What is Bio-Availability of Water

What do we mean when we say that water is made more bio-available?


From the "Quantum Biophysics of Water"

A basic scientific definition of the term “biologically active water” proposes:

  1. Biologically active water- is electrically non-equilibrium water with unstable anion-radical forms of active oxygen as electron carriers; electron breakdown provides an excess electron inflow onto cellular receptors of a living body as well as maintains electrical non-equilibrium in cells and organic structures necessary for stable functioning of their macroscopic quantum oscillators controlling cellular processes.
  1. Biologically active water- is structural and spin-oriented organization of Walrafen domains in the associative water phase providing cellular metabolic process activity.

Thus, a scientific definition of the term “biologically active water” reflects several physical phenomena, which underlie regulatory function of water in both - intra- and intercellular processes, as well as exchange processes with the environment.

These fundamental concepts form the methodological cornerstone for water biological activation technology, activation of energy within human and other living systems, formation of electro-physically favorable environment for human beings, animals and plants, prevention, and treatment of metabolic disorders. These concepts are founded on the principles of naturally occurring processes of electro-physically active water state formation; these processes do not result in metabolic disruptions and do not exceed normal body electrical charge needs.

 A range of developed technological and device-based solutions ensures opportunities to solve a variety of issues:

  • increasing productivity of agriculture (in crop farming, animal breeding, poultry keeping, fishery) up to 20-50% combined with essential improvement of quality indicators, reduced man-made burden on soil and water ecosystems and increased production profitability.
  • providing private and collective consumers with qualitatively different biologically active water aimed to prevent noninfectious diseases in human beings, including one’s psycho-emotional sphere.
  • altering of the electro-physical state of the living environment for the purpose of increasing body defense functions in human beings and animals in the face of stress factors in the environment and abnormal geophysical conditions.
  • correction and treatment of a range of metabolic disorders in human beings and animals using biologically active drinking water, restored as a result of spin-modification of associative water organizing phase after processing it in hypo-magnetic conditions.
  • Integrating a device-based methodology of new water technologies use based on natural background state of electron Bose-condensate [17] measurements, along with high-resolution diagnostic instruments for assessing human body systems.

The method of application of these technologies draws from a developed system of bio-energetic water activity indicators, and new technologies which can control the activation levels of seed (genetic) material and bio-energetic state of living environments.


[1] A. Stekhin, G. Yakovleva, K. Pronko, and V. Zemskov, “Quantum biophysics of water,” clinical-practice, vol. 15, no. 3, 2018, doi: 10.4172/clinical-practice.1000393.