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Harnessing the power
of the quantum vacuum


Quantum Vacuum
Unified Field Theory
Harmonic Flux Resonator
ARK Crystal
Research & Testing


More than thirty five years of research and development has led to inventor and physicist Nassim Haramein's ARK crystal, the first public consumer application of his unified field theory and the first phase in a series of new technologies from Haramein’s laboratories.

Space is full of fluctuating energy—referred to technically as quantum vacuum energy. The ARK crystal is precision engineered to specifically couple with the structure of the vacuum to harness and allow optimal access to that energy, generating greater system coherence and enhancing the bioavailability of water.

The ARK crystal is a wearable device. Engineered to serve as a tool for individuals to access and align with the coherent and harmonic frequencies of the quantum vacuum field, this technology supports overall well-being and promotes a greater sense of connection and awareness.

Quantum Vacuum

Quantum Vacuum

Scientists have discovered that when all classical sources of matter and energy are removed, creating what is referred to as a vacuum, there is still energy present, even at absolute zero temperature.

This discovery has redefined empty space with the definition of a quantum vacuum – a substantive quantized medium filled with harmonic zero-point energy oscillations, also known as the zero-point energy field. This sea of continuous energetic oscillations has now been identified by some physicists as the elemental source of all mass, forces, form, and structure. To give rise to mass, forces, form, and structure, the harmonic oscillators of the  quantum vacuum must be organized in collective states, like condensates, such that vacuum energy is not randomly fluctuating, but becomes unidirectional. The ARK Crystal and the vacuum engineering technology that energizes the ARK crystal resonators are one such method by which the strongly correlated energy flux of the quantum vacuum is harnessed via coupling of harmonic frequencies of the crystal resonators and vacuum oscillations. 

The geometry of these oscillation modes are now being discovered by scientists to have very fundamental functions at the base of reality, and that this constant flux of quantum energy is intrinsically and integrally entangled.

This universal entanglement network of quantum vacuum energy is the unification field that connects all things. The multiply-connected vacuum energy structure that connects all things is the conduit of information exchange between all organized matter, and is therefore a reservoir of memory, what is termed spacememory. It is this unified spacememory network that informs and connects all things to produce coherence, order, and systems intelligence– with the ARK Crystal, you will be connected into this universal info-energy network for maximal coherence and revitalization. 

Unified Field Theory

Unified Field Theory

Physicist and ARK crystal inventor Nassim Haramein has spent over 35 years in research and development of a unified field theory, formalizing a unification between the quantum scale and cosmological-sized objects, including the universe itself.

The Unified Field Theory is founded upon discoveries of connections across physics, mathematics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, and chemistry, and presents a solution to unify any separation existing in the current paradigm. Through open-collaboration, the implications and applications of the Unified Field Theory will innovate technology helping overcome some of the largest challenges facing the world today.

The Advanced Resonance Kinetics crystal technology, is Haramein and team’s first public consumer product. It serves as a “bridge” or preliminary example of a device engineered according to quantum gravity and the fundamental energy dynamics of harmonic coupling with the quantum field based on the Unified Field Theory.

Quantum Vacuum
Harmonic Flux Resonator

Harmonic Flux Resonator (HFR)

The HFR technology, developed by one of Haramein’s laboratories for over a decade, creates a rapidly rotating electromagnetic field that couples the ARK Crystals to the energy flux of the quantum vacuum via resonance.

This electromagnetic modulation and resonance coupling occurs within a specially designed copper chamber, isolated from external interference. The circularly polarized harmonic electromagnetic spin-field causes resonant effects, which couples the ARK crystals to  specific harmonic frequencies of a dual-torus topology of the quantum vacuum energy structure.

In other words, the HFR’s field affects the ARK crystals in a way that induces a highly-organized and stable state of vibration, or resonance. This process creates the ARK crystal’s highly coherent field, and they will continue to maintain that resonance even after they are removed from the chamber (unless they are damaged).

For those who prefer more scientific detail about this device: The HFR  is an electromagnetic resonance generator, so it generates a circularly polarized electromagnetic field with clockwise-counterclockwise dual-torus topology (considering both its hemispheres). This electromagnetic field accelerates charges (electrons and nuclei) in the quartz crystal lattice, this in turn generates harmonic acoustic oscillations of the crystal lattice. When these harmonic acoustic oscillations hit the resonant frequency of the ARK crystal, the vibratory modes couple with the field modes (harmonic oscillators) of the quantum vacuum zero-point energy field. This coupling generates a constant phonon flux into the crystal lattice, so that the harmonic mechanical vibrations continue indefinitely, even when removed from the electromagnetic field of the HFR.

