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And the winner is…

Heike Lorenz

Congratulations on winning an all expenses paid trip to the:
Annual Delegate Conference Gathering
Peru • Bolivia

The Winner

We are pleased to announce that Heike Lorenz from Switzerland is the winner of the Peru-Bolivia trip.

Heike has followed Nassim Haramein’s work for over 10 years and attended a seminar with him in 2009. She will spend 16 days with Nassim Haramein and delegates from the Resonance Science Foundation in the ancient Incan empire. At the delegate gathering, attendees will explore evidence of lost ancient technologies on a journey to sacred sites, visiting ancient megalithic structures, temples, and ancient ruins. Enjoy breathtaking hikes, spectacular sunrises & sunsets, beautiful ceremonies and a full moon ARK® crystal meditation at Machu Picchu. Be immersed in the Incan culture as we connect with local villages, children, crafts, music, delicious food, historical traditions & amazing archaeological discoveries.

Thank you everyone who entered, we are so happy you’ve chosen to join the global ARK community. Please follow us on social media to see coverage of the Delegate Gathering.

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Countries around the world

Including Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, North America and South America

About ARK

ARK® crystals are a revolutionary technology that greatly boosts the body's natural ability to attune with the vitalistic and expansive zero-point field of the quantum vacuum. The quantum vacuum represents the revelatory understanding in modern physics that space is not empty; on the contrary, it is the one thing that connects all things.


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