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ARK® crystal FAQ – Table of Contents

General ARK® crystal Questions

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My ARK® crystal arrived! Now what?

Getting to know your ARK® crystal – the basics.
Familiarize yourself with the different components that make up your ARK® crystal, as well as any accessory, included or purchased separately.

The ARK crystal pendant set includes the ARK  crystal within its saddle (image below) and a pendant with an adjustable chain, allowing the user to wear the modular Advanced Resonance Kinetics technology.

The pendant set arrives with the crystal pre-mounted in the pendant’s magnetic docking cavity. A gentle pressure applied to the top of the ARK crystal will dislodge it from the pendant.

Upon examination, you will find distinct triangular marks at one of the apexes of the ARK crystal tetrahedron. These marks indicate the orientation of the molecular structure of the ARK crystal.
When using the ARK crystal to structure material (water, oils, creams, etc.), these triangular marks should point UP towards the water or other material to be charged.
When wearing the ARK crystal, the triangular markings should be at the apex of the pendant, pointing outwards, away from the body.

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How do I clean my ARK® crystal?

Caring for your ARK® crystal
Over time your ARK® crystal may need to be cleaned from the accumulation of oils on your body, hands, or from other uses. To clean your ARK® crystal properly, treat it like you would a pair of eyeglasses by using a micro cloth and a high-grade natural vinegar solution. Please avoid any harsh chemicals or abrasives.

Read More About How to Clean Your ARK crystal

ARK crystal components

What are the physical components of my ARK® crystal?

ARK® crystal assembly description:
Encasing the lab-grown, precision cut and electromagnetically treated quartz crystal is the titanium saddle. We chose titanium, as it is considered the most biocompatible metal. The saddle assembly is made up of over twenty precision-engineered custom components.  To get an idea of what’s going on inside of your ARK® crystal saddle – check out the animation, below.

The saddle contains 6 sets of silicon bumpers and rotating cylindrical magnets enclosed within titanium panels and clips. Three panels are cut with a triangular marking and when assembled, indicate the proper orientation of your ARK® crystal. The fourth panel is found at the “base” of your ARK® crystal and lists the saddle’s unique serial number. This can be helpful if you build a larger geometric assembly with friends and need to locate your ARK® crystal!

The silicon bumpers allow the quartz to “float,” within the saddle, protecting it from damage. The rotating magnets enable the ARK® crystal to secure into accessories, such as the pendant. These magnets also enable the user to connect to other ARK® crystals to build larger geometric assemblies, such as a cuboctahedron (8), “Buckyball” (20), or isotropic vector matrix (64)!

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It’s really hot/cold outside. Is my ARK® crystal okay?

Can extreme temperatures affect my ARK crystal?
Extreme weather conditions will not affect your ARK crystal. That being said, we do not recommend leaving your ARK crystal in direct sunlight for extended periods of time or in the car on a hot day, as moving the crystal rapidly from one temperature extreme to another could fracture or affect the coherent structure of the crystal.

Never immerse your ARK® crystal in boiling water, this will absolutely affect the coherent structure of the quartz. Immersion is not necessary to structure water. Learn how to structure water.

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Can I take my ARK® crystal on a plane?

It is completely fine to fly with the ARK crystal. It will not be harmed with the x-rays.

We do not suggest wearing it through TSA because it is made of titanium metal and you are asked to remove all metal during the screening process.

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I think a magnet fell out, what do I do?

No worries, we are here to help!
Email our ARK Crystal support team at and we will help you.

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Will my ARK® activated shirt lose its modulation if washed?

In order to keep the modulation in the shirt, you must hand wash in cool water and lay flat to dry.

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How long are the chains for the pendants?

The chains for the pendants are 26 inches long. Fully adjustable.

how to adjust the length of the ARK chain

How do I adjust the length of my chain?

Each pendant now comes with an easily adjustable chain. Just pinch the disk that has the ARK logo on it and slide it along the chain. You can see a short video of how to do this here.

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Why do we wear the ARK crystal with the arrows pointing away from our bodies but when we activate water the arrows are pointing toward the water?

This because the ARK is so much closer to your body than it is to the water. While you are wearing the ARK it is working WITH your own energy field. While working with water, we are directing energy toward the water in order to change it. There are times when changing the direction of the arrows is helpful though and you can read about that in our meridian ebook.

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Energy Work With the ARK® crystal

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Does the ARK® crystal help with manifesting?

