ARK Crystal Use and Care Guide

Proper Use & Care of Your ARK® Crystal

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Congratulations on the purchase of your ARK® crystal! This guide will cover the most basic Use and Care of your ARK® crystal to assist you to immediately enjoy its benefits! For the most up to date and complete information on Use, Care and Frequently Asked Questions regarding the ARK® crystal—please view our website at


Your ARK® crystal has been delivered to you completely charged and ready. Familiarize yourself with the different components that make up your ARK® crystal and pendant accessory.
The ARK® crystal arrives pre-mounted in the pendant magnetic docking cavity. A gentle pressure applied to the top of the ARK® crystal will dislodge it from its magnetic docking station. Upon examination of the ARK® crystal you will find distinct triangular marks at one of the apex of the tetrahedron. These marks indicate the proper orientation of the molecular structure of the ARK® crystal. When placed in the pendant those triangular marks should be at the apex of the pendant, pointing outwards, away from the body.
To begin using the crystal simply place the chain around your neck with the pendant in the front. You may adjust the chain to the length most suitable to your needs by selecting one of the four loops to connect to the clasp.

Charging water or other liquids with ARK Crystals

Your ARK crystal can be used to “charge” or bring coherence to the structure of water and other liquids, such as juices, wine, or even oils and creams. Immersion is not required for this purpose.
Simply put your liquid into a container (preferably glass) and suspend the container, centered over the crystal with the orientation markings pointing up, using blocks or some other common item that will safely elevate your container over the crystal on a flat stable surface.
The liquid will start increasing in structure within 20 minutes of exposure to the crystal, with full saturation within 48 hours, depending on the liquid.
Refer to the graph on page 3 of the laboratory report on For more information on charged water and other uses please see the FAQ at
IMPORTANT: Never immerse your crystal in boiling water, as this will affect the coherent structure of the crystal and could damage it. Moving the crystal rapid from one temperature extreme to another could also fracture of affect the coherent structure of the crystal.

Body Energy and Meridian Work

Your crystal can be used similarly to acupuncture to bring additional coherence to the body’s meridian network and energy centers. To use for this purpose place the crystal on any of the meridian points or energy centers with the orientation marks pointing away from the body and perform your work as per your normal practice.
Please remember—your crystal is for external use only. The crystal should be kept outside the body and away from small children as it could become a choking hazard. More details on body energy use can be found at


Your crystal is protected in a specially designed titanium saddle with silicon bumpers which can help prevent it from being broken in the case of accidental drop or impact. Should your crystal be dropped or otherwise impacted, please examine it carefully for any visible fractures. Should any be found, please discontinue its use and contact us at  support at to arrange for a replacement per the terms of our replacement policy, which can be viewed in full on our website at
Over time your crystal may need to be cleaned from the accumulation of oils on your body or hands or from other use. To clean your crystal properly please treat it like you would a pair of eye glasses—use a micro cloth and a high grade natural vinegar solution. Please avoid any harsh chemicals or abrasives.


This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The statements regarding this product have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Any information that may be provided herein is not presented as a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.

Pacemaker Safety with the ARK Crystal

The ARK® crystal and accessories contain magnets. Please consult a physician for guidance on pacemaker safety with this device.
For a complete copy of this policy please refer to our website at