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All of us here at ARK Crystals are very excited to be included in the new Dave Asprey Box. To celebrate we're offering a site-wide discount to you!

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This includes the ARK Crystal + Classic Pendant, ARK Crystal + Color Pendants, Water Bottle + ARK Crystal, and the Modulated Bath Soaks that were included in your new box. 

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Dave Asprey Interviews Nassim Haramein

Dave Asprey Interviews ARK Crystal Inventor Nassim Haramein

On The Human Upgrade Podcast the father of biohacking Dave Asprey, who often wears his own ARK Crystal on his videos, had ARK Crystal inventor Nassim Haramein on to discuss Nassim's documentary The Connected Universe, entanglement theory, and recent events confirming Haramein's decades of research.



Bring home a Golden Ticket Package of your own. We are offering the Golden Ticket Package for Dave Asprey Box members at a discounted price for a limited time only.

The Golden Ticket Package includes -

  • Entangled Pair With Color Pendants
  • 2 ARK Crystals 
  • 2 Color Pendants (of your choice)
  • 1 Wooden Display Case for 2 Pendants
  • 2 ARK Water Bottles
  • 2 Designs of your choice
  • 2 Classic Pendants
  • 4 Bath Soaks
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Golden Ticket Package

How does the ARK Crystal work?

Based on over 30 years of research, the ARK Crystal is specially designed to influence the structure of everyday water. Water that has been highly structured has been show to be easily absorbed by the cells in your body and the cells of plants.

Studies have shown that ARK Crystal structured water use on plants have resulted in:

  • Faster seed germination time 
  • Greater growth rate 
  • Immune-boosting resistance to disease
  • Improvements in markers of health and wellness 
  • Increase in weight, volume, and quantity of fruit
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Pilot Human Study with the ARK Crystal 

Key Findings of the Human Study 

  • Improved Flexibility 
  • Improved Balance
  •  Improve Strength 
  • Increased Endurance
ARK Crystal with Water and Plants

Learn More About the Science of the ARK Crystals

Are you interested in learning more about the science and research behind the ARK Crystal?  You can download all of our eBooks to explore more.

ARK Crystal Water Report
Science of the ARK Crystal
Meridian Focused Therapy with the ARK Crystal



With over 30 years of research behind its design, the ARK Crystal has been shown to -

  • Increase the bio-availability of water (the ability of the cells to accept H2O)
  • Optimize System Coherence
ARK crystal with plant