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Sacred Spaces Research Is Leading To Better Sleep

What do sacred spaces have to do with getting better sleep?

During our interview with Dr. Lydia Isabel de León Co-founder of Geophilia, we had the opportunity to discuss her research on the relationship of ancient temples, their locations, and embedded technology; Space Harmonics; and the ARK Crystal.

One of the more surprising parts of our discussion with Dr. Lydia was her research on how we can achieve better, more restful sleep. In our interview, Dr. Lydia discusses her eBook 7 Secrets To Create A Sleep Sanctuary.

Start at the 16:20 mark of the video above to hear Dr. Lydia of Geophilia discuss the surprising way your bed frame can be impacting your nightly sleep!

This interview was part of one of our ARK Crystal Wellness Week Series. During the Wellness Week Series in held every February and Late Summer ARK Crystal brings together thought leaders and inspirational wellness speakers to share their knowledge and experience. 

ARK Crystal and Dr. Lydia Isabel de León Interview Transcript

Well put. I just love when you speak. So from my understanding, it seems that Geophilia, you guys can you offer consultation from even you know, zero to building the entire structure, but you also offer a consultation of a structure that already exists to offer little tweaks here and there. One thing that I found on the website that I was super excited about and I'm gonna read it tonight is this seven secrets to create a sleep sanctuary free download I was and of course in true Dr. Lydia fashion, I expected you know, because there's free downloads all the time for things and I thought I'd page through just like, you know, put some plants and this and that but you go into it about you know how so? Are there? You know, I didn't get to read it yet. But can you share maybe a couple here with us just to give us a sneak peek? Okay, good. Thank you.

Dr. Lydia
Sure. So that that was created as a free PDF. You can just find it on the first page of the website. And I really I have to tell you, I I created this PDF. It took me weeks, you know and this is a research that I have been doing for sleep at least 15 years. So I wanted to squeeze all my research and extract it and put the most important things that I have seen that work for myself and for my clients for sleep. And why did I focus on sleep? I really want to mention a little bit of that, because it's one of the most important things today for health and well being and it's something that can impact so many things, physiologically, energetically, emotionally. Because today we are you know bombarded by so many things. We have noise, we have pollution, we have EMF, we have, let's say energy or information or pollution, you know from the cities, especially. If you're lucky to live in nature, of course things are easier, but still, you know it can benefit you. So I wanted to cover all the different aspects of what can make a place the perfect sleep sanctuary so someone can have very, very deep restorative and regenerative sleep. So I have very specific tools and techniques that we use in Geophilia for many years. For example, one of them that I have been using for many years is a special thin mattress that goes on top of your mattress in the bed. And what it does, it creates like a circuit because a circuit around and magnets in the middle. What it does, it creates like a neutral area, electromagnetically and also it breaks down the geographic stress which is something I researched in my PhD. Which is basically when we are sleeping over a disturbed area right geomagnetically will say there is a big shift or change in the values of the field. So I have found because I was sleeping and I actually got sick many years ago. And one reason was that I was sleeping on an over disturbed area. So that really helped me start sleeping again because I have many issues with sleep. That's a really effective technique that I can recommend.

Dr. Lydia
Then there are things like please don't use metal in your bed. If you have springs inside your mattress, just throw your mattress away. Trust me on that. I have all the evidence I have measured my own body voltage and I will explain what that is in a minute for people that don't know, but I have measured my body voltage over my old bed like more than 15 years ago and standing still next to the bed you know without touching the bed. And the body voltage is basically you know how we the way we have voltage for electric current and according to building biology we should have almost zero when we're sleeping. I mean, there is a very very small voltage which is the process of the body but we shouldn't have anything more because that means we have electric current running through our body. And especially when we sleep, what happens is the body needs to shut down. Okay, imagine we are a computer and the computer needs to shut down. But if you're giving it stimulants or giving it noise or giving it whatever information at the time, it cannot shut down. And the result from that is you cannot have a deep sleep and then your melatonin has a problem you don't you know create melatonin and then you know that affects your immune system and your hormones and it's like a chain reaction. So it's very important to avoid all metal materials. So either springs in your mattress or the body of the bed itself has metal you know under underneath or any part of it. So what that does is it creates like a circuit for all this EMF to run. So I measured mine on my bed which I had springs in my mattress that I didn't know at that time. And I had some other metal things underneath was probably around 100 times higher than when I went away from the bed. So when I measure that my own myself I was shocked. I was like this is not good. You know I have to do something so I threw everything out and I got a Natural Mattress. I got a wooden bed and I got this mattress on top of it that I told you it's like a protective mattress that actually also does healing for through the night because it has magnet some some ionic elements. So it's very good. I think these two are very important to start with. But then because I have put so much information in that PDF I really invite people to read it through because we'll find a lot more interesting information that you can apply and really create a sleep sanctuary. That's the goal.

Wow, I'm shocked too and I just realized I'm thinking about my bed stand. Like the whatever, not the mattress itself, but it sounds like I have a weekend project is basically what I'm saying because we have to figure out

Dr. Lydia
Well, feel free to contact me. You know, I can recommend more things or help you out.