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ARK Crystal - Set of 20
ARK Crystal - Set of 20
ARK Crystal - Set of 20
ARK Crystal - Set of 20

Ark Crystal - Set of 20

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Crystal Set:
ARK Crystal - Set of 20

Ark Crystal - Set of 20

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The 20 ARK Crystal Buckyball creates a geometric configuration that is the same as the famed “buckminsterfullerene” — the Carbon-60 molecule that has unique properties including non-linear optical light absorption and the potential for superconductivity.

20x Ark Crystals

20x Certificate of Authenticity


Domestic Orders - All domestic orders are shipped with 72 hours via USPS Priority Mail and require a signature upon delivery. 

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Our lifetime warranty covers any manufacturer defects with the ARK crystal. Please note that we are not liable for damages caused by neglect or misuse, including immersing the crystal in water. 

See our FAQs for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the effective radius of the ARK crystal's field?

Testing has shown that one ARK crystal has an effective radius of about 6 cm.

Important note: The effective radius is not the same as the maximum radius. The effective radius refers specifically to the distance from the crystal at which point we stop seeing maximal effects in our indicator test system (increased growth rate of plants). 

Effects may still be observed outside of this maximal effective radius. The effective radius refers to the range of the strongest effect of the ARK crystal, for instance in potentiating water.

Why do the arrows point away from our bodies when we wear the ARK crystal, but when we activate water, the arrows point toward the water?

The triangles delineate the optical axis; and while this is a radiative axis of the crystal, energy has the same double-vortex dynamic for the other axes. For instance, the orientation of the crystal when worn has the piezoelectric axis resting directly on the body. 

This can be considered an optimal orientation, as there is energy flux through the other vertices and faces of the crystal. This can be felt directly by placing the crystal in the palm of the hand with the apex up, the energy flux in the hand and meridians can be tangibly felt. 

So in short: the Z-or optical axis runs up and down, so when you are wearing the ARK crystal the Z-axis is aligned with your body and directing energy into it. As well, the X-axis is resting across the body, which is an optimal orientation of the crystal, as the piezoelectric or electromechanical axis is aligned with the electrical current of the heart, potentially resonating the crystal with the body's intrinsic electrical rhythm.

Why not natural quartz?

The ARK crystal's quartz takes about 2-3 years to grow, and it is required to be lab grown so it is pure without any naturally occurring fractures. The molecular structure spec is specific [z-axis orientation], and grown as such to ensure that the electromagnetic treatment is maintained indefinitely.

How long after I remove my ARK Crystal will the water stay structured?

While studies indicate that the water will remain in its potentiated state, we suggest you drink it in a timely manner, as environmental factors can affect the water. Using the bottle with your ARK crystal allows for continuous exposure to its  coherent field of interaction.

Why can’t I put the ARK Crystal in the water?

Please do NOT place the ARK crystal in water or any liquid. Immersion is not required for treating water and should be avoided. Water can cause oxidation on the magnets in the ARK crystal’s saddle and result in staining the quartz. Our lifetime warranty does not cover damage as a result of immersion.

The effective radius of the ARK crystal’s field allows users to place their crystal in proximity to the liquid to be activated - the bottle’s design is the perfect distance between the ARK and the water in the bottle.

Do not worry about general use; for example, if you are caught in the rain wearing your ARK crystal, simply  air dry or touch up with a cloth.

How do I clean the ARK crystal?

Over time, your ARK crystal and accessories may need to be cleaned from the accumulation of oils on your body and substances from other surfaces. To clean your personal ARK crystal use a high-grade natural vinegar solution or a jewelry cleaning spray. 

While avoiding harsh chemicals is preferred (in the interest of Planet Earth), to effectively disinfect your ARK crystals, especially when crystals are handled by others or used in your practice, you may want to consider using an alcohol-based jewelry cleaning solution or isopropyl alcohol. Use a spray bottle to apply and let everything air dry, touching up with a polishing cloth as needed.

Avoid submerging/soaking in any medium, as it may leave residue and expose the magnets inside of the saddle to the risk of rust.

Backed by our lifetime warranty, experience the power of ARK crystal with complete peace of mind.
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