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The Science of the ARK Crystals

The Science of the ARK crystals eBook Released "The Science of ARK Crystals" eBook is a compilation of the history of the ARK crystal, its production, suggested uses, and an...

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Reveal of the 512 ARK Assembly

The 512

Global Coherence Day on Saturday, August 1, will feature many of the individuals and organizations that contributed to last year's Coherence Day at the Resonance Science Foundation's Summer Retreat. As...

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Dr Lydia Gian De Leon

Space Harmonics with Dr. Lydia

Guest Blog Series  Dr. Lydia Gian. De Leon, Holistic Architect, Ph.D. in Geobiology, Founder of Geophilia As an architect and wellness coach, Dr. Lydia Gian. De Leon's work focuses on...

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8 ARK Crystal Assembly

Cosmometry of the 8 ARK Assembly

The Cuboctahedron - Gravitative 8 ARK Crystal Geometric Assembly The 8 ARK crystal Geometric Assembly can be arranged in either Gravitative or Radiative orientations. The Cuboctahedron, also known as the...

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Be still

Experiencing the ARK Crystal

By Andréa Melone    ARK Crystal Experience  Suggestions to Experience the ARK crystal Should I put the ARK crystal in my left/receiving or right/giving hand? Centering with the ARK crystal...

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