Biophysics of the ARK Crystal - William Brown Interview

William Brown Wellness Week

This interview is part of the ARK Crystal Wellness Week Series from February 2022. During the Wellness Week Series in held every February and Late Summer ARK Crystal brings together thought leaders and inspirational wellness speakers to share their knowledge and experience. 


A long-time contributor to the better understanding of the science of the ARK Crystal, William Brown agreed to sit down with us, again, just for this Wellness Week. Together we explore the physical and biological impact that the ARK Crystal has on the world around us, current third-party research being done with the ARK Crystal, and what his dream research would be.


Interview with William Brown Transcript -

ARK - Hello, we are here for Wellness Week, and we have William Brown with us. And he is a research scientist and bio physicist, is that right?

William Brown - Well, yeah, yes, that's correct.

ARK - And he does work with both Torus Tech and the Resonance Science Foundation. And you're a faculty member of the Resonance Academy, is that correct?

WB - Yes. In fact, I have a, an elective course, that's available on the Resonance Academy that, you know, goes over unified physics, the work that I've done with Nassim Haramein. And, you know, originally, my academic career was mostly in molecular biology, genetics. So, I also have quite a bit of information on the physics of the biological system down to the cellular molecular level.

Okay. So, you know, a little bit about everything, not just the physics of the ARK Crystal, but how it can affect the body as well.

WB -  Yes. And that's primarily the work that I've been doing with Nassim, at Torus Tech and, you know, for ARK Crystals, is looking at what effects the Advanced Resonance Kinetics technology has on the biological system. And, you know, that ARK technology is, you know, it's a resonance-based technology. So the physics of resonance, which is actually how you explain the universe is via the mechanism of resonance.

ARK - Really simple, you know, not complex information whatsoever. Easy to understand,

WB - Just, just the fundamental most operations of the universe

ARK - And the whole universe, really easy.

WB - Well, but you know, we're not separate from that, you know, and that's, that's really where, you know, unified physics and say, quantum biology, you're the biology at the molecular scale, as well really comes into play is that you know, if you understand the resonance mechanisms, underlying almost all physical properties of the world around us, you know, how we get matter, organized matter coherent states, that they give rise to form and function in the world around us. You know, that's, that's the physics that Nasim in his research team is developing. So you understand those kinds of that those resonant mechanisms, then you understand, you can understand how they're operating in the biological system, and the interface between the two. So because it's, you know, it's a continuum, that our body isn't separate from the dynamics and mechanisms of how the world around us works. It's integrally aligned with and coupled to those mechanisms.

ARK - That makes sense, it'd be like a fish in a fishbowl not taking into consideration the water that it's swimming in.

WB - Yeah, you know, that's, that's an excellent analogy because you know, that fish in a fishbowl, it's in a medium, substantive medium, you know, we call it liquid water. Well, in the unified physics, you have a very analogous situation where we are in a substantive medium of field and this is sometimes called the quantum field. If you look at quantum field theory and the energy levels of particles and everything, it's also called like the zero-point field at the vacuum energy state. So the base energy level of all space around us, but it's a substance that field so we're much like a fish in a fishbowl that substantive media You know, a fish that is always been in the fishbowl might not be so cognizant of the medium that it says

that it's in water, it just is, it doesn't really have anything else to prepare that to like, you know, it assuming that it hasn't left the fishbowl. But so you know what we're kind of in the same analogous situation that, you know, we're in this energetic, substantive field. But we don't really have an awareness of it, you know, kind of like the fish in a fishbowl.

ARK - We're not constantly aware of the fact that we're in this energy field versus if we were to go say, in water, we would know that the water was around us all the time. But since this is just how life is for us, it's just how life is we don't have to constantly think about the energy around us.

