Research: Plant Growth with ARK Crystal Structured Water

ARK Crystal with glass of water and plant

What are the benefits of the ARK Crystals? Is it more than just something pretty to look at? Yes, and Yes. Before we started sharing ARK Crystals with the world we made sure that there were benefits that could be shown with scientifically backed research.

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What Do the ARK Crystals Do?

The ARK Crystal is designed to resonate at a specific fundamental frequency. This frequency can influence water molecules to become what is often referred to as coherent or structured. Think of it as the ARK Crystal Is emitting a strong pulse which the water falls into step with – this is the phenomenon known as resonance.  

This resonance from the ARK Crystal influences the water molecules to form together in a highly ordered manner. This new crystalline state that the water finds itself in allows the water to be  significantly more bio-available to you or any other water-dependent life form; meaning the water is now better able to be absorbed by the cells in the body.

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What is Structured Water?

Structured water is water that has been influenced by an ARK Crystal. In the lab, researchers report that that start seeing the influence on the water molecular geometry after only 30 minutes of exposure, but you can see maximum results after 24 hours of being exposed to the ARK Crystals.


How Long Does It Take to Structure Water and Other Liquids?

Studies have shown that once the ARK Crystal is places close enough to the water or other liquid the water will start increasing in intermolecular structure within 30 minutes of exposure to the ARK Crystal, with full saturation within 48 hours, depending on the liquid and size of the container.

We suggest that you wear the ARK Crystal during the day and then use the ARK Crystal to potentiate or "structure" water while you are sleeping. That would give you an estimated 6-9 hours to activate your water or other liquids.

You can also use the ARK Crystal Water Bottle to structure water throughout the day.

How Long Does Water Stay Structured?

Studies have shown that the potentiated water stays structured indefinitely. We understand the desire to stockpile bottles of ARK structured water, but we suggest you drink or use the water as soon as possible.


Structured Water's Influence on Plants – The Research

In order to be sure what we say about the ARK Crystals are true, we have conducted thousands of hours of scientific testing on plants.

During these research studies some plants received water that had been exposed to the ARK Crystal while other plants received water that was not exposed to the ARK Crystals.

The results of the research were stunning! 

Plants that had been exposed to the ARK Crystal structured water resulted in 

– Faster seed germination time
– Greater growth rate
– Immune-boosting resistance to disease
– Improvements in markers of health and wellness
– Increase in weight, volume, and quantity of fruit 


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meditation with the ARK Crystal


Why Should I Drink ARK Structured Water?

Highly structured [potentiated] water is easily absorbed by the cell, promoting a more efficient exchange of information and energy between the quantum vacuum and the cellular matrix.
The ARK Crystal causes an energetic shift in the bonds of the water molecule, making it more metabolically available - optimizing hydration, enhancing feelings of well-being and vitality.

How Can People Benefit From ARK Crystals?

Since the human body is mostly water, it is possible that being regularly exposed to an ARK crystal could have a positive effect on our well-being. The ARK crystal’s ability to charge and make water highly coherent improves its bio-availability, assisting in hydration, nutrient intake, and overall health and wellness.

We are currently in the process of conducting human trials to test the effect of exposure to ARK Crystal across several different areas including hydration, cognizance, heart rate variability, and physical performance.


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