activated?

Studies have shown that the potentiated water stays structured indefinitely. We understand the desire to stockpile bottles of ARK structured water, but we suggest you drink or use the water as soon as possible.

Can I Use Activated Water for Tea or Ice?

If you use the activated, or structured, water to make tea or ice, it will lose its new structured state.

Boiling and freezing water creates a physical change, as it rearranges molecules. Boiling water forces the water molecules away from each other as the liquid changes to vapor. This means that the coherence of the water created by the ARK Crystal is no longer present.

Freezing changes the structure of the (coherent) water, but not as extreme as boiling. With boiling, all structure is completely lost, the medium loses all previous coherency. With freezing, it is not completely lost; for instance, when the ice is thawed the resulting liquid water will have a high degree of coherence from its pre-freeze modulation, there will only be a small to moderate reduction in the energetic structure that was imbued by the ARK.

You can of course use the structured water from your ARK Water Bottle as the water used to make tea or coffee; however, the structure will become altered from boiling.

As well, you can always potentiate the beverage after it is prepared.  

We hope that this guide helps you to enjoy your ARK Crystal and ARK potentiated water better. Remember, you can use the water for yourself, to water your plants, and even for your animals. 

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