Holistic Uses of ARK Crystals

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Working in the holistic health and healing fields can be a highly rewarding calling. Every day you are able to help people reach for a better version of themselves, through movement, energy, or touch. As a scientifically validated tool for your toolbox, ARK crystals can help you work smarter toward a flow of coherence, resonance, and energy.

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Pouring WaterStructured Water

Activated or structured water can be absorbed by the body more efficiently than standard "bulk" water. To activate water for yourself or your clients, simply place an ARK Crystal under your water container.

Studies have shown that water begins to show signs of increased coherence after only 30 minutes of being exposed to the ARK Crystal. Just be sure that the small triangles on your ARK Crystal’s saddle are pointing toward your water, these markings indicate the focal point of the photon (energy) emission.


 ARK crystal and sage Clarifying Your Work Space

Sometimes your space just needs a little shifting. You can use ARK Crystals to bring coherence to your space.

Add an ARK Crystal to a crystal grid or construct a larger geometric assembly of ARK Crystals in the center of your space to be left overnight. Or other times when people will not be walking over it, incorporate ARK Crystals in smudging your space by holding it in the palm of your hand or wearing it while smudging, or you can simply place the ARK Crystals throughout your room.


reiki Energy Work

The ARK Crystal is first and foremost an energy director. The design is a result of over 30 years of research and development by Nassim Haramein. The molecular structure of the quartz, precision-cut shape, and electromagnetic treatment all come together to allow for very powerful resonance-based technology.

Many of our ARK community members who do energy work, healing, and Reiki wear an ARK Crystal of their own while working with clients. This assists in directing energy, facilitating clear navigation of the field, and serves as an amplifier to their normal practice. Usually, while performing energy work and healing, practitioners direct energy with the palms of their hands. By holding the crystal in one hand, or in your fingertips, with arrows pointing toward the client you can help direct the universal energy to specific areas where the client may need it most.*

"From a Reiki standpoint, it magnifies my energy output and tells me where to place it on that person's body for healing. I also place it on my third eye chakra when meditating or just laying down." - Patrick

Usually, while performing energy work and healing, practitioners direct energy with the palms of their hands. By holding the crystal in one hand, or in your fingertips, with arrows pointing toward the client you can help direct the universal energy to specific areas where the client may need it most.  Some healers and energy workers also place the ARK Crystals along the meridians of the body during a session.


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Massage with oilsMassage

Much like energy workers, as massage therapists you find yourselves being bombarded by client energy all day. In addition to using the ARK Crystal to bring balance to your space by placing them throughout your work-space, wearing an ARK during sessions, and drinking activated water, you can use the ARK in other ways for your practice. If you find the ARK Crystal in a pendant uncomfortable to wear while working, you can also place it in a pocket. This will keep the ARK Crystal near your body, while not interfering with your work. 

You can activate massage creams and oils with your ARK Crystal. Similar to how you activate or structure water with the ARK Crystals, you can structure your oils, including essential oils, and creams. The most convenient way to do this is to have a small holder for your bottles that you can place your crystal under throughout the day. That way your oil or cream is constantly being activated while within still within reach.

Try using an ARK Crystal by placing it under your massage table to help your client. This can be done easily with a small piece of fabric or even a small shelf or stool that can fit under your massage table. Be sure that your arrows are pointing toward the client, and as they relax on your massage table, they can experience the resonance of the ARK Crystal. You can also offer your clients a glass of the activated water as they leave your session.


Yoga with ARK Crystals


The ARK Crystal technology boosts the body’s natural ability to attune, connecting us all. Tap into the resonant field while practicing asana and pranayama to enhance the divine in me honoring the divine in you. In order to enhance the experience of union during a Yoga Session between you, your clients, and the divine, your clients can place an ARK Crystal at the top of their mat. This provides a focal point throughout the class as well as space. During final savasana, they can place the ARK Crystal on their heart center to anchor in the light and seal their practice.

"I use the @arkcrystals to charge my energy and restructure my water in my body - so that I am totally balanced when giving reiki or teaching #yoga . Since I use it I can give more powerful sessions and people feel the change of energy straight away." Elisabeth

As an instructor, you can either wear the ARK Crystal in a pendant or you can place it in a pocket if that is more comfortable for you.

 Meditating with the ARK Crystal


ARK Crystals establish a high state of coherence for your meditation space, enhancing your ability to achieve transcendental states while also grounding when complete.  Some use the ARK Crystal as a focus point while beginning their meditation sessions while others wear the pendant to have the ARK Crystal near their hearts. 

You may be interesting in trying this mediation technique with your own ARK Crystal -

Centering with the ARK crystal

To begin, place the ARK Crystal on Pericardium 8 (the palm of your hand) with the triangle marked on the ARK Crystal directed up, and gently rotate it until you feel a slightly anchored sensation. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Stay here as long as you’d like. Then, relax your other hand about 3-5 inches above the crystal, with both palm centers mirroring each other. This will “close the circuit” that is running through your body.

Breathe and relax your body into this position.

Tune in. Not only to the sensations between your palms but also to the energetic circuit you’ve created.

Observe the ARK Crystal’s interaction with the bioelectric circulation from your palm center, along your arm, through your heart, along your other arm, and back through the ARK Crystal.

Stay here as long as you’d like. Tune into the amplification of the current, establishing coherence, balancing the meridians, and directly influencing the heart, calming the mind and emotions.

Some find this useful during meditation – bringing awareness to the heart, creating and amplifying their field of coherence from the space of stillness within.

From here, you can also play a bit and “pump the field,” as many like to call it. You can try this by slowly moving your top palm up and down, or in very subtle circles and figure-eight movements above the ARK Crystal in your other palm. If you’ve ever played with magnets, you can recall the space between the two magnets when you direct the same polarity toward each other. This is the feedback I often receive from people referring to the physical sensation in their palms.

Sound Bath with the ARK Crystal

Sound Bath

Attune to the frequencies of zero-point energy while being bathed in the specific frequencies of sound therapy and then anchoring the sealing of those healing energies. 

You can wear your ARK Crystal on a pendant while you are working with your instruments.  You may also want to try placing the ARK Crystal in front of you and your instruments, or in various places around the room. We also have members of the community that place the ARK Crystals on various chakra points of the people participating in the sound bath while the music plays.

Feel free to experiment and find what works best for you and those that you are working with.


Incorporating ARK Crystals in Your Own Practice

If you are interested in incorporating ARK Crystals in your practice, we would be more than happy to set up a call with you. Please email us



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