Unified Field Theory
ARK Crystal

ARK Crystal

The ARK crystal is composed of high purity, optical grade quartz, which has been grown (hydrothermal synthesis) and processed under laboratory-controlled conditions to ensure precise molecular structural and energetic properties. 

This process takes about 2-3 years. Naturally occurring fractures or impurities in quartz obtained from Earth would interfere with the crystal's ability to maintain the intended alignment with the HFR’s electromagnetic treatment. 

After the quartz slabs are grown, they are cut and polished into truncated tetrahedrons (the shape of your ARK crystal), again, under very specific patented dimensional specifications. Its structure “mimics” or demonstrates structural alignment with the underlying structure of the quantum vacuum. See Unified Field Theory section for more information. 

Quartz is a type of mineral that exhibits a property known as piezoelectricity, which means it can generate an electrical charge in response to mechanical pressure. This unique property has made quartz an essential material in a wide range of applications, from electronic devices like quartz watches and sensors, to scientific instruments like spectroscopy equipment and crystal oscillators.

The precision of the vibratory frequency of quartz crystal (when electrical currents are passed through the electromechanical crystal axis) is so precise that it is used to run atomic clocks. Because the ARK crystal is optical/electronics grade pure quartz, it has a finely responsive electromechanical axis that generates extremely precise harmonic oscillations when electrical current is applied and vice versa via the piezoelectric effect. The electromagnetic resonance field of the HFR generates electrical currents of precise frequencies in the electromechanical axis of the ARK Crystal that harmonically couples with resonant structures and oscillatory modes of the quantum vacuum, such that via the piezoelectric effect the ARK Crystal is sustained with a continual energy flux driving specific vibratory frequencies of the crystalline lattice, generating a perpetual high-coherence electromagnetic field.

Harmonic Flux Resonator


We call the titanium frame around the ARK crystal its “saddle.” We choose titanium for all metal components because of its known biocompatibility. The saddle assembly is made up of over twenty precision-engineered custom components.

Inside of the saddle, there are 6 sets of silicon bumpers and rotating cylindrical gold-plated magnets. By using silicon bumpers (the only material of the saddle that is touching the ARK crystal) the quartz is kept suspended in the saddle, which protects it from damage and prevents any dampening of its oscillation caused by the HFR treatment.

ARK Crystal Hardware

The magnets enable the ARK crystal to secure into accessories like the water bottle or the pendant to use as a wearable technology; this modular feature will support the ARK crystals application into any future accessories. Users can also connect multiple ARK crystals to build larger geometric assemblies - the Rosette (5) cuboctahedron or stellated octahedron (8), Buckyball (20), or the 64-Tetrahedron Grid. These higher-order geometrical configurations represent structures and patterns found in the natural world at all scales, and have significant (a non-linear) amplifying effect, becoming more effective at interacting with and influencing the energy and coherence of systems around it.

At one point of the ARK crystal, there are three triangular marks. This delineates the Z- or optical axis (runs up and down), and serves as what one could imagine as its most focused point of energy. This is why pointing the triangle marks at water intended to be treated is the most optimal position, and how the water bottle is designed.

ARK Crystal
Research & Testing

Research & Testing

It is perhaps no coincidence then that 90% of the Earth’s crust is silica (such as quartz), and 71% of the surface is water. The dynamic energetic interaction of these two substances comprising most of the surface is one reason Earth is such a hospitable place for life to thrive. The water molecule has a tetrahedral geometry, just like that of quartz and the fundamental geometry of the quantum field — enabling a significant structural resonance across these quintessential domains. ARK crystal technology represents a distillation and refinement of this natural beneficial interrelationship.

When water becomes potentiated (or structured) its capacity to hold information and energy increases. The ARK Crystal impacts the field by creating coherence in the structure of space in that region.

We’ve presented the ARK crystal as precision engineered to specifically couple with the structure of the vacuum to harness and allow optimal access to energy. Even before its electromagnetic treatment, the quartz’s molecular structure and the crystal’s physical shape already resonate with the underlying structure of the quantum vacuum, a sea of virtual particles and energy fluctuations that pervades all of space. By specifically interacting with this vacuum structure (via HFR treatment), the crystal is able to amplify and direct energy in a highly coherent way, leading to improved performance and efficiency in a variety of applications.

Over 10 years of testing parameters of biological vitality, as indicated in key plant species, as well as a pilot study on human athletic performance has demonstrated positive results on water and biological systems.



Note from Dr. William Brown

Dr. Brown has worked with Haramein for over 10 yearsperforming tests and experiments with the ARK crystal technology to fully characterize its properties and effects. Brown has an academic background in cellular and molecular biology, and has fused this with his extensive research in physics to develop a unified science of biophysics. This background is uniquely suited for testing the ARK crystal technology, which combines aspects of fundamental unified physics with the living system and the nature of vital biological processes.