WB - Exactly, yeah. And really about the only time that you might notice that there is the substantive medium is if you get a coherent structure in the field. And usually, what this amounts to is a vortex. And it's kind of similar in water. You know, if you get a whirlpool, you start to notice that there's something there, right, it has an effect, it also has kind of like a, a coherence effect, in that you have a bunch of randomly moving objects in the water. If there's a vortex, for all start moving coherently, almost like with like synchronized motion, and a single direction, their spins all begin to align this kind of thing. Well, that's kind of the idea of the ARK Crystal technology is that you're going to introduce a coherent structure into that field, that energetic medium, and introducing that energetic dynamic. And that it really is that it is like a vortex in space in the energy structure of space time. A little bit more specifically a double Torus, dynamic vortex, in that it's perfectly balanced in that dual vortex configuration. But when you introduce that kind of dynamic into the field into the image, genetic structure of space, that space time vacuum fluctuations, it introduces a coherent effect, that this is the idea behind the technology that via resonance energy transfer, how you can get this increase in the coherence of materials that are in proximity to that energetic structure that's been introduced by the ARK Crystal.

ARK - Okay, so you're actually changing the energetic field of, of items and that are around the crystal.

WB - Yes, yeah. And, you know, if you were to imagine them at the molecular scale, the quantum scale, they have a good amount of noisy interactions of thermal behavior non are random. Be okay. So you can think of like the motions, the movements. Let's take, for instance, like the material water, got all the water molecules kind of jostling around, and it's the overall structure is rather amorphous, it doesn't have a repeating pattern or anything of this nature. You can think of that kind of as a de coherent state. In that, it would be extremely difficult to describe the position and interaction of every one of those molecules. It's very chaotic.

ARK - Okay, so there's no real pattern to molecules of non-structured water.

WB -Exactly. And, you know, that's kind of that's the definition, the textbook definition of a liquid is the you know, it's kind of at the molecular level, very unstructured, there is no overall pattern Now, if we have that material, and this is this isn't just water reliably that just about any material brought into this coherent structure of the field that's being produced by the ARK Crystal will have this effect if the coupling is sufficient, but say we bring water into proximity, this coherent field of ARK Crystal, all those random motions of art of the water molecules, that kind of chaotic behavior will begin to coupled to the coherent structure of ARK Crystal. And you'll begin to get coherent correlated behaviors of the water molecules, individual water molecules just start to give structuring occurred.

ARK - So, does that change the definition of what it is?

WB -Yes, yeah. So at that point, it's no longer really following the textbook definition. Oh, liquid of a liquid. And so it actually has new monikers been invented to describe this new state, this new phase of matter, really. So you have like the work of Dr. Gerald Pollack at University of Washington, who describes it as the fourth phase of water? Okay, how because, you know, there's three traditional phases that are understood, solid, liquid gas, now the solid phase of water state of water, that has a very pattern, repeating structure, you know, it's crystal in that sense. Well, so there's four phases, kind of in between that solid phase and that liquid phase. So the water is really better described in this state as liquid crystalline. Okay, which is kind of a quasi solid. So it's, it's fluctuating between these two B app properties, these two behaviors of highly structured crystal and solid phase, and more chaotic random liquid phase, I, it's kind of in between those two, so you do have the spontaneous and repeated formation of patterning. But it's also still able to flow to a certain degree. And that is the structured phase of why now, why that's important, is because that's the phase water exists in the body. Okay, in the cell, in the biological organism, water does not exist in a bulk face, that kind of random,

ARK - chaotic phase of water, okay.

WB -Water in the cellular environment, in our bodies, that's also the extracellular environment. It's highly structured, it's liquid crystalline. And one of the primary reasons for this is that water in the cellular environment, and the extracellular environment is exposed to interfacial surfaces everywhere, the cell surface, the cellular membrane, you know, the water along the surface of that membrane is not randomly oriented. It actually adopts very specific patterned structure that matches the membrane. Okay. So, actually, I was just reading a paper the other day on bio physicists who are able to read the voltage differences across the surface of a cell. You know, we're talking really small areas here, like micrometer nanometer size areas, they're able to read the voltage differences across the cellular membrane by reading the orientation of the water molecules, okay? Because they'll orient differently depending on the voltage of the cellular membrane in very specific locations. And so they're really In the pattern, the structure of the water molecules to read the voltage characteristic of the cell membrane. And this is important because like in neuronal communication, it's the voltage of the membrane that passes signals information. So there's a lot of important information that can be gleaned from this kind of understanding. But, you know, it just goes to show that you know, how we consider water, it's very different in the biological system, then then our kind of normal conception of liquid water. Now, the same story goes for DNA. So our genome, so that's, that's the surface of the cell, you've got the structure of water, right? That's a lipid membrane, you go to the heart of the cell, the nucleus, where DNA is that same story structured water, and actually are proteins that transcribe the DNA that replicates the DNA, the way they read the genetic code, is by the liquid crystalline structure of the water around the DNA, the proteins go along breeding the pattern of the DNA, and via the voltage signals that get these kind of signals, they can read the underlying genetic code. So, you know, it's, it's a very important distinction to make.

