The Science of the ARK Crystals

The Science of the ARK Crystals

The Science of the ARK crystals eBook Released

the science of the ARK Crystal eBook

"The Science of ARK Crystals" eBook is a compilation of the history of the ARK crystal, its production, suggested uses, and an overview of the current experimental results available to the public. It also includes links to resources to offer a deeper dive into the content. This eBook is a living document and will be updated as ongoing third party testing results are prepared for public release. 

We are very excited to bring this updated The Science of the ARK Crystals eBook to you. French and Spanish versions will be made available in the coming weeks.


"The Science of ARK Crystals" 

Thirty years of research in Unified Physics has led to inventor and physicist, Nassim Haramein's, first phase in revolutionary technology - the ARK crystal. Space is full of fluctuating energy—referred to technically as quantum vacuum energy. The ARK crystal is precision-engineered to specifically couple with the structure of the vacuum to harness that energy and allow our bodies to access that energy, generating greater system coherence, vitality, and well-being. ARK Crystals influencing plants

Empirical investigations have demonstrated significant beneficial effects on the biological system from the ARK crystal. Characterization of the beneficial processes shows that the ARK crystal has a highly coherent interaction with water, positively structuring water at the molecular level, increasing its intrinsic bio-energy, and making it more bio-available.

As the biological organism is a hydrodynamic system, wearing the ARK crystal establishes the coherent connection between the body and the vital energy of the quantum vacuum.

Newly released Human Study results have shown that wearing the ARK crystal and drinking structured water can benefit performance and cognitive ability in subjects.

Nassim Haramein Andrea Melone with ARK 64
The ARK crystal's modular design allows it to be worn and experience the benefits of its coherent field, by securing it within the pendant accessory. Additionally, the crystal can be used as an amplifying tool to assist in increasing mind-body resonance with the structure of the vacuum—optimizing system coherence. In The Science of the ARK Crystal eBook, we explore the technology and experiments behind the ARK crystal, as well as practical applications and suggestions for personal use.




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