Phi Ratio Harmonics and the Rosette Geometric Assembly

5 ARK Crystal Assembly Phi Ratio

The Rosette Geometric Assembly

5 Piece ARK Crystal Geometric Assembly Rosette

One of the most approachable of the ARK Crystal geometric assemblies has to be the 5 piece Rosette Assembly.

This simple-to-make assembly is crafted using 5 individual ARK Crystals resulting in a geometric assembly that is reminiscent of a blooming flower or even the Rosette Nebula.

It fits well in the palm of your hand, it rarely falls apart on its own, and is one of the few assemblies that can be put together in just a few seconds.

Because of the ease of assembly and its ability to balance itself without falling apart, the Rosette is often used in holistic and alternative healing settings.

ARK Crystal Rosette Holistic Setting

 Anecdotally, we have been told that some energy workers and holistic health practitioners that they use the Rosettes on chakra points to balance energy.

We have also heard from other alternative healers that they use the Rosette and to encourage healing to specific parts of the body.

But what can explain how this 5 Piece ARK Geometric Assembly brings this kind of energy to those who use it?


The Powers Of Phi

The ARK Crystal Rosette is crafted using 5 individual ARK Crystals resulting in a geometric assembly that is reminiscent of a blooming flower.

The 5 ARK arrangement creates a balanced symmetry that is in resonance with the Golden Ratio of Phi, which is found throughout nature at all scales from Planck to Universal. Many plants and flowers clearly exhibit this ratio within their petals, leaves and spiraling seed heads.

Marshall Lefferts, in his book Cosmometry, explains the balance that relates to the 5 ARK Crystal geometric assembly as he delves into Phi and the number 5.

5 is the number of Phi, as is certainly evident in the mathematical formula for Phi... All regular 5-fold symmetry is composed of fractal iterations of Phi ratio segments, as can be seen in this illustration of a pentagon (outer lines) and pentagram (star pattern) showing four colored line segments that are all Phi ratio in their relative scaling:

Pentagon phi ratio

Therefore, every time we see flowers with five petals, or the seed pattern inside of an apple's core, or a starfish, etc., we are literally seeing Phi ratio harmonics in nature. This hibiscus flower, for example, shows just how accurate the harmonic symmetry is:

Hibiscus phi ratio

It is interesting to note that the word "five begins with the sound of the word "Phi", and could even be spelled "phive" and sound exactly the same.

Is there a Golden Ruler that scribes the measure of the universe in harmonic proportions of beauty, form, and function?

It could be as simple as the five equal ARK Crystals when placed together in the Rosette Geometric Assembly are simply manifesting natures own Phi ratio harmonics. Sometimes the simplest forms are indeed some of the most useful.

We encourage you and your friends to use your own ARK Crystals together in a Rosette formation. Let us know what you experience!