Cleaning Your ARK Crystal Properly

Cleaning the ARK Crystal

Crystal Clear (and Clean) - Cleaning ARK crystals

We are often asked questions about ARK crystal cleaning – physical and energetic cleansing. After all, we want our ARK crystals to look as shiny and new as when we opened the box!

The importance of boosting our immune systems, protecting ourselves against environmental risks and maintaining personal hygiene practices have been brought into our awareness tenfold this year. So, it is a perfect opportunity to revisit these questions and share.


cleaning bottles with branches “How do I clean my ARK crystals?”

Over time, your ARK crystal and accessories may need to be cleaned from the accumulation of oils on your body and substances from other surfaces. To clean your personal ARK crystal use a high-grade natural vinegar solution or a jewelry cleaning spray. 

While avoiding harsh chemicals is preferred (in the interest of Planet Earth), to effectively disinfect your ARK crystals, especially when crystals are handled by others or used in your practice, you may want to consider using an alcohol-based jewelry cleaning solution, isopropyl alcohol. Use a spray bottle to apply and let everything air dry, touching up with a polishing cloth as needed.

Avoid submerging/soaking in any medium, as it may leave residue and expose the magnets inside of the saddle to the risk of rust. A periodic and brief rinse should not cause damage. 


Smudging the ARK crystal with sage “Am I supposed to smudge or clear my ARK crystals after a session?”

If you use ARK crystals in your practice, we strongly recommend cleaning them using the method above between clients/sessions.

The molecular structure and tetrahedral shape of the crystal, exposed to the specific frequency of its electromagnetic treatment, creates the resonance coupling with the structure of the vacuum that the ARK maintains indefinitely – unless altered, as explained in the next section.

While it is not required to smudge the ARK crystal, I invite those who ask me this question to follow whatever feels intuitive to them and their practice, especially if he/she wears the same crystal used during treatments.

Full moon with clouds “Does my ARK crystal need to be recharged?”

Many people ask if their crystal requires a “recharge” from our technology and/or the moon. The ARK crystal is engineered to maintain its electromagnetic treatment and does not require additional treatment [modulation]. 

Any alteration to the crystal’s molecular structure – cracks or chips in the quartz or boiling the crystal in water – will affect the original and coherent structure.

When people traditionally charge their crystals under the full moon, the intention is to modulate the crystals with the naturally occurring subtle energy peaks that coincide with lunar cycles – tuning to the field. While the conscious intention offers enhancement, the ARK crystal remains in sync with the cycles of the moon, as it is coupled to spacetime geometry - constantly evolving in its configuration, as a result of all elements of our solar system and beyond.

The ARK crystal is purposefully and precisely modulated to establish its unique resonance coupling to the field, by a device called the Harmonic Flux Resonator (HFR) technology, engineered by Torus Tech. The HFR was invented by physicist Nassim Haramein to generate a non-linear resonant relationship between the vacuum structure and plasma dynamics. Further expanded to induce such effects in sustaining modes of molecular structure oscillations of optical-grade crystals grown and cut along particular orientations (aka the ARK crystals).

Similar to my response to the energetic cleansing question, I invite the same approach with the moon modulation. While not required, if setting crystals under the full moon is part of an individual’s practice, it will not harm the ARK crystals. As we know, consciousness and intention are powerful and crucial aspects to governing our reality in the physical world.

The only factor I would consider is the weather forecast, as an extended period in rainwater may bring about the risk of rust.


Water Is Life

Testing indicates that the ARK crystal’s effects can be conveyed via water that has been exposed to or incubated with the crystals and the activated water is involved in the beneficial effects on these biological systems.

Plant experiments with the ARK crystal indicate an increase in resistance to pathogens and disease for plants nourished with ARK crystal activated water.

While plants cannot, of course, control the insects in the environment; they create within their systems, an environment that is resistant to them. While we cannot control every element of our environment, we are responsible for what we consume and can bring heightened awareness around how we interact with our immediate surroundings. We can proactively take steps to strengthen our immune systems and reduce stress – a healthy diet, proper hydration, exercise, meditation, and connection with nature.

Wishing you all health, happiness, and harmony – and until next time, may the vacuum be with you.


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