April Global Coherence Pulse

By Andréa Melone


You are invited to tune into the Global Coherence Pulse at 12:00 pm PDT Saturday, April 18. The Global Coherence Pulse is a global gathering with the intention of activating coherence, then pulsing it throughout the universal field. Each monthly session is 30 minutes and includes coherence focus, heart-centered meditation, and closing affirmation.

What does the term coherence mean?

The answer depends on who you are asking. Saturday’s Pulse host, HeartMath Institute, defines coherence as “an optimal physiological state where the heart, mind, and emotions align in cooperation and harmony.” The HeartMath Institute mentions further, “Based on over 300 academic papers and recommended by health professionals worldwide, a few minutes of coherence practice has been shown to reduce stress, increase energy and resilience, and improve mental clarity and performance.” Feeding the filed global coherence pulse On Saturday the Global Coherence Pulse will explore, along with Rollin McCraty Research Director at the HeartMath Institute, April’s theme: What are you feeding the field? What information do we actively contribute to this world and universe each day?

"Your participation in the universe is critical.” - Nassim Haramein

When we understand the mechanics behind this, it changes our approach to daily routines, interaction with others, the way we talk to ourselves via our inner “soundtrack,” and how mass gatherings, like the Global Coherence Pulse influence the field. Join the Global Coherence Pulse on Saturday with thousands of people across the world who are adding coherent heart energy to lift global consciousness and generate personal and planetary health and wellbeing.  *Live stream of the Pulse can be accessed at AwakeTVNetwork.live Global Coherence Pulse APP Beyond understanding the power of our participation, these monthly pulses offer the opportunity to use HeartMath tools to actively participate (These tools aid in HeartMath Institute’s research and are completely optional):
  • Download the FREE Global Coherence App. Log in while you are participating in the Pulse, and your general location will register on the map. It is inspiring to see the world map light up! (Available in the App Store and Play Store)
  • Have your coherence be part of the research by purchasing a HeartMath Inner Balance Sensor. More information can be found at the Global Coherence Pulse

ARK Crystal, as well as its sister organization Resonance Science Foundation, are among a growing list of Participating Partners* that will host upcoming monthly Pulses.

Teresa Collins wearing ARK crystal

Teresa Collins, who many may know from the Resonance Science Foundation, and featured host of the first Global Coherence Pulse in March, shares: “I am beginning to see a solar system of organizations converging - all serving a similar demographic of awakening humanity – and I sense that the more we focus on building the bridges between us, the more fully we will serve our missions and the communities of people ready, willing and able to join with us. These islands of coherence are emerging in every field and function and are the key to manifesting our vast potential. It will take a new level of cooperation, and synergy and I trust we are ready to step up and go for it together.”

Heart Coherence practices and technology can assist us in resetting our emotional energy and shifting into a balanced inner rhythm, so our spirit, heart, brain and nervous system operate in sync and with increased efficiency.

nassim haramein andrea melone 64 arks

We look forward to tuning in with you and thousands of others across the non-local entanglement network. In the meantime, you can explore our connected universe in more detail at the Resonance Academy Unified Physics course – now available for free!  

You can also watch Nassim Haramein break down the connected universe in fewer than 20 minutes on this Ted Talk.

“Everyone has an amazing gift to bring forward. The heart space is the source of this genius. Going towards the middle of the heart is going towards the stillness that connects us all and where all information is present. From there, the brain and the intellect can interpret and apply it in a beautiful way. The heart is the fundamental space for our evolution. The heart is the place from which our society will transcend our current difficulties.” - Nassim Haramein

Join us at the Global Coherence Pulse this Saturday, April 18, 2020. The more the merrier! Until next time, may the vacuum be with you.


*Participating Partners include: Global Coherence Initiative, HeartMath, Unify, Earthdance Global, Resonance Science Foundation, ARK, Upward Spirals, Coherence Hotspot, THRIVE MOVEMENT, Gene Keys, Awake TV Network, Ions Community Groups, Live it Now Productions, 1440 Multiversity, America Meditating, Global Days of Unity, Coalition for Global Unity, Cosmometry, and more are coming on board as we launch.

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