Directly, no. Indirectly, yes.
This is a very esoteric topic. From a strictly scientific point of view and we cannot definitively provide an answer that can be measured or quantified as the ARK crystal is unlikely to be the single variable in any circumstance. That being said, what we can say is that a highly coherent field will have the effect of bringing coherence to the wearer which could result in an increase in focus, and if such focus was directed at a specific result or outcome, then the likelihood of that result being brought into manifest is statistically more viable.

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Everyone says they can “feel” it. Why can’t I?

Everyone experiences energy differently, and even that can change.
Our ARK community’s satisfaction is our top priority. That said, we would like to give you some things to consider.

First, it is not imperative that you feel the crystal “working” – some people do and some don’t, irrespective of their sensitivity to energy fields or other subtle resonance technologies. The technology is scientifically verified both directly by measuring the water molecule’s changes, and indirectly through plant experimentation.

Second, from reviewing our ARK community’s feedback, we can tell you that the experience changes over time, and your experience or “feeling” of the crystal can be dependent on your physical/emotional state.

The technology holds a coherent field that is directly in resonance with the background energy of space/time and geometrically resonates with water and quartz. The connection is real and proven, whether one can “feel” it or not.

However, we understand the excitement around experiencing the ARK crystal’s field with the sense of “touch.”

You can try this exercise –

  • Place the ARK crystal in your hand (serialized base of the crystal in the center of your palm/triangular markings pointing up), at a time during the day/night that you feel most relaxed and undistracted.
  • Place your other hand (relaxed) about 3 inches above the crystal.
  • For several minutes, focus on your breath at the moment, taking inventory of any feeling in the center of your palms.
  • Community feedback reports feelings of “tingles” in their fingers, a slight pulsing sensation, or the feeling of a “thick air” between their palm and the crystal.

Again, being able to “feel” the field or not, has no indication that the crystal is working or not working. All ARK crystals are assembled and modulated with great precision, detail and care; and function perfectly unless damaged.

Energy Work with ARK Crystals

How can I use the ARK® crystal to enhance energy work?

Using the ARK crystal’s coherent field.

The ARK crystal can be used similarly to acupuncture to bring additional coherence and integrity to the body’s meridian network and energy centers. To use for this purpose, place the crystal’s serialized “face” on any of the meridian points or energy centers with the orientation marks pointing away from the body and perform your work as per your normal practice. Similarly, you can place the triangular marked vertex of your ARK crystal directly against specific areas to utilize more focused energy.

Download Our Meridian Therapy eBook for More Information

Do not be concerned if you are unable to perceive the effect of the field emitted by the ARK® crystal; each individual can have their own experience.

As we all know, possibilities are infinite! We encourage ARK crystal owners to experiment (safely) with the ARK crystal’s coherent field, incorporating the technology into any meditation or healing practice.

Please remember – the ARK crystal is for external use only. The crystal should be kept outside the body and away from small children as it could become a choking hazard.  The possibilities are infinite, we encourage exploration with the technology – but please external use only – safe.


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Water and the ARK® crystal

ARK water activation.

Should I put the ARK® crystal in my water to structure it?

No, the immersion of the ARK crystal in water should be avoided.  Immersion is not required for activating or “charging” water, and should be avoided as impurities such as iron in the water can cause oxidation on the magnets and result in staining the quartz.

Avoiding immersion means that you should not place your ARK crystal directly into the material you wish to activate. The coherent field emitted by the ARK crystal enables the user to place their crystal in proximity to any material to be activated. If you take your ARK crystal for a quick swim or are caught in the rain wearing your ARK crystal, the quartz should be fine!

ARK Crystal, LLC is NOT responsible for damage as a result of immersion.

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How do I activate water with my ARK® crystal?

Activating water with your ARK® crystal.

We have a detailed blog post with directions and videos about How to Activate Water with an ARK Crystal

Your ARK® crystal can be used to activate or bring coherence to the molecular structure of water and other liquids, such as juices, wine, or even oils and creams.

Simply put your liquid into a container (preferably glass) and suspend the container, centered over the crystal with the orientation markings (triangles) pointing up, using blocks or some other common item that will safely elevate your container over the crystal on a flat, stable surface. The liquid will start increasing in structure within 20 minutes of exposure to the crystal, with full saturation within 48 hours, depending on the liquid and size of the container.

IMPORTANT – Immersion is not required for structuring water and should be avoided as impurities such as iron in the water can cause oxidation on the magnets and result in staining the quartz. Avoiding immersion means that you should not place your ARK crystal in the material you wish to structure. The coherent field emitted by the ARK crystal enables the user to place their crystal in proximity to the material. If you take your ARK crystal for a quick swim or are caught in the rain wearing it, the quartz should be fine! ARK Crystal, LLC is NOT responsible for damage as a result of immersion.