ARK - That's fascinating.

Now, you can start to see, okay, well, what happens if I put structured water into my body to begin with, right, I was just gonna ask, so what effect does does this newly structured water that's been that's been exposed to the field of the ARK Crystal, now that it's structured? How does that affect me? Yeah. Say I drink a glass of structured water. What happens?

WB - Yeah, so and, you know, so that's part of the investigation, the testing and experimentation, that our research team has been doing here at Torus Tech is okay, I can return rise, the structuring effect that the ARK Crystal or the Resonance Based technology in general is having on water. So, you know, to try and to detail and characterize the structuring effect that the coherence effect and then what effect does that have from that water is brought into the biological system. And so, our experiments are testing has indicated quite consistently that if the structured water is brought into the biological system, you see benefits, you see improvements and various markers of biological vitality. So, you know, growth rate, resilience to stressors, these kinds of markers, they would indicate that some kind of benefit is being bestowed via this treatment. And so, you know, it's a really a new kind of science. So, you know, there isn't a textbook you can go to, to see what's going to happen when liquid crystalline water is accessible to an organism. So it involves some theoretical modeling on our part.

ARK - But so most of the research that, you know, that I've been able to share with our, with our community has been, of course, done with plants, because that's the order that you do things and you do work with plants, and then you do things with like, either animals or human test subjects. And the plants, like you said, have shown resilience and growth improvement, and even fruit bodies are even better. Can you tell me anything about like the human testing that you've been working on? Not necessarily, not just the results, but kind of the kind of testing that you're looking into Yeah,

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WB - yeah. So you know that that's really, you know, the most pertinent kind of testing. That's, that's really where all our efforts have been focused on the last couple of years. Which, you know, I should mention, has not been so easy going, because the last couple of years haven't been very convenient to giving large groups of people together

ARK - at one time in one place, right, right. I know that we, we had a pilot study that showed positive results, and we were able to share that with our community.

WB - Yeah, that that was also must have been in 2019, that it was completed our human clinical pilot study, and you know, it was a third party independent test. So you know, we sent out, you know, the ARK Crystal units to be tested, and another batch of placebo controls,

ARK - right. So you know,

WB - that you have your quartz crystal unit. Now, quartz is silicon dioxide, and the Christmassy silicon tetroxide what, that's the exact same molecule, the glasses mean that, you know, the only difference is, again, the phase. So whether it's patterned, or unpatterned, so, glass is kind of like a frozen liquid, in that it's a morphus Non repeating structure. But if you introduce a repeating structure into a uef quartz, and you know, that has very different properties, then glass, which I could get into, but they're almost indistinguishable, you know, if this was a glass unit, you wouldn't be able to tell, unless you have some equipment, like polarizing lens. Because, you know, it has optical effects, if it's actual quartz, if it's in the crystal and phase. But in any case, so we sent the placebo controls as well. And, you know, they ran tests on, you know, sports performance, strength, endurance, flexibility. And then also some, there was really a separate study, in addition to that, that looked at things like cognitive response intercellular, hydration levels. I think even our heart rate variability, so several different parameters, the work is markers to assess efficacy, or even effects of ARK Crystal on the human body. And they showed our promising results, there was improvements in several markers, particularly, you know, in the strength and endurance, flexibility, they all showed significant, statistically significant improvements. Though, there was a, you know, it's kind of interesting, you mentioned, because there was a response in the placebo group. Right. But again, that's somewhat expected to happen, because there's the placebo effect, you know, this is something that's known. But you know, that the important thing was the, although there was a placebo response, when the subjects were wearing actual or crystals, the response was much more greater than, yeah, so but, you know, it's kinda like, somebody gets one of these cool looking things, and they're wearing it, and they're like, Yeah, I do feel stronger. And then, you know, that that kind of mental state helps them perform better, you know, placebo type effects. But, uh, you know, this is something, though, that were that was that's kind of that was viewed as a kind of preliminary trial, you know, it was a small sample size. I'm not sure if I can remember the exact number of people think there's 15 to 20 subjects. So, you know, a good enough number that we could generate statistical analysis of

ARK - right. That then helps lead into other research that you want to do is is something that it's viable.

