Biofield Tuning with the ARK Crystal

Biofield tuning the ARK crystals

The ARK crystal technology is used in a wide variety of fields. From scientific research to agriculture to energy work. Biofield Tuning sound therapy method creator Eileen McKusick lets us in on how she incorporates the ARK crystal technology into her daily practice. Eileen is a researcher who has been studying the effects of the pure sound made by tuning forks on and around the human body since 1996.

What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield Tuning uses both weighted and unweighted tuning forks on and around the body to modulate the body’s electrical system, from a state of static and resistance into a state of coherence and flow. On a fundamental level, it helps recipients to release subconscious tension and breathe more deeply, supporting the circulation necessary for the body to fix itself.

Eileen Biofield Tuning

I had been exploring therapeutic sound as a hobby for almost ten years when a client brought a Lemurian seed crystal to her session in 2005. I was skeptical about it but immediately noticed that it added efficiency to the equation. So I went out and got my own, as well as all kinds of others, and began observing how those interacted when paired with a tuning fork.

The addition of quartz crystal, with the handle of the tuning fork placed at the rough end and the point held directly to the body, resulted in the client having the experience of the energy input to be focused and penetrative, whereas the input from a fork alone spread out and dissipated. Sensitive clients were able to discern what they felt as a penetration of the vibrational information of the crystal amplified and introduced deeper into the body through the mechanical vibration of the tuning fork. Because of the observed outcomes of adding stones to sound, many practitioners make use of a wide range of options, while others, like me, stick to the Lemurian due to what I perceive as a kind of universal usefulness.

In 2017, I invented a tuning fork – the Sonic Slider - that is based on the Schumann Resonance, the electrical resonance of the earth’s atmosphere.  The frequency, 93.96 Hz, is the 12th harmonic of this 7.83 Hz background pulse of our environment. As someone who has had many prototypes made over the years, as well as had the opportunity to make use of a wide range of available tuning forks, I knew the moment I first activated this fork that it had the quality I was looking for. The aim in sound and music therapy is to bring the client to a present, relaxed, aware state. While many frequencies and sounds can do that, this is a simple application of a somewhat universally pleasing vibration that can help shift one’s state quickly and easily.

How to Use ARK crystal Technology in Biofield Tuning

In July 2019, I had the good fortune of attending the Resonance Retreat at 1440 Multiversity, and being introduced to the ARK crystal. I was amazed to experience the incredibly coherent field created by the presence of all these information emitters in the various numerical configurations they were created with. Sonic Slider Biofield Tuning I was able to feel when I passed my hand over the top of the crystal a small but discernible field. Being the researcher that I am, I was immediately curious about what would happen when I paired the Sonic Slider with the ARK crystal. When paired together, I observed the profound effect of amplifying the coherence-inducing and information-delivering properties of both tools. I am still compiling data on my observations, but from a very basic perspective, when pointed in toward the body, using the ARK crystal with the Sonic Slider inputs energy into the body. When pointed away from the body, it draws off inflammation and excess energy. There is a sense of torsion or spin in this energy transfer.

How Is the ARK crystal Technology Different from Other Crystals?

While a regular quartz crystal will do this to some extent, the ARK crystal technology displays a much greater degree of amplification, acceleration and also what I can only call intelligence as recipients observe the experience of the energy traveling throughout the body, finding specific areas to inform, whereas regular quartz tends to influence more local to the point of application. We will continue using the ARK crystal technology in more formal research. In the meantime, I am continuing to explore working with the ARK with additional frequencies as well.

We want to thank Biofield Tuning creator Eileen McKusick for sharing her ARK crystal technology experience with us. Be sure to visit her site to learn more.





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