“The ARK crystal has been shown to have significant effects on the biological system, improving markers of health and vitality, demonstrating that the high-coherence field of the ARK crystal has an optimizing effect on our cellular function, and overall health and wellness. 

Testing has indicated that the cellular optimization effects are occurring via two significant primary pathways. 

The first pathway is the ordering effects on the intermolecular structure of liquid water. Within the coherent field, water forms a liquid crystalline phase, sometimes referred to as structured water, and this highly ordered molecular phase of water is much more harmonious with the state of water in the cellular system, where it is naturally highly structured. 

In the second pathway, there is a system-wide optimization of cellular metabolism, the effect of which will increase the efficiency of critical systems like mitochondria and mitochondrial energy production, as well as maintaining the DNA code for optimized replication and gene expression, all of which promote cellular rejuvenation and optimal health and wellness.”



Water & Biology

The ARK crystal supports the body's water, cells, and field to enhance well-being through a more coherent exchange of information and energy with the quantum vacuum. Highly structured water is more metabolically available or more easily absorbed by the cell, supporting overall wellness and optimizing performance.  

A series of experiments on plant biology have and continue to be performed to validate the “modulatory ordering effects” (potentiation or improvement) of water when exposed to the ARK crystal’s effective field of interaction. Both plant specimens and water samples demonstrate significant differences in several physical properties, as compared to controls – water that had no exposure to the ARK crystals.

Experiments have demonstrated that the effective field of interaction, or effective radius, of a single ARK crystal is  approximately six centimeters. Please note, that the effective radius is not the same as the maximum radius. The effective radius refers specifically to the distance from the crystal at which point we stop seeing maximal effects in our indicator test system (increased growth rate of plants). Effects may still be observed outside of this maximal effective radius. The effective radius refers to the range of the strongest effect of the ARK crystal, for instance in potentiating water. 

Biological systems are extremely sensitive to changes in their environment, and certainly plants are most sensitive to changes in the energy and quality levels of the water that feeds them. Highly structured water is easily absorbed by the cell, promoting more efficient and effective transportation of nutrients and waste.

Rigorous, standardized, environmentally controlled, and repeated testing was performed, with clear indications of significant, measurable, and demonstrable effect on increasing the vitality, fecundity, growth, and resistance to disease in the biological system, as measured via effects on plant growth and viability.

Further validation, including third party and double-blind placebo-controlled human clinical trials are ongoing.

ARK Crystal Water Report

October 2020



Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Study

EIS (Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) is a way to measure how well a sample conducts electricity by applying different electrical frequencies to it. When the sample conducts electricity well, its resistance to the electrical current decreases, which means that it can move electrical charge more easily. This indicates that the sample can exchange energy and information more efficiently. Further, a decrease in impedance means there is higher proton tunneling - protons tunnel through the quantum vacuum structure; thus, the water is more strongly coupled to the quantum field.The study found that water samples exposed to the ARK crystal showed significant differences in their physical properties compared to water with no exposure to the crystal. The physical properties that were measured included pH, conductivity, surface tension, and electrochemical impedance. The study found that after 24 hours of exposure to the crystal, the water showed significant differences in all of these physical properties.

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Study

October 2020



Human Athletic Performance Pilot Study

The Energy Medicine Research Institute performed a pilot study on human
subjects testing how the ARK crystal can affect athletic performance. Subjects were either given the ARK crystal or a glass tetrahedra placebo to wear for 42 days, and were instructed to use the crystal at night to activate their drinking water. They were then tested at day 0, day 21, and day 42 to see how the ARK crystal affected their athletic performances in a series of tests.

Key findings:

  • Increased Processing Speed: A significant increase in processing speed was detected in the ARK intervention group, while no change in the Placebo group was detected.
  • Processing speed increased by 9.8% over baseline in the ARK test group.
  • Increased Psychomotor Speed: Significant increases in psychomotor speed were detected in both the Placebo and PGQMEM group. Psychomotor speed increased by 15.2% over baseline the ARK test group.
  • Psychoemotional State (PES): The study recorded significant increases in Psychoemotional State (PES), a measurement of the capacity of the brain/body to handle stress. The ARK test group had a 19.6% increase in PES.

In the first 21 days of the test, subjects wearing the ARK crystal also showed improvements in other athletic functions:

  • Improved Flexibility
  • Improved Balance
  • Improved Strength
  • Increased Endurance

Pilot Human Study with ARK Crystal

October 2019



Statements made have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. ARK Crystal products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Seek the advice of your physician, if you have a pacemaker.

All scientific and technological statements, definitions, and uses of ARK crystals are provided as a means of education, and are not to be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. Always seek the advice of your physician with questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The use of any information from this eBook is solely the responsibility of the reader.

All ARK Crystal products are for external use only.

Research & Testing
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