How Nassim Haramein's Research Created The ARK Crystal

How Nassim Haramein's Research Created The ARK Crystal

What Would You Think If I Told You We Are All Connected?

We’re connected to the earth, the universe and each other. It is with this thought that renowned physicist, Nassim Haramein, began his groundbreaking research nearly 30 years ago. Initially, Haramein focused his research on the fundamental geometry of space that connects us all; from the quantum and molecular scale to cosmological objects in the universe. As a result of his research, Haramein realized that crystal molecules interact strongly with the structure of the vacuum.

From these discoveries came the Advanced Resonance Kinetics Crystal - The ARK Crystal; the world’s first fully charged quartz crystal.

But, how does Haramein charge the ARK Crystal? With his patented Harmonic Flux Resonator. The Harmonic Flux Resonator (HFR) replicates magnetohydrodynamic behaviors which naturally occur in a variety of astrophysical objects. By replicating these dynamics, the HFR enables each ARK Crystal to become a point of high coherence in the structure of space around it, which provides great benefits to biological health. The HFR’s power is so strong that the ARK Crystals never need to be charged a second time – they have a full modulation for life.

It is with great hope and humility that Haramein and his team introduce the ARK Crystal to the world. Their vision is to bring ARK technology to as many people and cultures as possible; to create coherence among humanity. This is why Haramein and his team worked to make the Crystal technologically sound—and beautiful at the same time—so it can easily be used to enhance everyday life.

what makes up the ARK Crystal


ARK Crystal no protective saddle


High purity, laboratory grown quartz, precisely cut, and electromagnetically treated, to generate a direct harmonic coupling to the structure of the space-time geometry.

ARK Crystal in protective saddle


A sophisticated system of magnets and bumpers encompassed within a carefully crafted CP4 grade titanium assembly, suspends and protects your ARK Crystal and allows it to be joined to others and secured to accessories, such as the pendant included with your purchase.

ARK Crystal in classic pendant


The titanium pendant, engineered to precisely and magnetically secure the ARK Crystal, includes an adjustable length titanium chain, enabling users to wear the ARK technology.

Harmonic Flux Resonator


Based on 30 years of research and development, the Harmonic Flux Resonator taps into, replicates and transfers the vital source of quintessential energy called quantum vacuum energy. Once activated by the Resonator, ARK Crystals can be used to increase coherence and vitality in almost any system placed in their field of influence.



ARK Crystals are a revolutionary technology that greatly boosts the body’s natural ability to attune with the vitalistic and expansive zero-point field of the quantum vacuum. The quantum vacuum represents the revelatory understanding in modern physics that space is not empty; rather, it is the one thing that connects all things.


Nearly 60% of the human body is water. With the technology of the ARK Crystal, users can experience the numerous benefits of increased hydration. The highly coherent charged water increases its bioavailability which assists in hydration, nutrient intake and overall health and wellness.


The ARK Crystal increases coherence in the body’s energetic structure connecting the wearer with the inexhaustible source of vacuum energy through resonance.


Research scientists dedicated thousands of hours to studying how plants react when nourished by ARK Crystal structured water. The results speak for themselves. Plants fed with coherent water grew larger and more vibrant; they show significant well-being compared to their untreated neighbors.


Water is the most fundamental element to life on earth. When water is charged by an ARK Crystal,
its molecular arrangement becomes more structured and highly coherent. Studies conducted
on plants show that when they consume ARK Crystal structured water they show a significant improvement in numerous markers of overall health and wellness.


The ARK Crystal can be used similarly to acupuncture. It brings additional integrity to the body’s meridian network and energy centers. ARK owners can place the ARK Crystal on any of the meridian points or energy centers within the body while performing any yoga, reiki, or meditation practices.