Welcome to the ARK Community

Congratulations on making the choice of bringing the ARK Crystal home. We are happy and excited to have you join the global ARK Community.

You may be wondering about all of the ways that you can possibly use the ARK Crystal.  We understand that if you are new to the ARK Crystal Community, this can be a little overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’re here to help make this as easy and enjoyable as possible.



What Makes Up My ARK Crystal?

Components of the ARK Crystal Protective Saddle

The ARK Crystal is a precision grown quartz crystal that is surrounded by a protective saddle. The saddle for the ARK Crystal is crafted from titanium panels, silicone bumpers, and gold-plated magnets. This protective saddle allows the modulated precision cut quartz crystal to remain modulated.





The Pendant + ARK Crystal

You may have brought the ARK Crystal home with one of our Pendants (Classic, Gemstone, Colored). Each of these has the same basic style and the ARK Crystal slides into the pendant the same way on each of them.

Variety of ARK Crystal Pendants 

The Pendant and the Chain attached are both made of titanium. Just like the protective saddle for the ARK Crystal.

The ARK Crystal is held inside of the Pendant with magnets. There are magnets surrounding the ARK Crystal inside the saddle, and there are magnets inside of the Pendant.  This allows them to create a strong hold on each other.  


It is important to remember that the ARK Crystal can come out of the Pendant if it is jostled strongly enough.


Watch the video below on how to remove the ARK Crystal from the Pendant and how to reinsert the ARK Crystal into the Pendant.



ARK Crystal Water Bottle

The ARK Crystal Water Bottle was specifically crafted to bring structured water with you during the day.  The ARK Crystal sits on top of a series of magnets that hold it in place underneath the glass bottle.

How do you use the ARK Water Bottle?

Engineered for convenient application and transport of ARK potentiated water. Simply unscrew the bottom piece, place your ARK Crystal on the platform with the orientation markings (triangles) pointing up. There are magnets within the platform to hold your ARK Crystal firmly in place. Re-secure and fill the glass container with clean water.

Allow at last 30 minutes of exposure to the ARK Crystal before drinking. In addition to frequent daily use, we highly recommend repeating the process overnight and consuming the water in the morning. Please, DO NOT place your ARK Water Bottle in the freezer as this could cause damage to the ARK Crystal and the glass body. It will also negate the structuring of the water inside the bottle.

How much water does an ARK Water Bottle hold?

The ARK Water Bottle holds approximately 750mL or 25 fluid ounces.

Why should I drink ARK Crystal structured water?

The more highly structured and coherent water is, the more energy and information it contains. As Torus Tech's EIS experimentation demonstrates increased coherence in the water facilitates more efficient signal transduction and energy exchange. Highly structured water is easily absorbed by the cell, enabling more efficient and effective transportation of nutrients and waste.


  • Open and dry the area that holds the ARK Crystal and dry the ARK Crystal every day.
  • We Suggest Hand Washing Only.
  • Water Bottles are made of glass and are fragile.Please treat them with care.

Learn more about the ARK Crystal Water Bottle here - https://arkcrystals.com/pages/ark-water-bottle


Cleaning The ARK Crystal

Do NOT immerse the ARK Crystal into any liquid.  This can cause the magnets to rust and stain the ARK Crystal.

Cleaning the ARK Crystal is simple. In general, wipe it down daily as you would a pair of eyeglasses with a soft cleaning cloth.  If the ARK Crystal gets dirty you can use a jewelry cleaner and soft cleaning cloth or cotton swab.

If you would like to clean the titanium Pendant and Chain we suggest using a jewelry cleaner and a soft cloth.

If you use your ARK Crystal with a Water Bottle you must wipe down the ARK Crystal and the area that holds the ARK Crystal every day to keep it dry.


How Do I Use the ARK Crystal

There are two main ways that the ARK Crystal is used from day to day.

  • Wearing the ARK Crystal in the Pendant
  • Structuring Water With the ARK Crystal

Many in the ARK Crystal Community do both, wearing the ARK Crystal during the day and then using the ARK Crystal to influence your water at night.


Wearing the ARK Crystal in the Pendant

This is the most common use of the ARK Crystal.  You can slip the chain for the pendant holding the  ARK Crystal on in the morning and wear your ARK Crystal throughout the day.  The Chain is adjustable, so you can try different lengths to find which one feels best on you.



Structuring Water With the ARK Crystal

When you read through the research done with the ARK Crystal most of it is in regards to structuring water with the ARK Crystal.

What is structured water? Water has been exposed to the field of the ARK Crystal for a period of time allowing it to become “reorganized” and less “chaotic”.  This allows the water to be more, for lack of a better term, bioavailable to the body. We use the term bioavailable here to state that the ability of the cells to accept H2O after it has been exposed to the ARK Crystal increases.

In order to structure the water with your ARK Crystal, there are a few things to remember.

  • The “arrows” or “triangles” on the saddle of the ARK Crystal should be pointing toward the liquid you want to structure.
  • The ARK Crystal needs to be within 5 centimeters of the liquid. (The field of influence of the ARK Crystal is 5 centimeters.)
  • The ARK Crystal does not structure through metal. For example, the ARK Crystal does not structure water that is already in a copper water bottle.  You can, however, structure your water and then pour that water into your copper water bottle afterward.
  • You can start to see influence from the ARK Crystal in 30 minutes. We suggest you structure your water overnight while you are sleeping.

Suggested Water Structuring Stations

ARK Crystal Water Bottle

The ARK Crystal Water Bottle was specifically crafted to structure water. The ARK Crystal is held underneath the water bottle with magnets.  Pour your water into the Water Bottle and wait at least 30 minutes before drinking.  This is especially useful if you want to be able to structure your water throughout the day while you are on the go.


ARK Crystal Wood Display Box

If your order came with one of the ARK Crystal Wood Display Boxes you can use this box to structure water.  Place the ARK Crystal inside of the box, either still inside of your Pendant or out of it, close the lid of the box and place a glass on top of the box. The top of the box gives a nice flat surface for your glass of water.



Other Stations

The main thing to remember when making your own Water Station is that the ARK Crystal needs to be within 5 centimeters of the liquid.  This video has a few suggestions that others in the ARK Community have used to make their own water stations.



Do you have any research that I can show my friends about the ARK Crystal? 

Yes, we do! 

ARK Crystal Water Report - English

Rapport Sur L'eau - en français

You can also read through Module 6 of the Resonance Science Academy's FREE Unified Science Course. 


Is there somewhere I can go to talk about the ARK with other ARK owners?

Yes! We have formed a private group on Facebook that is only for ARK owners. Here, members of the ARK Collective Community can be free to ask questions, and share experiences that they have had with the ARK.


Resonance Science Foundation Science Classes

Further Exploration

If you'd like to dive deeper, we invite you to explore the connected universe at the Resonance Academy's free Unified Science Course.