20 ARK® Crystal Bundle

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This product is a 20 ARK® crystal bundle without pendants. 


ARK® crystal FAQ

When will my order arrive?

There are over twenty precision custom pieces, with long lead times on the raw materials, required for the ARK® crystal assembly. The ship date of back-ordered products is approximately 6-8 weeks from order date, but may be longer due to such delays in manufacturing.

When your order is ready to ship, you will receive an email with tracking information - be sure to whitelist our domain @arkcrystals.com.

We thank you for your patience and look forward to fulfilling your order!

How do I use my ARK® crystal?

Your ARK® has been delivered to you completely charged and ready . To begin using the crystal simply remove it from it’s jewelry case and place the chain around your neck with the pendant in the front.  You may adjust the chain to the length most suitable to your needs by electing one of the three loops to connect to the clasp.

The complete Use and Care Guide is here.

Why do the crystals cost this much?

We can certainly appreciate and understand your perspective, however the reality is that the crystals are quite expensive to make, even with the very small staff our operational costs well exceed our profits. The price point is reflective of the economic reality to engineer and manufacture this product. When you consider that the product will last indefinitely, does not require any additional input (electricity or other energy) over its lifetime the price could be seen as reasonable. We do of course desire to make affordable to a wider audience over time, but are unsure as to when that will be.

How do I use my ARK® crystal to charge a liquid?

Your crystal can be used to “charge” or bring coherence to the structure of water and other water based liquids. Immersion is not required for this purpose. Simply put your liquid into a  container (preferably glass) and suspend  the container, centered over the crystal, using blocks or some other common item that will safely elevate your container over the crystal on a flat stable surface.  Ideally you should charge your water for a period of 12—24 hours for optimal affect.

IMPORTANT: Never immerse your crystal in boiling water or freeze your crystal temperature extremes will affect the coherent structure of the crystal and  could damage it.  Also do not immerse your crystal in any liquid for any prolonged duration - the magnets inside the saddle can attract iron which will corrode and can stain your ARK crystal.  Crystals that are stained due to immersion will void the warranty.

You can watch a video to see how this is done here.

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What’s in the box

The crystal will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity which includes a unique serial number that is laser engraved directly on the crystal. The saddle also includes a unique serial number which is used for both identification purposes and for correctly orientating the crystal along the z axis for optimal use. Your serial number is recorded in a master database that can be referenced at anytime by ARK Crystal LLC in the case of a lost or stolen item.