WB - Yeah. And so, you know, we've got things in the works for In Vitro human cell testing, which is something that I've been wanting to do for many years, so, you know, we can look at human cells in culture, do molecular analysis of some of the effects, because I think that when we are able to run that kind of testing, and we're, we have a setup with a university, they're set up to do this experimentation for us. But again, because of the situation over the last few years, it hasn't been feasible, because they're not even allowed to get together in the lab that the university was closed down from those two years. But, you know, once we do that, we can look at like, how is there differences in gene expression levels of like, cytoprotective elements, so like, glutathione, synthase, you know, that's an important anti oxidant. Gene. That's, if you have an upregulation, in expression of, say, that gene, in particular, you'll see increased resiliency of the cells, so that we can begin to characterize, okay, so we see resiliency, and tests we've done with plants, you know, if we stressed them, so, you know, go long periods without giving them water, you know, sub optimal conditions for growing, you know, it doesn't even have to be that drastic, just kind of like, you know, lower than normal temperatures and low light conditions, these kind of things. You know, we see with ARK Crystal growth they perform, almost as if the stressors weren't there, they live under these conditions with ARK Crystal Well, you know, that could have like a direct, explanatory pathway, you know, if it's like, okay. When we have cells and culture grown with ARK Crystal, we see upregulation of glutathione, synthase, there's higher glutathione levels, the cells have more resiliency to stress. So, you know, that that kind of study is something we're really looking into. And we just got, we just finished a study that took a long time because of the pandemic situation, but we just finished a study with a third party, independent lab, again, human clinical trial, double blind, placebo controlled, randomized study,

ARK - on the gold standard for your standard.

WB - Yeah. Um, and now again, though, I think, this one, it only had 25 participants. So, you know, not a large number of individuals, you know, we want to get one that's going to be like, 100 to 300 people, but still, you know, a good sample size, we can still generate statistically valid results, analysis of the results. But this just completed on looking at arthritis response in subjects. And so, you know, it's something that I'm kind of eagerly awaiting the the statistical analysis of the results, you know, hoping that we see something interesting. In that study, you know, we'll have to see if we have interesting results, because, you know, arthritis is something that we would expect, expect to see positive benefits to but it's not something that we, you know, specifically manufacture the ARK Crystal to treat...

ARK - Right, it'd be a nice benefit. Oh, yeah. And, you know, so many people, you know, deal with that you know, like, half my family has arthritis. And so, you know, I know I'm not the only one that deals with it, so this would be a very interesting report to read once it pans out.

WB - I can see from like, the kind of bio physics or molecular biology side of things on how we could see an effect because, you know, the arthritis is very much a condition involving the extracellular matrix, the connective tissue network and the intracellular water, the extracellular water plays a huge role in the health and state of the connective tissue network. So, you know, if this structure of water was being boosted in the connective tissue network, I could see that I can imagine how there would be potential benefits to a condition like arthritis. We'll have to see what they found.

ARK - Well, it sounds fascinating, even in theory, the idea that making sure that the fluids within our body are healthy and structured and would lead to a healthier you.

WB - Yeah.

ARK - Is there anything that the you are really looking forward to? Or kind of what would be a dream, um, research for you when it comes to, you know, the, the quantum field or testing the ARK Crystal on? I mean, is there like something really something that you really, really wish that you could know? Like? Funding is no, no. No stopping point?