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Does ARK® crystal treated water remain structured after boiling or freezing?

Unfortunately, it does not.  Technically, when you boil water you create a physical change, as it rearranges molecules. Boiling water forces the water molecules away from each other as the liquid changes to vapor. This means that the coherence of the water created by the ARK® crystal is no longer present.

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Common ARK® crystal Service Questions

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Can I return the ARK® crystal if I am dissatisfied?

We offer a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee for which you may return your ARK crystal in its original packaging and original condition for any reason with a full refund.  Your ARK crystal and any other parts of the order that you return for a refund will be inspected and review for approval by an ARK Customer Support Specialist.

To return your ARK crystal –

  • Contact ARK Customer Support at
  • Include your order number and email address used at purchase
  • Support will instruct you on what to do with your package
  • Upon inspection of the returned item, ARK Crystal will process your refund to the original payment method.

Warranty returns and repairs/replacements for manufacturers defects can be made within 180 days of purchase based upon review and approval by an ARK Customer Support Specialist. Upon approval, your item will be repaired or replaced at ARK Crystal, LLC’s sole discretion.

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Why is the ARK® crystal so expensive?

The ARK crystal is an investment.
The ARK crystal is a wearable subtle energy technology, that brings coherence to water indefinitely for the rest of your life.

You never have to recharge it, there are no batteries to replace, and you don’t even have to understand how it works to experience the benefits!

What product can you buy today that will provide a lifetime of benefit without any further investment required?

If you amortize it over the average lifespan of an adult male (80 years), purchased at age 30 with 50 years remaining, the cost is less than $.40 a year. Of course, since the charged water you will be drinking along with the optimization of the water in your system by wearing the technology, there is a good chance that the significant increase in hydration may get you a lot more miles out of your system than average…..which would make it an even better investment!

Like every decision, it is about risk and reward – eat cheap and unhealthy food, pay for it in healthcare; invest in a healthy diet and habits, pay upfront and pay less in health care with a better quality of life.

We think YOU are worth the investment!👍

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Is there a disclaimer for the ARK® crystal?

Disclaimer Statement
This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. The statements regarding this product have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Any information that may be provided herein is not presented as a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. For a complete copy of this policy please refer to the Warranty & Disclaimer on our website.

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Can I wear the ARK® crystal with a pacemaker?

Pacemaker Safety Notice
The ARK crystal and accessories contain magnets. There are 6 small cylindrical magnets within the saddle, as well as 3-6 magnets contained in the pendant. Please consult a physician for guidance on pacemaker safety with this device.
We encourage all users, regardless of the ability to wear the ARK crystal, to use the Advance Resonance Kinetics technology to structure their water. Read our article on structuring water for more information.

ARK and friends

Is ARK® crystal on social media?

Yes, we are! Follow, Like and Subscribe today 🙂


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Why do I have to pay customs duties and taxes?

International shipping charges
ARK Crystal LLC is bound, as a licensed e-commerce company based in the USA, to comply with the laws and declare the actual value of the items we ship. We are required by law to correctly annotate customs and or duty forms with the full value paid for items shipped along with the correct TARIC code for the item. To do otherwise would only cause delays in getting released from customs and may incur additional taxes and penalties.

We apologize for the inconvenience, as we understand that the ARK crystal represents a significant investment in yourself.

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Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, you can purchase the ARK® crystal with a payment plan.  Add the ARK crystal to your Cart, and upon checkout, you will see an option for payment plans. If you choose this option, it is a series of payments much like a layaway. Once the order is paid in full, it will be shipped to you.
You can also use the PayPal credit option that is available through the PayPal portal. If you choose this option, it is just like a credit card, and the order will be shipped as soon as the payment is posted. Usually the same day from Pay Pal credit.

As always, if you have any trouble checking out, contact us via Facebook messenger, LiveChat support Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm (Pacific Standard Time) or at

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Can I change or cancel my order?

You may change or cancel your order at any time prior to shipping. 

Once your item has shipped you must follow the return process.

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When will my order arrive?

ARK® crystals are in stock and ready to go!  All orders are fulfilled within two to three business days. Orders shipping within the United States (mainland), should arrive within 3-5 business days; while international orders arrive within two weeks of fulfillment.
In line with our entangled nature, we stay connected with our ARK® Collective members.

Following the purchase of your ARK® crystal you should receive three emails:

  1. Order confirmation
  2. Notification of fulfillment/shipping (with tracking number)
  3. Delivery confirmation

If you experience trouble receiving these emails, check your junk mailbox and/or white-list our domain Of course, you can always contact us at