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ARK Crystal Cleaning

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Keep your ARK Crystal in top condition with our new one-time ARK Crystal Cleaning service. (This is not a physical item, it is a service where your crystal is sent in to our location for cleaning).

This ARK Crystal cleaning service includes -

  • Replacing all components of the saddle (aside from the serial panel)
    • Titanium Clips
    • Titanium Panels
  • Inspection of 
    • Silicon Bumpers
    • Gold Magnets
  • A deep clean of the ARK Crystal



Once you order your ARK Crystal Cleaning

  • Ship your package with your ARK Crystal to us at the address we will provide
  • Email your package's tracking number to the email we will provide 
  • We will send you an email once we receive your ARK Crystal
  • ARK Crystal will be serviced in about 5 business days 
  • A tracking email will be sent when your ARK Crystal is on its way back to you

Customers will need to pay for shipping.

You should not place your ARK crystal directly into the material you wish to activate.

Don't worry if you get caught in the rain wearing your ARK Crystal, treat it as you would when cleaning - air dry, and touch up with a cloth.

ARK Crystal is NOT responsible for damage as a result of immersion.

Avoid submerging/soaking in any medium, as it may leave residue and expose the magnets inside of the saddle to the risk of rust.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS - Customs and Fees must be fully paid before orders are delivered. You can either pay estimated customs and fees at checkout or when it arrives.

To clean your personal ARK crystal, and accessories, use a high-grade natural vinegar solution or a jewelry cleaning spray with a soft cloth.

While avoiding harsh chemicals is preferred to effectively disinfect your ARK crystals, especially when crystals are handled by others or used in your practice, you may want to consider using an alcohol-based jewelry cleaning solution or isopropyl alcohol.

Use a spray bottle to apply and let everything air dry, touching up with a polishing cloth as needed.

If you would like a deeper cleaning for your ARK Crystal you can order an ARK Crystal Deep Cleaning