The 512

Reveal of the 512 ARK Assembly

Global Coherence Day on Saturday, August 1, will feature many of the individuals and organizations that contributed to last year's Coherence Day at the Resonance Science Foundation's Summer Retreat. As we approach tomorrow's event, hosted by Global Coherence Pulse, let's recall a special ARK crystal appearance.

The 512 ARK crystal assembly


2019's Resonance Science Foundation Retreat showcased the best of key organizations leading the planetary shift from a scarcity-focused worldview to an abundance-focused universal view. What’s special about our community is that the movers, shakers, and pioneers of change are not only the individuals and companies on stage but the entire sea of individuals - altogether, with collective intention and focused action.

What better setting than the high-vibrational environment nestled in the heart of the California Redwoods, for ARK to unveil its largest crystal-assembled amplifier to date?

With no official name, it was referred to as “The 512." Five hundred twelve ARK crystals assembled into an immense Isotropic Vector Matrix (IVM) for everyone to not only see the array but to experience its field as well. Before we explore the 512, let's start from the beginning... What is an IVM? Marshall Lefferts, author of Cosmometry: the HoloFractal Nature of the Cosmos explains the IVM by breaking it down, word by word:

 Isotropic means “the same everywhere.”

Vector means “energy dynamic.”

Matrix means “a pattern of lines and spaces.”

“It is the universal field of energy in the zerophase equilibrium… the IVM is the geometry of the fundamental zero-point unified field at the center of all phenomena." In the video below, Lefferts demonstrates the construction of an IVM and how the pattern is in symmetry with the flower of life.

Cosmometry - IVM Flower of Life Symmetry from Marshall Lefferts

What does this phenomenon feel like? As we are constantly swimming in a sea of electromagnetic fluctuations, we cannot possibly be aware of quantum-scale activities from our perspective.

ARK technology serves as the bridge to that experience.

Many ARK crystal users can tune into a tangible sense of one single crystal’s field as “the feeling of the space between two magnets of the same polarity,” with physical sensations often described as, “electric tingle,” “pulsation,” and “vibration.” The field of 512 IVM was reported to be palpable throughout the entire room.

Participants used the device as a focal point and tool for meditation, activating water, a coherent field for their energy centers, and an amplifier for activities taking place in the main room of the week-long event.

The 512 ARK Crystal Assembly Reveal

The magnetic and modular features of the ARK crystal allow it to connect with others to assemble larger, tetrahedral-based structures. ARK crystal assemblies amplify the effects of one ARK crystal not only because of quantity but because of their specific geometric arrangement.

To construct the 512 in its gravitative orientation, one must first assemble 8 cuboctahedrons (8 ARK crystals with the triangular markings pointing in) and combine them to create a 64 IVM. Then, similarly, it takes eight of the 64 IVMs to complete the 512 assembly.

The radiative orientation assembly can be achieved using the same process, except using stellated octahedron also known as the star tetrahedron (8 ARK crystals with triangular markings pointing out) as the base building block. While the IVM is in a state of equilibrium, its arrangement according to the ARK crystal’s triangle marked vertex, creates a specific dynamic flow in the field that is referred to as gravitative/radiative or is considered by many as yin/yang. The gravitative and radiative isoforms will have different interactions with the associated coupled quantum-vacuum structure.

As the name implies, the gravitative geometry will facilitate information flow inwards/directed into the nonlocal field of the quantum vacuum. Whereas the radiative form will facilitate the flow of information from the universal field of the quantum vacuum. The two forms can be utilized to obtain effects most strongly in “feed-back operations” in the field – gravitative configurations and “feed-forward operations” from the field – radiative configurations.

ARK 512-64-8-pendant

For size reference, the 512 IVM is pictured with a 64 IVM, an 8 cuboctohedron, and an ARK + pendant.

In his book, Lefferts further notes an ancient reference to the significance of 64:

“… the quantity of 64 is found in numerous systems in the cosmos, including the 64 codons in our DNA, the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching (Chinese Book of Changes), the 64 tantric arts of the Kama Sutra, as well as in the Mayan Calendar’s underlying structure. It appears that the 64-based quantitative value is of primary importance in the fundamental structure of the Unified Field and how that field manifests from its implicate (pre-manifest) order to its explicate (manifest) order, both physically and metaphysically.”

Aligned with ancient origins and celebrated firsts within the Resonance Science Foundation and ARK family, the 64 IVM was unveiled at RSF’s first Delegate Gathering in Egypt in 2017, where participants used three 64 IVMs to activate each pyramid on the Giza Plateau for 12 hours under a full moon.

Almost two years later, mounted on another prototype device debuted at the Retreat – the IVM Treatment Table - The 512 created a massive field of coherence, activating the space and participants on a cellular level.

What’s next? Advanced Resonance Kinetics technology will continue to demonstrate the possibilities that unfold with vacuum coupled technologies. In the future, we may soon see these technologies at the heart of our everyday lives in ways that we currently cannot imagine... ;-)

...and until next time, may the vacuum be with you.

woman holding the 64 ARK crystal

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