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Blog Guest Blog: Space Harmonics with Dr. Lydia

Guest Blog: Space Harmonics with Dr. Lydia

Dr Lydia Gian. De Leon

Meet Dr. Lydia Gian. De Leon, a Greek Architect and Wellness Coach who has dedicated her career to unraveling the profound impact of buildings on health and well-being. With a Ph.D in Geobiology, her research focuses on the effect of geophysical anomalies on biology, particularly in relation to ancient temples and their locations. 

Through years of diligent inquiry, she has emerged as an authority in her field, publishing and participating in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Her knowledge extends further with an MSc in Sustainable Environmental Design, complementing her holistic approach to mindfully approached architecture. 
As co-founder of Geophilia Institute, she blends ancient wisdom with modern practices. Guiding others to unlock the transformative potential of sacred spaces, Dr. Lydia actively promotes sustainable design and harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature, shaping a future where our built environment becomes a catalyst for enhanced well-being.
e asked her to explain her research and experience with Space Harmonics, and luckily for all of us, she agreed. Please enjoy!

The Why Behind Dr. Lydia's Work

"I feel that the most profound state that most people look for and want to experience, consciously or unconsciously, is transcendence. This sums up all the feelings of ecstasy, bliss, existence beyond the normal or physical level. That is something many people can try to experience through herbal medicine, pharmaceuticals, food, relationships, and the list goes on.

Why is that so important? Because if one takes the magical, the mystical, the ecstatic, something beyond the physical daily routine, life becomes very flat, grey, for some boring, unfulfilling and dull. Maybe that is one of the reasons that people around the world for thousands of years have devoted so much time, resources, money, and labor to build magnificent Temples.

Through my research and Ph.D., I discovered many functions of these Ancient Temples, one of them being Mystical Experience, which has been seen as predominance and intense activity in the frontal or occipital lobe in some cases, or prevalence of the right cerebral hemisphere in the duration of exposure.

Decoding what 'Sacred Space' scientifically is – not with a religious context - has been my passion and mission as a holistic architect and researcher. There is special science that can create a coherent field, which can result in the most harmonic space. Now, more than ever, this is what we need, in the extreme times we are going through as humanity!"

Dr. Lydia's Perspective of the ARK Crystal

This is exactly what the ARK Crystal can do: I consider it as a miniature version of a Temple - portable, with all the science of Sacred Space condensed to fit in your palm. That way you can create this harmonic field wherever you go, around your physical and energy body, in your building space; you can use to have a transcendental experience through meditation; you can use to structure water, as the ancient people used to do with the water almost always found below Temples; you can use it to tap into the Infinite Field of Consciousness and come back to Oneness.

Since the first moment I placed the ARK on my palm, I felt that this is an incredible conscious technology coming from the future (or the ancient past) and have not gone a day without it!

Dr. Lydia & the ARK Family

Dr. Lydia shares a long history with the ARK family and organizations in resonance. She participated as a faculty presenter on the Resonance Science Foundation's trip to Mexico in 2019 and 2021. Her expertise and passion for the subject and knowledge of the ancient sites took the group's understanding and presence to another level. Her online course “Sacred Science of Ancient Temples," is available for purchase. You can also watch our interview with Dr. Lydia, where we discuss her work at Geophilia, her perspective on the temples and sites visited during the RSF Mexico trip, the ARK crystal, as well as how our environment affects our health.

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