Pilot Human Study Using ARK Crystals

Nassim Haramein and Andrea Melone holding ARK Crystals
ARK crystal

A new third party pilot study using the ARK crystal testing the effects it has on athletic performance has been released. The Energy Medicine Research Institute performed a pilot study on human subjects testing how the ARK crystal can affect athletic performance. Subjects were either given the ARK crystal (PGQMEM) or a look-alike placebo to wear for 42 days. They were then tested at day 0, day 21, and day 42 to see how the ARK crystal affected their athletic performances in a series of tests.


This 42-day pilot human study found that ARK technology (referred to as PGQMEM in studies) improves processing speed, psychomotor speed, and psychoemotional state better than the placebo.

Key findings:

  • Increased Processing Speed: A significant increase in processing speed was detected in the PGQMEM intervention group, while no change in the Placebo group was detected.  Processing speed increased by 9.8% over baseline in the PGQMEM.
  • Increased Psychomotor Speed: Significant increases in psychomotor speed were detected in both the Placebo and PGQMEM group. Psychomotor speed increased by 15.2% over baseline the PGQ­MEM  test group.
  • Psychoemotional State (PES): The study recorded significant increases in Psychoemotional State (PES), a measurement of the capacity of the brain/body to handle stress. PGQMEM test group had a 19.6% increase in PES

The subjects were given an ARK crystal or a look-alike glass placebo to wear during the day and were told to use the crystal at night to activate a glass of water.

To do so, the crystal was placed under a glass of water while they slept. In the morning, the subjects were to drink this glass of water and then put the crystal back on to wear throughout their day.

woman working out at sunset


In the first 21 days of the test, subjects wearing the ARK crystal (PGQMEM) also showed improvements in other athletic functions.

The ARK crystal subjects demonstrated:

  • Improved Flexibility
  • Improved Balance
  • Improve Strength
  • Increased Endurance

"Although the absolute changes seem small for some of these tests, they are in fact significant," said William Brown, Biophysicist at Torus Tech. "

When one takes into account the importance of the results from the stretch and reach test, in which the mean value of the change from baseline was 0.9 inches, which is a substantial change in flexibility."

"It is important to note that the group of subjects for the athletic tests were recruited from a different population, some of whom did not believe that the pendant would have an effect," added Brown.

"Some did not enjoy wearing the pendant and a couple said that they didn't believe that it worked, even after they reported and exhibited improvements. The fact that significant results were seen in this group is impressive."

To read the results of the 42 day Energy Medicine Research Institute pilot study yourself, request a downloadable copy of the report. 





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