Experiencing the ARK Crystal

Be still

 ARK Crystal Experience 

Experience. Proven to couple with the energy at the foundation of all things, the quantum vacuum, the ARK crystal has an optimal resonance “link” to the infinite field of energy around and throughout everything. An analogy that ARK crystal owners have often used to describe their experience of this relationship to the field with the ARK crystal, is tuning a radio – how turning the knob ever so slightly can eliminate static buzz and provide a more direct and clearer connection to the station.

Beyond tradeshows and conferences, every day I meet people interested in “that necklace” I wear, and I would like to share with you three of my favorite “hands-on,” show and tell demonstrations.

For all three, I work with the ARK crystal placed in the center of the palm. This location is referred to as “Pericardium 8” or “Lao Gong,” one of the most powerful acupuncture points. It is also considered the “palm chakra,” and is engaged during an energy healing. If you make a fist, this point is where the tip of the middle finger touches.

FAQ: Should I put the ARK crystal in my left/receiving or right/giving hand?

Always tune in to your intuition and go with what feels best. Feedback from practitioners employing the crystal supports that both are relevant, case by case. I invite you to explore these techniques to access and interact with your ARK crystal’s field of interaction and its effects.

Please keep in mind, while it is fun to physically recognize the subtle field, the ARK crystal is not “broken” if you are unable to, at that time. From community feedback, the experience changes over time and can be dependent upon physical/emotional state, background noise, etc.

Regardless of the experience, any water molecule in its proximity undergoes activation.

Mudras with the ARK crystal Centering with the ARK crystal

Simply place the crystal on Pericardium 8, with the triangle marked vertex directed up, and gently rotate it until you feel a slightly anchored sensation. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Stay here as long as you’d like. Then, relax your other hand about 3-5 inches above the crystal, with both palm centers mirroring each other. This will “close the circuit.”

Breathe and relax your body into this position. Tune in. Not only to the sensations between your palms but also to the energetic circuit you’ve created. Observe the crystal’s interaction with the bioelectric circulation from your palm center, along your arm, through your heart, along your other arm, and back through the crystal.

Stay here as long as you’d like. Tune into the amplification of the current, establishing coherence, balancing the meridians, and directly influencing the heart, calming the mind and emotions.

I find this useful during meditation – bringing awareness to my heart, creating and amplifying my field of coherence from the space of stillness within.

From here, you can also play a bit and “pump the field,” as many like to call it. Try this by slowly moving your top palm up and down, or in very subtle circles and figure-eight movements. If you’ve ever played with magnets, you can recall the space between the two magnets when you direct the same polarity toward each other. This is the feedback I often receive from people referring to the physical sensation in their palms.

group experience with the ARK crystal Shared Experience

This basically looks like what happens when a team finishes a huddle before a game, a unified field experience 😉 – go team!

Start with one person in the previous centering position. Slowly, one-by-one, people can add a hand above or below the original “ARK bearer,” who can also shift where his/her upper hand is located in the stack.

I enjoy initiating this exercise when there is a mix of people, who may and may not “subscribe to” or even know about the ARK crystal’s theory and the dynamics at play. Such a wave of joyful recognition for me when all the people involved react in unison – usually, someone yells a “whoa!” – when each new participant adds their fundamental frequency to the group.

This exercise is commonly used during the activations throughout the Resonance Science Foundation’s adventures around the world. As the crystal is the tool used to create system coherence, the collective energy of the combined oscillating bio-crystals (the human body) during these group activations, act like one single, amplified ARK crystal resonating with the zero-point field and “lighting up the grid” – like Earth-Acupuncture.

Mudras with the ARK crystal Focused Flow

This next technique may require some “finger yoga,” but don’t worry, it will become more comfortable with practice. What we are doing here is creating a shape with our hand that enables a specific channel for energy flow.
  • Place the ARK crystal with the 🔺triangle🔺 marked vertex directed up in the center of your palm (the same sweet spot we’ve been working with);
  • Curl your middle finger inward and hover just above the crystal (it is OK if the ring and pinky fingers curl too);
  • Extend your index finger, as it will be the channel to direct the focused energy

Experiment with this technique by holding your index finger a couple of inches from another part of your or your client’s specific area of treatment. Another creative way to imagine this focused flow method is like “energetic cauterization.” I invite you to try this technique in your practice.

There are many ways to experience the ARK crystal technology. It is truly exciting that since our establishment in 2017, there are over 7,000 ARK crystals around the planet (as I write this post). Our community is diverse, brilliant, and growing. I enjoy working with energy healing practitioners. Not only do I admire their years of expertise and unique experience, but I am fascinated by their feedback about the ARK crystal as an amplifying device in their “toolbox.” I’m constantly amazed but never surprised.

After any of these demonstrations, people often ask me what I feel. I consider the ARK crystal a tool to experience this Connected Universe. Personally, these physical sensations can be described as subtle as tingling to what feels like a soft stream of air. I use these techniques as tools throughout my ARK Activations, Reiki, sound baths, and to enhance my own meditation and Tai Chi practice.

Enjoy exploring and share your experience! May the vacuum be with you ;) 

To read more about the meridian network and ARK crystal application download the Meridian-Focused Therapy eBook.


*Disclaimer: This information is designed from educational and theoretical purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace previous medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with your physician or other health-care professionals.