WB -Yeah, well, you know, I had mentioned the cell test, cell culture test, that's, that's something I've always wanted to do. But if we're talking about big dreams, funding was no object no no obstacle to that, I would really like to run experiments for novel energy production using the ARK Crystals. So, you know, I'm, I would be interested to set up experiments to test to see if, if we pulsed these crystals, you know, in very specific ways. And you know, that this might involve like, direct application of electrical currents, okay, so the crystals and specific configurations, you know, large geometrical configurations, you know, when you pass an electrical current through the electromechanical axis of these quartz resonators, they resonate, they, they vibrate. And so, you know, either that way, or even like pulsing them with very specific laser frequencies, so pulse frequencies, harmonics of wavelengths, I'd be really interested to see, if we could induce them to couple, so efficiently with the quantum vacuum structure that we could actually get a amount of energy from them emitted from them, that's more than what has been put in, okay, you know, so a way to use them for energy generation. And, you know, even if the energy extraction of the energy generation wasn't really a large amount, there's still potential applications to use them in this way for like a completely novel type of quantum computational device. So, you know, it could be an entirely new kind of information processor that is using the properties of quartz resonators, and coupling them to the vacuum structure which has very interesting effects when you can tap into the information, feedback and feed forward processes occurring in the quantum field in the entangled vacuum state, I call it the entanglement Nexus because at this basal state, everything is connected.

ARK - Yeah.

WB - So you know, you can do really interesting things, you know, that it actually has a name. There's like entanglement farming, where, you know, if you have to, let's say, oscillators, that have never been in proximity, physical proximity to each other, if you couple them to their vacuum state, so that this this basal level of the quantum field, you can entangle them, even like quantum entanglement, even though they never come into contact. Yeah. So you know, if we could devise a similar kind of setup with the quartz resonators, they could be used for like, you know, this is highly theoretical dream you know, we could potentially use them for non local signaling. So non local communications, which would be faster than light communications now.

ARK - Wow.

WB - Yeah, something like that would be necessary. Talking about a far distant future where we're like traveling interplanetary interstellar distances because, you know, even or a trip to Mars, you know, sending signals at the speed of light is a 40 minute away question response time, right? Yeah. So that's kind of not practical. I'm certain that there is a way to actually have communication that is, what would, you would consider quasi-instantaneous so that you kind of bypass that long actual time that it would take to communicate using electromagnetic signaling,

ARK - Right. That’s fascinating. The theory behind it, that this can work is fascinating, probably much like you know, people who were thinking about… because it used to be there if you talk long distance on a phone there was like a second and a half, two second delay, but now we hear it just fine as if as if it's no big deal. And because of satellite, you know, we get it with no problem.

WB - Satellites, fiber optics.

ARK - Yeah. Fiber optic? I mean, I think it's absolutely fascinating. I'm dumb… I'm dumbstruck by I'm just sitting here going. Wow, that's fascinating. Tell me more. I could listen to you talk about it for hours and hours.

WB - Oh, you know, at a, a smaller scale, we believe that this is what the ARK Crystal is already doing. And…

ARK - …communicating without having to like be in the same area.

WB -Yeah, yeah. So, you know, like, if we have a pair of ARK Crystals, and they're given to two people, you know, we believe that there's a connection, a non-local connection that's facilitated via the ARK Crystals between those two people. And, you know, our biological system does that already. You know, it's this kind of like, non-local connectivity and communication. A lot of it is done below the level of our awareness, but, you know, not for everyone. You know, so, you know. Some people will get the urge to, like, pick up the phone and call a friend. As soon as you know, they get that urge, all of a sudden, their friend calls their phone

ARK - Right!

WB - Like I was just thinking of you, you know, that's kind of that non-local signaling communication. And you know, so, the ARK Crystal, we believe, is already augmenting and boosting that kind of entanglement, connectedness.

ARK - I have that with you know, I have a lot of friends that are brothers and sisters, and they get that a lot and, you know, parents and their children. So, it's really fascinating to know that there's a scientific reason behind it, that they are quantum entangled with each other.

WB - Yeah, yeah. So, you know, family members, it's a very strong effect, because you know, the biophysics of it is actually pretty straightforward. To explain how you get this entanglement network, this containment structure with a family because of the way the DNA is replicated. It undergoes what's called a semi conservative replication. So you know, you've got the double helix with two strands that come apart. And then so you've got a parent strand and a new strand is synthesized along but because these two new double helixes came from one there's an entanglement that's maintained between those so you know, you've got daughter cells that are formed or siblings, parent, child relationships, and you know, it's really all In terms of the biophysics, there's no question that the double helix is entangled. So actually, if you model the physics of it, it's actually, that double helix structure of the DNA is held together via entanglement of the nucleotide residues. So it's absolutely already entangled. So, you know, it's really straightforward, just that, you share, you know, a good portion of the same DNA within your family. So, there's this really strong entanglement structure there.

