Gravitative or Radiative - What's the Difference?

Gravitative and Radiative ARK Crystal Assemblies

ARK Crystal Assemblies

The ARK Crystal is designed to be modular. It has always been designed to be used with other ARK Crystals to create assemblies larger than the single ARK Crystal.

This ability of the ARK Crystal to join with other ARK Crystals to create shapes together has allowed for the creation of some of the amazing assemblies. Most the ARK Crystal Assemblies, the 8 ARK Crystal Assembly, the 64 Isotropic Vector Matrix, and even the 512, can be put together in both a Gravitative or a Radiative direction.

Gravitative vs Radiative

8 ARK Crystal Assembly Gravitative

Gravitative ARK Crystal Assemblies

The primary difference between the gravitating and radiative assemblies is the direction that the ARK Crystals are "pointing". With the Gravitative Assemblies, this means that the apex of the ARK Crystal is aimed inward toward the center of the assemblies.

In a gravitative assembly the ARK Crystals will have a more prominent “inwardly” directed flow of energy/information: it is excellent for processes involving involution, like meditation and centering.

8 ARK Crystal Assembly Radiative

Radiative ARK Crystal Assemblies

When building Radiative ARK Crystal Assemblies the apex of the ARK Crystal will generally aim outward away from the center of the assembly.

This radiative configuration will have a more prominent “outward” directed flow of energy/information: so it is good for radiating the coherence of the structured quantum vacuum to the field, increasing the coherent energy of a room, or for moving energy through the chakra/meridian system of the body.

Energy Flow

It is important to note that both of these geometric configurations have inward and outward energy dynamics, feedforward and feedback information flows, as both are generating a dual-torus topological structure in the Planck Plasma vacuum energy architecture.

So, for instance, both the radiative and gravitative assemblies can be used to work on the energy flow of a particular chakra or meridian system of the body.

Indeed, our bodies have this gravitative / radiative, i.e., male / female energy dynamic inherently, and often times when engaging in an energy center one will achieve the maximal effect by first stimulating the receptive “female / Moon” energy first—this is similar to the gravitative info-energy dynamic of the cuboctahedron ARK assemblyThen proceeding to the “Male / Solar” energy aspect—similar to the radiative ARK Star Tetrahedron 8-matrix assembly.

That is a bit more on the metaphysical side of considerations, but from a more technical science perspective, the idea is that both configurations are finding resonance with their like-geometry in the fundamental structure of spacetime (cuboctahedral or star tetrahedron), and each will have a slightly different prominence in the inward or outward dynamic of info-entropy exchange.

The 64 tetrahedron grid assembly is the only geometry that simultaneously combines the effects of both, representing the completed whole.