Podcast: "Father of Biohacking" Dave Asprey & Nassim Haramein

Bulletproof Dave Asprey interviews Nassim Haramein

Dave Asprey Interviews Nassim Haramein

World-renowned author, health, and wellness expert, Dave Asprey has earned his nickname of the “Father of Biohacking”.

He not only continually writes books on the topics of wellness and intermittent fasting, but he also founded Bulletproof® Coffee, hosts the Biohacking Conference each year, and founded Upgrade Labs, the world's first Biohacking facility.

You can also see Dave Asprey wearing his own ARK Crystal pendant during interviews.

When he's not doing all of this, he also hosts the Human Upgrade Podcasts, interviewing health and wellness experts, changemakers, and biohackers.

During one of his Human Upgrade Podcasts Dave invited ARK Crystal creator Nassim Haramein to join him to discuss Nassim's documentary The Connected Universe, and entanglement.

You can read a short excerpt of their interview together below.


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Dave Asprey:  … Well, let's get into this. You've talked about stuff about the fundamental geometry of space that connects everyone, and you just flat out say everything is connected, which sounds completely out there airy-fairy kind of land, but you are not airy-fairy, and that you can back this with hardcore physics and all. What does it mean when you say everything is connected?

Nassim Haramein: Well, it means that there is a relationship between things in which that is a nonlinear relationship that things are connected at a distance and tangled its concept of quantum mechanics that Einstein called "Spooky Action at a Distance". It was discovered early on. It was predicted by quantum mechanics early on and then Einstein felt like it was probably incorrect, but eventually, it was confirmed in the laboratory. It was found that two particles can be connected at a distance and be instantaneously correlated. That means that if you change one particle over here, that's entangled with another one over there. The other one acts just like the one that you're acting upon. We've been able to entangle two particles. We've been able to entangle multiple ones and now, we've been able to entangle larger objects like diamonds where if you hit the diamond with a laser over on this side of the lab, the diamond on the other side of the lab acts like it's being hit by the laser. It's instantaneous. It doesn't matter how far the objects are from each other. They are instantaneously acting upon when you act on one or the other.

Dave Asprey:  This breaks the speed of light because even though nothing is being transmitted, the action has no delay whatsoever, which is shocking and amazing.

Nassim Haramein: That's correct. It really says something very fundamental about space-time. It was unclear until recently and it's becoming more and more clear. Meaning like the observation of the phenomenon was done in laboratory but there was no actual mechanics to describe how this is happening and now, we're starting to understand it.

There's multiple theories out there that are starting to support what I've been saying all along, which is that the particles are connected to wormholes. There's micro wormholes, little teeny filaments that are very, very small, much smaller than an atom that connects particles together in a structural space.

You can think of two particles being entangled but then you can think of particles are not entangled.

If you say everything is connected, what about particles that are not entangled? Well, my equations, which make very important predictions that were confirmed in laboratory now showed that everything is entangled. All the protons are entangled. All the electrons are entangled. It's just that we can only measure the entanglement when we have access to the two particles, the two ends of the wormhole, it should like.

Of course, most particles could be entangled with particles that are on the other side of the universe to a wormhole network, and we wouldn't know.

Meaning when we move this particle over here, we don't realize there's another one on the other side of the universe that's moving that's entangled with it. We think that there are some particles that are entangled and some that are not, when in fact, they are all entangled and when we consider particles that way, when we do the mathematics I did to basically figure out what is the influence of all the other particles on one particle, we find very fundamental values, like there are the size of the particle, the mass of the particle, the forces the particle applies on other particles. On it, it's extremely precise. It has been confirmed by laboratory, so it's pretty exciting.

Dave Asprey:  Now, even the existence of wormholes is something that ... It's certainly, if you watch Star Trek or read science fiction, we all want there to be wormholes. Do we have proof that such a thing exists?

Nassim Haramein: Well, we don't directly ... They are part of the consequences of Einstein field equations. Einstein field equations are confirmed by many, many, many, many different experimental results, and observations. If it is a consequence of Einstein’s field equation and we've confirmed those equations, then there's a good chance that they exist.

Now, as I was saying though, we're starting to discover that particles are entangled by micro wormhole and that might be actually the closest thing we have to confirming the existence of wormholes.

Dave Asprey:  You've done some math and I think published a new equation, some new theories that hint at the existence of these wormholes based on observable things but so far, we don't know how to measure a wormhole, but you've moved us a step closer to at least a plausible, scientifically-backed theory that these things exist.

Nassim Haramein: Yeas. As well, it leads to an engineering path on how to be able to open the mouth of the wormhole, which could be very, very interesting for space travel.


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