ARK - But you're also finding that, that it's possible between just like friends as well, yeah,

WB - yeah, yeah. So, people who are, you know, in pretty consistent interaction with each other, absolutely, will become quantum entangled over time. You know, as especially with like, a partner, you know, in a relationship. You know, and that has several different explanations for how that occurs. You know, one of the most simplest is that, the more take too far of a tangent, as I said, you know, our bodies extend beyond just what we see with the skin, because we have magnetic and electromagnetic fields that extend out. And so, you know, our brain activity are heart activities generating a fairly substantial magnetic and electromagnetic field electrical fields. And so you know, somebody that you're in pretty consistent interaction with, you know, those fields are correlating, building up coherence. And so like the electromagnetic field around the brain, it has a feedback function, where it can cause neurons to fire, depending on the spatial temporal pattern of the electromagnetic field. So you know, what, what can begin to happen is that, you know, a friend, that, you know, you're becoming quantum entangled with literally, the feedback structure can cause the same neurons that fire the same brain regions, neurons in the same group brain regions, to fire at the same time, and you have the same thought, at the same time. It's like, Oh, I was just thinking that

ARK - I was just thinking that or saying the same phrase.

WB - Ending their sentence for them.

ARK - Right, that's fascinating.

WB - Yeah, there's other things involved, also, that they can really get into it.

ARK - We should have you do a TED talk on being quantum entangled with the one that you love. Well, William, it's always fascinating to speak with you. And we could go on for 10 hours, I'm sure and never cover the same topic twice. Um, but I love hearing from you especially about how the ARK Crystal works, and how it works on the world around us. And I'm so excited that the now that things are starting to, I guess, get better, that this research is going to continue.

WB - Yeah, I'm really excited for the next year or two, what we'll be able to do with the research now that some normalcy is coming back and, you know, society is beginning to open up again, so yeah.

ARK - Right. Well, thank you so much for being a part of this Wellness Week. And you can you tell us again, the name of your class, your elective.

WB - Yeah. Well, and thank you for having me on. And I was thoroughly enjoy getting to speak with you and our, our community. It's, it's, it's great. Yeah. And so, the class is “Big Questions” in the Resonance Academy. And we get into discussions, a lot of the things that we talked about today, you know, get into a lot of detail, you know, so that, you know, there's, you know, additional links, additional information that's available for anything that might pique your curiosity. So that's available, and I’ve actually been working on the second installment to that course. So, you know, there's “Big questions 101” I'm working on “Big Questions 201” You know, the second level, to the “Big Questions” series now. So that that's going to be exciting. And anybody who is enrolled in the “Big Questions” course, will have special access to the second installment of the series.

ARK - Great, well, we'll be sure to have a link for that for everybody. So they can sign up now for the Big Questions 101, they'll be the first to know when Big Questions 201 comes out.

WB - And also, I want to mention that every month we do what's called a Faculty Q & A, and so that, and that's free, you know, so it's like, if it's free to I think you just register for the Resonance Academy, which is just like, you know is…

ARK - Free the whole course, there's seven courses now for free?

WB - Oh, you know, what? The, I think they just added some more courses. So yeah, it's, it's at least at least seven courses. Yeah. Um,

ARK - and then you get the faculty every month.

WB - Yeah. And you know, and so that's like a live webinar two hours long. And, you know, oftentimes we discuss ARK Crystal experiments, Latest News, you know, questions around the technology and applications. So, you know, certainly anybody who is interested in learning more about ARK Crystals or has a question about ARK Crystals, come join us on the live webinars and you know, we can talk more, there

ARK - Great. I’ll include all of that when, when, when this goes live for everybody. So, thank you so much William. You’re always one of my favorite people to talk to. You're so filled with knowledge. And it's a treat. I know that whenever we speak with you that the ARK community just goes wild.

WB - Well, thank you as well.  I was just thoroughly enjoy getting to chat with you. And everybody.

ARK - Thank you again.

William Brown wellness week 2022


Thank you again to William Brown for joining us for ARK Crystal Wellness Week 2022.