ARK® Crystal

ARK® Crystal


ARK® Crystal

Due to high demand and the small scale hand assembly process for the ARK® crystal, this item is currently back ordered. Currently back orders are being fulfilled for shipment at an average of 6-8 weeks from the date an order is placed. You will receive a notice when your order is being prepared for shipment and a notice with tracking number when it ships. We review the status of this item on a daily and weekly basis and will update the site appropriately if the item moves to an In stock status or if the fulfillment window is reduced or extended for any reason. Thank you in advance for your patience.

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The Advanced Resonance Kinetics (ARK) crystal is the ultimate expression of science, technology and beauty. Representing 30 years of research and development in the field of Unified Science, this powerful wearable technology is in a direct frequency resonance state with the background energy or vacuum energy of space time itself.

The crystal is cut from a synthetic laboratory grown and molecularly aligned slab of piezo electric optical quartz in accordance with a patented method to create a specific geometric solid representing a direct harmonic of the space time geometry discovered in the work of Nassim Haramein.

The saddle assembly that protects the crystal from damage has been crafted from CP4 grade titanium and represents a marvel of engineering. Not only does it provide protection by floating the crystal inside a titanium structure with a system of silicon bumpers, a sophisticated system of magnets allows the saddle to be joined to other saddles to create precise tetrahedron based geometries and for it to be magnetically attached within the included titanium pendant.  The saddle is 23 mm wide at its base and 18.7 mm high from the base to the apex.

The titanium pendant includes an adjustable titanium chain enabling the user to align the pendant at the most optimal point on their body.  The pendant has a diameter of 38.1 mm.

The crystal will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity which includes a unique serial number that is laser engraved directly on the crystal.  The saddle also includes a unique serial number which is used for both identification purposes and for correctly orientating the crystal along the z axis for optimal use.  Your serial number is recorded in a master database that can be referenced at anytime by ARK Crystal LLC in the case of a lost or stolen item.