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Blog Exploring Geometry: 8 ARK Crystals as a Cuboctahedron and Star Tetrahedron

Exploring Geometry: 8 ARK Crystals as a Cuboctahedron and Star Tetrahedron

ARK crystals are a modular technology, engineered to be used in a variety of ways. They can be secured into a pendant as a wearable, used on its own or with the ARK bottle to treat water, or secured into other future accessories. They can also connect to other ARK crystals, which when used in specific configurations, can amplify the effect of one, becoming more effective at interacting with and influencing the energy and coherence of systems around it. In this article, we’ll explore the set of 8 ARK crystals.

Eight ARK crystals can be assembled into two different structures. One is known as a cuboctahedron, representing the gravitative [inward energy flow] arrangement of ARK crystals. The other is the star-tetrahedron, which is the radiative [outward energy flow] arrangement. Both shapes represent structures and patterns found in the natural world at all scales.

8 ARK Crystals as a Cuboctahedron

The cuboctahedron is a three dimensional shape made of eight tetrahedrons with the point of each tetrahedron pointing towards the center, creating an inward-directed energy flow.


This geometric arrangement creates a state of perfect balance in what Buckminster Fuller called Vector Equilibrium. All dynamic energy events — light, sound, a person walking, wind — have a fluctuation of positive and negative values. Light and sound waves have their frequency and amplitude, a person walking oscillates between left and right feet, the wind is a result of high and low atmospheric pressure differences.

Imagine as we make those differences smaller, we come to a point of perfect equilibrium wherein all energy fluctuations achieve a state of absolute balance and the dynamic activity gets canceled out altogether.

The Vector Equilibrium (VE) is the model of such a state of absolute zero-phase equilibrium. Here’s why... It is the only energetic form wherein all of the vectors that radiate from its center and all of the vectors surrounding its circumference are of the same length, therefore having the same force values.

While the outer shape of a VE is traditionally known as a cuboctahedron (having symmetries with both the cube and octahedron), it was its unique characteristic of equal length vectors that Fuller discovered in 1917 and named the Vector Equilibrium in 1940.

The cuboctahedron is also classified as an Archimedean solid.

What’s an Archimedean Solid?

An Archimedean solid is a type of polyhedron—a three-dimensional geometric shape composed of flat faces, straight edges, and vertices. The term "Archimedean" refers to the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes, who extensively studied these shapes.

Archimedean solids are characterized by having identical vertices, edges, and faces, and every vertex has the same arrangement of faces around it. Unlike regular polyhedra (also known as Platonic solids), which have faces that are all congruent regular polygons, Archimedean solids have faces that are a combination of two or more different regular polygons.

There are a total of 13 Archimedean solids, including shapes like the truncated icosahedron (commonly known as a soccer ball or buckyball), the cuboctahedron, the rhombicuboctahedron, and others. Each Archimedean solid has a unique combination of regular polygons as its faces, resulting in a variety of interesting and symmetrical structures.

Archimedean solids have been widely studied in mathematics, crystallography, and various other scientific fields due to their geometric properties and symmetries. They also find applications in architecture, design, and recreational mathematics.

8 ARK Crystals as a Star Tetrahedron

A stella octangula, also known as an octagrammic pyramid, is a geometric shape that consists of two overlapping tetrahedra. It is named for its resemblance to a star, with eight triangular faces forming a symmetrical pattern.

The stella octangula is composed of eight equilateral triangles, with each triangle sharing an edge with three other triangles. It can be visualized as two tetrahedra—one pointing upwards and the other pointing downwards—sharing a central vertex. The resulting shape resembles a three-dimensional star with four points facing upwards and four points facing downwards.

The stella octangula is notable for its symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing structure. It has been studied and appreciated in various fields, including mathematics, geometry, and architecture, for its geometric properties and visual appeal. In addition to its geometric significance, the stella octangula has historical and cultural significance as a symbol in alchemy and sacred geometry, often associated with concepts of balance, harmony, and spiritual transformation.

Build a Cuboctahedron with 8 ARK Crystals

Multiple ARK crystals constructed in specific configurations amplify the effect of one, becoming more effective at interacting with and influencing the energy and coherence of systems around it. Generally, this increases the effective radius, and allows for treating larger volumes of water.

How to assemble a cub-octahedron with 8 ARK crystals.

  1. Setup & Pair Up - Start with all eight of your ARK crystals in front of you, with the arrows pointing up. This will make it easier for you to find the correct orientation. Make pairs with each of your ARK crystals, bringing the crystals together on an edge and at the top arrow marks. You will then have four pairs of ARK crystals assembled.
  2. Build the Base - Carefully lean one pair into another, so the edges on the ARK crystals connect. This will leave a space in the center of the 4 ARK crystals. Do this again with the other four ARK crystals. These two sets of four ARK crystals will serve as the “top and bottom half,” or hemispheres, of your cuboctahedron.
  3. Amplify - Carefully take one set of four ARK crystals and place it in the palm of your hand (triangles still pointing toward the center and slightly angled up). Place your other palm over the top of this set and then turn the set over so it is now "up-side-down". Gently cradle this group of 4 ARK crystals and place it on top of the other set of 4 with the edges of the ARK crystals resting on each other.

You now have an ARK crystal cub-octahedron!

But wait, there’s more…

While the gravitative arrangement can be considered complete from a structural standpoint, there is one more step involving the alignment of the ARK crystals’ piezoelectric axis.

If you want to line up the x-axis of the 8 ARK crystals in this assembly, you will look for the serial numbers on the outer faces of the ARK crystals. An example of a serial number: 'XD' - Y0 – 42. Find the set of characters with the 'single quotations' around them.

This indicates the piezoelectric axis or x-axis.

For the final step to assemble the cub-octahedron, we must align this 'X digit' of the serial number with the structure’s “equator.” Start with the top hemisphere. Gently check each ARK crystal, find the ‘two digits with the single quotation’, and rotate it until this digit is aligned with the equator/middle of the assembly. Continue all the way around the top half.

When the top half, or hemisphere, is completed, gently flip the assembly over and repeat the process on the second hemisphere of the assembly.

You now have a completed and aligned 8 ARK crystal cuboctahedron!

Experiment with different structures in your meditation or energy work or try constructing these assemblies with friends - tag us on Instagram @ARKcrystals if you do, and feel free to reach out to us at with any questions!

Images and text excerpts from Cosmometry – Exploring the HoloFractal Nature of the Cosmos, by Marshall Lefferts –

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