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ARK CRYSTAL - Structured Water

The ARK crystal has been show to increase the bio-availability of water.

And, because of this relationship, we designed a new ARK Water Bottle to make structuring water on the go easy. 

And every BIOHACKING CONFERENCE attendee can get one of our Water Bottles for 50% off! 

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How does the ARK crystal work?

Highly structured [potentiated] water is easily absorbed by the cell, promoting a more efficient exchange of information and energy between the quantum vacuum and the cellular matrix.

Studies have shown that the ARK crystal causes an energetic shift in the bonds of the water molecule, making it more metabolically available - optimizing hydration, enhancing feelings of well-being and vitality.

ARK Water Bottle Review

"Great design. Most of the water I drink now spends time in the ARK bottle and exposure to the field in close quarters thanks to the awesome design. I carry the bottle with me in the case it came in. I feel like the exposure is helping me get through this challenging time. Thank you ARK team!"

- Robert R. reviewing the ARK Water Bottle

Water Bottle Only
Water Bottle Only
Water Bottle Only
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Water Bottle Only
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Water Bottle Only

$120.00 USD

Does not include an ARK crystal. ARK crystal is sold separately.

The ARK Water Bottle is finally here.

Available in 4 Variations

  • White IVM Design
  • Graphite IVM Design
  • Purple IVM Design
  • Purple IVM + Logo Design 

We Suggest Hand Washing Only


We suggest using room temperature water with the ARK Water Bottle. If you decide to use cold water be aware that this can cause condensation inside of the housing for the ARK crystal and the ARK crystal may get wet because of the condensation. 

Be certain all of the pieces of the ARK water bottle are completely dry when putting it together. If, while you are filling the bottle with water, some gets into the bottle piece, remove the bottom piece and dry it off, and then gently screw it back on.

Simply unscrew the bottom piece, place your ARK crystal on the platform with the triangle marks pointing up.

There are magnets within the platform to hold your ARK crystal firmly in place.

Resecure and fill the glass container with clean water.

Allow 20-30 minutes of exposure to the ARK crystal before drinking.

In addition to frequent daily use, we highly recommend repeating the process overnight and consume the water in the morning.

Water Bottles are made of glass and are fragile.  Please treat them with care.

Visit the ARK Water Bottle page for instructions, videos, and more information.

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