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ARK Crystal - Set of 5
ARK Crystal - Set of 5
ARK Crystal - Set of 5
ARK Crystal - Set of 5
ARK Crystal - Set of 5
ARK Crystal - Set of 5
ARK Crystal - Set of 5
ARK Crystal - Set of 5

ARK Crystal - Set of 5

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Crystal Set:
ARK Crystal - Set of 5

ARK Crystal - Set of 5

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5 ARK crystals that can be assembled into a beautiful and powerful configuration. The Rosette assembly features a central focal point to amplify and channel energy flow, and the beautiful flower shape represents our connection and entanglement with nature. Use the Rosette in your meditation or energy work practices, and group activities for an amplified ARK crystal experience with yourself and others.

5 x ARK Crystal

5 x Certificate of Authenticity

1 x Wooden Display Box


Domestic Orders - All domestic orders are shipped with 72 hours via USPS Priority Mail and require a signature upon delivery. 

International Orders - Customs and Fees must be fully paid before orders are delivered. You can either pay estimated customs and fees at checkout or when it arrives.


Our lifetime warranty covers the charged effect of the Ark Crystal. Any manufacturer defects with the ARK crystal are covered for 2 years. Please note that we are not liable for damages caused by neglect or misuse, including immersing the crystal in water. 

See our FAQs for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear the ARK crystal with a pacemaker?

The ARK crystal and accessories contain magnets. There are 6 small cylindrical magnets within the saddle, as well as 3-6 magnets contained in the pendant. Please consult a physician for guidance on pacemaker safety with this device. Feel free to email our team at and request a copy of the Gauss Profile on the magnets used in the pendants and ARK. We encourage all users, regardless of the ability to wear the ARK crystal, to use the technology to structure their water.

Is there a disclaimer for the ARK crystal?

This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. The statements regarding this product have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Any information that may be provided herein is not presented as a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. For a complete copy of this policy please refer to the Warranty & Disclaimer on our website.

Can I wear the ARK crystal while pregnant?

Please consult a physician for guidance on safety with this device while pregnant. We encourage all users, regardless of the ability to wear the ARK crystal, to use the technology to structure their water. Read our article on structuring water for more information.

What is your Return Policy?

We understand that the ARK Crystal is an investment, and we hope the technology meets your expectations. 

We offer a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee for which you may return your ARK crystal in its original packaging and original condition for any reason with a full refund.

How to initiate a return:

Contact ARK Support at

Include your order number and email address used at purchase.

ARK Support will offer further return instructions.

Upon inspection of the returned item(s), ARK Crystal will process your refund to the original payment method.

Can I change or cancel my order?

You may change or cancel your order at any time prior to shipping. All orders are fulfilled within 2-3 business days, with the exception of "backordered" and "pre-sale" products. Once your order has shipped, you must follow the return process. For assistance, contact ARK Support at

When will my order arrive?

All orders are fulfilled within 2-3 business days. Orders shipping within the United States (mainland), should arrive within 3-5 business days; while international orders arrive within two weeks of fulfillment.

We stay connected with our ARK Collective members. Following the purchase of your ARK crystal you should receive three emails.

If you experience trouble receiving these emails, check your junk mailbox and/or white-list our domain Of course, you can always contact us via

Note:  All products labeled "Backordered" or "Pre-sale" will be fulfilled according to the date stated clearly on the product page.

How do I treat water with my ARK crystal?

Your ARK crystal can be used to structure, potentiate, or bring coherence to the molecular structure of water and other liquids, such as juices, wine, oils, and creams. 

You can use the bottle for convenience or you can make your own “charging station” at home. The liquid should be within 6cm of the ARK crystal. Testing has shown that one single ARK crystal has an effective radius of about 6 cm. The effective radius refers to the range of the strongest effect of the ARK crystal, for instance in potentiating water.

Simply put your liquid into a container (preferably glass) and suspend the container, centered over the crystal with the crystal's orientation markings (triangles) pointing up. Use blocks or some other common items that will safely elevate your container over the crystal on a flat, stable surface. Some of our community uses an upside down pyrex dish to create a platform for a water container, placing their ARK crystal underneath. The liquid will start increasing in intermolecular structure within 20 minutes of exposure to the crystal, with full saturation within 48 hours, depending on the liquid and size of the container.

IMPORTANT – Please do NOT place the ARK crystal in water or any liquid. Immersion is not required for treating water and should be avoided. Water can cause oxidation on the magnets in the ARK crystal’s saddle and result in staining the quartz. Our lifetime warranty does not cover damage as a result of immersion. Do not worry about general use; for example, if you are caught in the rain wearing your ARK crystal, simply  air dry or touch up with a cloth. ARK Crystal is NOT responsible for damage as a result of immersion.

What are the numbers on the ARK's saddle?

On the base of your ARK crystal tetrahedron is a unique 6-digit serial number. This allows you to easily identify your crystal from others, which comes in handy when building larger geometric structures with friends and family. To read correctly, the serial number begins with the 2 digits (marked with dots on each side) that distinguish the location of the crystal's x-axis, i.e. 'XD' 'XJ' 'XG'

The ‘X_’ demarcation denotes the x-axis, or electromechanical axis of the crystal. An example of a serial number would read: 'XD' - Y0 - 42

We strongly encourage you to take a photo of the base of your ARK crystal and the Certificate of Authenticity for your reference.

How do I know that the ARK crystal is "working"?

"Feeling" the crystal's field of interaction is not an indication of whether or not the crystal is fully functioning – some people do and some do not, irrespective of their sensitivity to energy fields or subtle resonance technologies. The technology's effect on water and plant biology is experimentally validated. The technology maintains a coherent field of interaction from its modulation by our Harmonic Flux Resonator (HFR) technology indefinitely, unless the crystal is damaged.

Should I use my ARK crystal before or after other water treatment devices?

Most likely, the treatment device you are using will cause a modification of the water’s [molecular] constitution; therefore, you should use the ARK crystal after treatment.

Backed by our lifetime warranty, experience the power of ARK crystal with complete peace of mind.
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