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ARK Crystal & Green Gem Pendant - Set
ARK Crystal & Green Gem Pendant - Set
ARK Crystal & Green Gem Pendant - Set
ARK Crystal & Green Gem Pendant - Set
ARK Crystal & Green Gem Pendant - Set
ARK Crystal & Green Gem Pendant - Set
ARK Crystal & Green Gem Pendant - Set
ARK Crystal & Green Gem Pendant - Set
ARK Crystal & Green Gem Pendant - Set
ARK Crystal & Green Gem Pendant - Set

ARK Crystal & Green Gem Pendant - Set

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ARK Crystal & Green Gem Pendant - Set

ARK Crystal & Green Gem Pendant - Set

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$1,650 $1,575
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Experience the ARK crystal as a wearable technology. Secure your ARK crystal (included) the stunning titanium pendant with gold colored finish. Complement any outfit or neckline and easily accessorize with other necklaces with the adjustable length chain.

1x Green Gem Pendant

1x ARK Crystal

1x Certificate of Authenticity

1x Wooden Box


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Our lifetime warranty covers any manufacturer defects for normal, non-negligent use. This includes defects such as chains, magnets, or gems falling out on our pendant products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the pendant's chain and how do I adjust the length?

The chain is 26 inches long and fully adjustable. Just pinch the disk that has the ARK logo on it and slide it along the chain.

How do I remove the ARK crystal from the pendant?

The ARK crystal pendant set includes the ARK crystal and a pendant with an adjustable chain. The set arrives with the crystal pre-mounted in the pendant's magnetic docking cavity. Gentle pressure applied to the top of the ARK crystal will dislodge it from the pendant. To resecure the ARK crystal into the pendant, locate the point on the crystal's saddle with three triangular marks. Insert this point through the back of the pendant, so that the crystal's 6-digit serial number rests against your body when wearing it.

Everyone says they can "feel" the crystal, why can't I?

Everyone experiences energy differently, and even that can change. Our ARK community’s complete satisfaction is our top priority. That said, we would like to give you some things to consider.

"Feeling" the crystal's field of interaction is not an indication of whether or not the crystal is fully functioning – some people do and some do not, irrespective of their sensitivity to energy fields or subtle resonance technologies. The technology's effect on water and plant biology is experimentally validated. From the ARK community’s feedback, the experience may change over time, and the experience or “feeling” of the crystal can even be dependent on physical/emotional state.The technology holds a coherent field that is in resonance with the background energy of spacetime and geometrically resonates with water and quartz.

However, we understand the excitement around experiencing the ARK crystal’s field with the sense of “touch." You can try this exercise:

Place the ARK crystal in your hand (serialized base of the crystal in the center of your palm/triangular markings pointing up), at a time during the day/night that you feel most relaxed and undistracted.

Place your other hand (relaxed) about 3 inches above the crystal.

For several minutes, focus on your breath, taking inventory of any feeling in the center of your palms.

Community feedback reports feelings of “tingles” in their fingers, a slight pulsing sensation, or the feeling of a “thick air” between their palm and the crystal.

Again, being able to “feel” the field or not, is no indication of whether or not the crystal is "working". All ARK crystals are fully functional and are assembled and modulated with precision and care.

What is the effective radius of the ARK crystal's field?

Testing has shown that one ARK crystal has an effective radius of about 6 cm.

Important note: The effective radius is not the same as the maximum radius. The effective radius refers specifically to the distance from the crystal at which point we stop seeing maximal effects in our indicator test system (increased growth rate of plants). 

Effects may still be observed outside of this maximal effective radius. The effective radius refers to the range of the strongest effect of the ARK crystal, for instance in potentiating water.

Backed by our lifetime warranty, experience the power of ARK crystal with complete peace of mind.
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