ARK Crystal Reviews

Read reviews ARK crystal owners have given about their experiences with the ARK Crystals.

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"I feel more comfortable and grounded when I have it on." - Julia R.


"I have observed a gradual slowing down of my emotional responses to people and situations. I also noticed a greater easiness and openness to my daily life and a more sustained energy level."


"I purchased these for myself and my daughter. The crystals are wonderful. I have more energy, no more mental fog, cognition has definitely improved and I feel better overall. I'm also planning on using the Crystals to structure water for my plants (I already use it to structure water for myself). They are worth the investment."


"So far enjoying the experience. [I use the ARK] on meridians"


"Hard to describe the subtle, gentle and at the same time strong energy that I feel when wearing / working with the crystal. Especially when used on [a] certain acupuncture point I feel the effect. I'm enjoying the activated water."


"I am so happy to have this incredible technology on my heart every day. I can feel the peace, clarity and light that comes with it. It activated a physical and emotional clearing for me, and I had to adjust to it, but now it is around my neck day and night. A part of me. Thank you Nassim!"


"I was wondering if I would feel anything. I was afraid that I would be among those who do not feel anything. But the experience is so strong for me that I didn't expect it at all :) I can't describe the situation yet. It's strong. I am excited."


"I LOVE IT. [It is] simultaneously soothing, strengthening, protecting, and opening. Universal Alignment. Such a good support for my journey on Earth."


"I saw [ARK creator] Nassim [Haramein] on the Thrive documentary and started to look further as the technology is absolutely intriguing. Ordered an entangled pair for my wife and I and have been so happy since with the connection.
When I first started wearing the crystal I could tell immediately. It was as if I had been shaken in a snow globe. My field was settling in the resonance. After just a few minutes of calibrating, I’ve noticed the positive effects ever since. I hardly take the pendent off.
Huge thank you to the ARK team!"


"A must have ‘well-being’ technology.
Fantastic. Beautifully designed and presented. I structure my water with it over night and have really noticed the difference in the water’s ‘texture’ the next morning. During the day I wear it. Love it and would highly recommend it."


"All the gem pendants are absolutely gorgeous; the Amethyst is truly a spectacular addition to the ARK crystal. People ask about it and have complimented on the piece. I like how the chain is adjustable and the way how it cascades down my back. I’m very grateful"


"All four of us can tell a huge difference. It brings a sense of calm and deeper relaxation. The crystal gives each of us more balance."


"Super stoked with how quickly it arrived. This is truly one of the most powerful crystals I’ve ever worked with, the energy is strong and smooth. I look forward to diving deep into working with the ARK Crystal and discovery more ways to use this beautiful future tech"


"Love this so much! 
I absolutely love my crystal! I use it with clients and definitely notice more ease, harmony, coherence. Every interaction I’ve have with the ARK team has been great." - Michelle H.

"It has been a wonderful experience. I feel peacefully, aligned, unbelievable well. Thank you!" - Cristina R. reviewing the ARK Crystal Entangled Pair


"Great design. Most of the water I drink now spends time in the ARK bottle and exposure to the field in close quarters thanks to the awesome design. I carry the bottle with me in the case it came in. I feel like the exposure is helping me get through this challenging time. Thank you ARK team!" - Robert R. reviewing the ARK Water Bottle