Color Gem Armed Pendant with Chain


  • Citrine - Yellow
  • Peridot - Green
  • Aqua - Light Blue
  • Ametrine - Purple to Yellow


Classic Arm Pendants with Decorative Color Quartz Crystal Options

New color quartz pendants now available in 4 colorways

  • Aqua (Light Blue)
  • Ametrine Quartz (Purple to Yellow and Orange)
  • Citrine Quartz (Yellow)
  • Peridot (Light Green)

These beautiful colored quartz crystals have been implanted into our Classic Arm Pendants.

Notice – Due to the introductory nature of these new Gem Pendants, if you find these pendants are on backorder, please allow two to three weeks for fulfillment. 

The Advanced Resonance Kinetics (ARK) crystal is the ultimate expression of science, technology, and beauty. Representing 30 years of research and development in the field of Unified Science, this powerful wearable technology is in a direct frequency resonance state with the background energy or vacuum energy of space-time itself.

The saddle assembly that protects the crystal from damage has been crafted from CP4 grade titanium and represents a marvel of engineering. Not only does it provide protection by floating the crystal inside a titanium structure with a system of silicon bumpers, but a sophisticated system of magnets also allows the saddle to be joined to other saddles to create precise tetrahedron based geometries and for it to be magnetically attached within the included titanium pendant.

The saddle is 23 mm wide at its base and 18.7 mm high from the base to the apex.

The titanium pendant includes an adjustable titanium chain enabling the user to align the pendant at the most optimal point on their body.  The pendant has a diameter of 38.1 mm.

Additional information

Weight 0.1875 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 2 in
Stone Color

Citrine – Yellow, Peridot – Green, Aqua – Light Blue, Ametrine – Purple to Yellow

ARK® crystal FAQ

  • Why do I have to pay customs duties and taxes?

      International shipping charges

      ARK Crystal LLC is bound, as a licensed e-commerce company based in the USA, to comply with the laws and declare the actual value of the items we ship. We are required by law to correctly annotate customs and or duty forms with the full value paid for items shipped along with the correct TARIC code for the item. To do otherwise would only cause delays in getting released from customs and may incur additional taxes and penalties.

      We apologize for the inconvenience, as we understand that the ARK crystal represents a significant investment in yourself.

  • When will my order arrive?

      ARK® crystals are in stock and ready to go!

      All orders are fulfilled within two business days. Orders shipping within the United States (mainland), should arrive within 3-5 business days after processing and mailing; while international orders arrive within two weeks of fulfillment.

      In line with our entangled nature, we stay connected with our ARK Collective members.

      Following the purchase of your ARK crystal you should receive three emails:

      Order confirmation

      Notification of fulfillment/shipping (with tracking number)

      Delivery confirmation

      If you experience trouble receiving these emails, check your junk mailbox and/or white-list our domain @arkcrystals.com. Of course, you can always contact us at support@arkcrystals.com

  • How do I use my ARK® crystal?

      Your ARK® has been delivered to you completely charged and ready. To begin using the crystal simply remove it from its jewelry case and place the chain around your neck with the pendant in the front. You may adjust the chain to the length most suitable to your needs by electing one of the three loops to connect to the clasp.

      The complete Use and Care Guide is here.

  • How do I structure water with my ARK® crystal?

      Your ARK® crystal can be used to structure/“charge” or bring coherence to the structure of water and other liquids, such as juices, wine, or even oils and creams.

      Simply put your liquid into a container (preferably glass) and suspend the container, centered over the crystal with the orientation markings (triangles) pointing up, using blocks or some other common item that will safely elevate your container over the crystal on a flat, stable surface.

      The liquid will start increasing in structure within 20 minutes of exposure to the crystal, with full saturation within 48 hours, depending on the liquid and size of the container.

      To learn more about our plant test results, check out the laboratory report.


      Immersion is not required for structuring water and should be avoided as impurities such as iron in the water can cause oxidation on the magnets and result in staining the quartz.

      Avoiding immersion means that you should not place your ARK crystal in the material you wish to structure. The coherent field emitted by the ARK crystal enables the user to place their crystal in proximity to the material. If you take your ARK crystal for a quick swim, or are caught in the rain wearing it, the quartz should be fine!

      ARK Crystal, LLC is NOT responsible for damage as a result of immersion.

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What’s in the box

The ARK crystal will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity which includes a unique serial number that is laser engraved directly on the ARK crystal. The saddle also includes a unique serial number that is used for both identification purposes and for correctly orientating the crystal along the z-axis for optimal use. Your serial number is recorded in a master database that can be referenced at any time by ARK Crystal LLC in the case of a lost or stolen item.


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