Activated Water

ARK crystal activated water increases its bioavailability assisting in hydration, nutrient intake and overall health and wellness through drinking or float tanks

Rigorous and Systematic Testing

ARK scientists dedicated thousands of hours studying how plants react when nourished with ARK crystal activated water.

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Water Is Life

Water is the most fundamental element to life on earth and nearly 60% of the human body is water.

Charge Your Own Water

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Water related testimonials

Excellent product that gives you a good feeling. Difficult to describe the feeling, but acupuncture treatment is the most closed. I feel relaxed in the solar plexus.

Rob K.

Staff was very friendly and accommodating. Made it very easy to work with getting the details in order. Very helpful.

Paul S.

I use it to charge reverse osmosis treated tap water, keep fruit and veggy lively and wear it 4-5 hours a day when I’m home.

Federico L.

I definitely feel I am at a higher and more connected vibration when I am wearing the ARK Crystal. To me, this is the fastest way to amp up to source energy.

Maria F.


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