Meet The Ark Leadership Team

Sarah Amne

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Astles holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. She served as President of Azure, Inc., her third startup since leaving Apple in 2002.

Sarah was named Silicon Valley Mountain View’s 2017 Business Person of the Year. She owned two businesses in Mountain View for seventeen years and has been a great advocate for the City. She was Board President of the Central Business Association for several years, representing 300 businesses, and a Board Member of the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce.

Sarah has been active in the Business Issues & Public Policy (BIPP) Committee since 2016, identifying and acting on key business, community and legislative issues at the local, state and federal level, as well as industry related issues impacting transportation, environmental, health & safety regulations, and business trends.

Sarah is Chief Executive Officer of the International Space Federation, and its subsidiaries; ISF France, Resonance Science Foundation, ARK Crystal, and Torus Tech.

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Jayme Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Jayme Johnson is a seasoned marketing-operations strategist and executive with a longstanding career in branding, product development and growth marketing.Her wheelhouse includes startup strategy, go-to-market strategy, visual branding & storytelling, product development, scaled-operations deployment, financial forecasting and multi-channel productions.

She has built launch pads for technology and innovative brands for 25+ years with a 10X growth scalability, legitimizing new companies and communities to acquire big-name investors, sponsors and financial partners.

Her work portfolio includes Fortune 500 global companies CNN and Hyperloop as well as science and technology apps and marketplaces in the fields of bio-tech, agriculture, transportation innovation, media, consumer brands, and health and wellness.

Her passion to bring unified physics into humanities major industries for evolution on and off-planet drive her purpose and mission.

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Lukas Buell

Operations Manager

Lukas is the Operations Manager for ARK Crystals. His background is in production and product management as well as logistics, R&D, and fabrication, among other things. He’s been with ARK Crystals since 2020 and has stepped into an important role within the organization. He grew up in Southern California and in his free time enjoys surfing, camping, and working on cars.

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