8 ARK® Crystal Bundle
8 ARK® Crystal Bundle

8 ARK® Crystal Bundle

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This product is an 8 ARK® Crystal bundle without pendants.

With this bundle you can create several different geometries including a cuboctahedron, rosette and more!

"A cuboctahedron is created from four intersecting hexagonal planes arranged like the faces of a tetrahedron, or by clustering eight tetrahedra around a common vertex in an octahedrally-symmetric arrangement, such that each non-center vertex is shared between two neighboring tetrahedra."

What’s in the box

The crystal will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity which includes a unique serial number that is laser engraved directly on the crystal. The saddle also includes a unique serial number which is used for both identification purposes and for correctly orientating the crystal along the z axis for optimal use. Your serial number is recorded in a master database that can be referenced at anytime by ARK Crystal LLC in the case of a lost or stolen item.

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