12 Days of Gratitude, Day 5 - Knowledge

Oftentimes, during the holiday season we can lose track of what's really important; gratitude. Join us as we embark on a journey, our 12 days of gratitude.

Everything is a vibration. From every unconscious breath you take to the uncontrollable ocean waves; the world around us is a vibration. Today, we are thankful for our knowledge. The knowledge that comes from years of studying and thoughtful research, the knowledge of Nassim Haramein and all the delegates at the Resonance Science Foundation (RSF). Without the knowledge and dedication of the RSF, ARK® would not exist. Beyond that, we are thankful for an understanding that these specific scientific principles of connectedness can have a profound effect on our everyday lives and on the world around us. We are grateful for the vibrations of the universe and the knowledge that helps us understand. We invite you to give the gift of education. Any purchase made today includes two memberships to RSF’s delegate academy; one for you and one for someone you want to bestow with the gift of knowledge.

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